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Batman was officially released in major theaters in France.

Fans who participated in the Advent Film Festival or even worldwide all bought their flight tickets to France after being attracted by the Easter egg of the battle between the Joker and Batman in The Flash 2. They wanted to see the “beauty” of Batman and the Joker.

Supernova Pictures also felt threatened. They were planning to organize a joint event very soon so that all the heroes of the Supernova League could go to the world of The Flash 2 to help the Flash gain more popularity.

But it had nothing to do with Herring anymore. She had received a special invitation to the movie, The Dark Knight, today.

This made her so happy that she immediately booked a ticket to fly all the way from England to France.

The settings in the cinema were luxurious and full of various special effects configurations. What excited Herring the most was, she heard that there would be a super Easter egg at the end of this movie!

However, when Herring arrived at the theater, she felt something strange.

In less than a second, she changed from fangirl mode to a cold-blooded assassin. Herring then recognized that people who came to watch the movie all came from an influential background.

Before Herring could confirm their identity, someone had already recognized her.

Herring had intentionally dressed like a country bumpkin today. At first glance, she looked like an introverted girl who was about to buy some coke and snacks across the street.

Even so, Herring was still recognized. She tried to lower her head and covered her face, but it was too late.

The other party was also a bit panicked when Herring recognized her. Her outfit was much more exaggerated than Herring. She was wearing a pair of large sunglasses and a mask, as she was afraid that people would recognize her.

Unfortunately, after she sat down, she found that the person next to her was her friend.

“The one you contracted with, is she here?”

Herring was asking about the dream consciousness Diana had contracted with… The only heroine of the Supernova League, Falcon Huntress!

Level A and Level S dream consciousness could have multiple contractors.

The contract between a Dream Maker and a Level S Dream Seed had a bit of a master-slave nature. Even though the dream consciousness could resist, the Dream Maker could control everything in the Dream Seed most of the time.

Level S Dream Seeds could also have their own subordinate contractors, which were like servants, soldiers, or warriors.

In terms of a contract, Herring’s relationship with Dark Side was as an assassin and a warrior who fought for him, but emotionally, they were more like master and apprentice.

Miss Diana in front of her was the subordinate contractor of Falcon Huntress, the housekeeper who served this Level S Dream Seed. At the same time, she was the walking eyes and ears of Falcon Huntress in the human world.

Her presence here was like… Falcon Huntress sitting in the theater with a bucket of popcorn and coke, waiting for the personal movie of Batman to start.

“Yes. Can you keep it a secret for me?” Diana knew she couldn’t hide it.

Herring didn’t say anything else. The hero of the Supernova League coming all the way to watch Batman’s movie, if this leaked out, it would cause a huge furor.

The most terrifying thing was… there was more than one hero from the Supernova League in the entire theater.

After knowing the real identity of the person next to her, Herring was more certain about her suspicions.

As the sword of the former member of the Supernova League, Dark Side, she knew quite a lot of little secrets of these superheroes, including the contractor they were closest with.

And now, when Herring looked around, she could find the contractor of each superhero of the Supernova League in the seats below!

The war is about to begin, and you’re telling me that you’re also Batman’s fans?

However, Herring instinctively felt something was wrong. These contractors mostly didn’t know each other, but they all had a very close relationship with the hero they were contracted with.

Just like Herring and Dark Side were master and apprentice, in Herring’s opinion, Miss Diana next to her and Falcon Huntress… were a bit like lovers rather than a housekeeper and a lady.

The other contractors were the same—friends, lovers, or family. After all, they were contractors who could help these superheroes deal with their private matters in the real world.

These contractors were even more important to the superheroes than their Dream Makers!

And now, they were invited to this theater by someone, waiting for the movie to start.

A sense of crisis spread in Herring’s heart. The killer instinct in her reminded her that she should leave this place.

While Herring had a bee in her bonnet, The Dark Knight had already started in front of the eyes of the heroes of the Supernova League.

Batman would come to save her anyway when something happened. Even if he didn’t come, her investor would be here to save her.

With this thought, Herring sat down comfortably with a bucket of popcorn in her arms.

“Miss, I still don’t understand why you’re taking the risk… to come to watch this movie.”

“I’m just here to see how impressive this movie that claims to surpass all the other superhero productions is.”

Falcon Huntress had seen this review on the Internet, which had been unanimously agreed by the netizens.

She wasn’t willing to believe it when she read it for the first time. Hence, she came with a competitive spirit to see exactly how good The Dark Knight was to be able to get such ratings.

The movie started with a bank robbery. It was very common for superhero movies to begin with the conspiracy of criminals.

Usually, when the criminals were halfway through their operation, the hero would show up and defeat these criminals with an overwhelming advantage, protecting the citizens.

But no… Before Batman showed up, these criminals had started killing each other.

“Someone called the Joker told me to kill each person once he finishes his task. Then, there will be one less person sharing the money.”

“Interesting. That’s what he told me as well.”

Then, a criminal killed another companion, who had completed the task, just like that.

Once the movie started, the Joker made use of the greed in the minds of the criminals to make them kill each other, completing a perfect robbery.

Such a fast-paced beginning immediately caught the attention of Falcon Huntress. When the Joker casually shot and killed the last person involved in the robbery…

“This character seems… to have no bottom line at all?” Diana expressed the doubts in her heart as she watched the Joker’s cruel behavior.

The characters in the movie also asked the same question as her.

In the past, the villains in this city at least had a bottom line and abided by some rules and dignity. It ensured the entire Gotham City kept running and that everyone could earn money and benefits!

What the Joker believed was, “What doesn’t kill you, makes you… even weirder.”

Any viewer who watched this movie for the first time might not be able to understand this line.

But all the superheroes here knew what it meant, especially the Flash!

Right… The Flash also sent his contractor here to watch this movie. When he heard the Joker say this line and take off his mask to show a smile on the screen, fear and all kinds of negative emotions surged in his heart. His contractor even heard the retching sound from the hero he represented.

“Honey, are you alright? If you can’t take it, I can leave…” The contractor who came to the theater for the Flash was an old man. He was the Flash’s grandpa in reality.

“Sorry, sorry, I’m fine. Just stay. I want to see how Dark Side—Mr. Batman defeats him.” There was deep exhaustion and pain in the Flash’s voice.

What the Joker said was definitely right. His fans indeed failed to kill him.

And yet, it deeply traumatized him. He still hadn’t been able to recover up till now. If Batman hadn’t come to stop the Joker, the Flash might have completely lost control and gone towards becoming a Nightmare Seed.

“Remember to tell me if you can’t bear it anymore.” The old man was also anxious. He shouldn’t have brought the Flash here to watch The Dark Knight.

Since this was the Joker’s home movie, all kinds of destruction caused by the Joker and when he showed up on the screen intensified the trauma in the Flash’s mind.

The old man could only hope that Batman fighting with the Joker on the screen could give the Flash some courage and power.