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While Herring was thinking about how to get out of danger, she received a voice message from Qiu Ren.

“Did you plan this abduction?” Herring tried her best to lower her voice and asked Qiu Ren.

Right now, people in the entire theater dared not leave their seats. After the kidnapping declaration of the Joker ended, the content playing on the screen became the joint event in the Flash’s world.

“The Joker’s plan isn’t within my scope, but isn’t it working pretty well?”

Hearing what Qiu Ren said, Herring felt a bit complicated. As a kidnapped hostage, she should directly seize Qiu Ren by the neck and threaten him to let her out.

However, as a fan of Batman, Herring was thinking about intensifying it.

“Earlier, Batman was planning to face the entire Supernova League alone in order to stop Supernova’s plan, but now, there’s room for Batman and Supernova to have a separate duel,” said Qiu Ren.

“Even so, it’ll be difficult to win. Besides… the superheroes in the theater won’t just sit here and do nothing.”

Herring certainly hoped that Batman could win, but she was a sane person. With Batman’s current condition, he had a minimal chance of beating Supernova.

The most important thing was that the other heroes of the Supernova League would definitely think of a way to save their contractors. After that, they would go to the Flash’s world to take revenge on the Joker!

“So, I’m here to provide insurance for this battle,” Qiu Ren said.

Before Herring could hear Qiu Ren’s reply, Supernova on the screen had already shown his iconic beaming smile on his face once he saw Batman.

“It looks like there’s a problem with the show. For everyone’s safety, this joint event will be postponed temporarily. I’ll see you all after I deal with this trouble.”

Supernova’s beaming smile was frozen on the screen at this moment. Then, the live broadcast of the much-anticipated joint event of The Flash 2 suddenly turned into advertisements.

“Damn it! What exactly is happening there?”

Seeing the sudden advertisements, Herring almost threw the phone in her hand on the ground. However, her sanity still suppressed the anger and impulse in her mind.

“Supernova cut off all the connections with the outside world. It seems that even the internal staff members of Supernova Pictures can’t see the situation inside the world of The Flash.”

Diana replied when she heard Herring’s anxious shout. She was also actively communicating with the outside world together with Falcon Huntress.

“Which hero contractor did that voice come from?” Qiu Ren had heard Diana’s reminder. Listening to her description, it seemed like she was an internal member of the Supernova League.

“It’s Falcon Huntress. All the contractors that are close to the other heroes are basically here. Supernova Pictures doesn’t even know some of them. You can directly tell them what insurance you’re providing…”

Herring didn’t work for Supernova Pictures anymore, so she could easily sell the identity of everyone here to Qiu Ren.

“Turn on the speaker of your phone and turn it up to the maximum volume, then point it at those people,” said Qiu Ren.

He isn’t trying to lure… these superheroes, right? This was Herring’s first thought, but she still followed his instruction without saying anything.

She turned on the speaker of her phone and also increased the volume to the maximum. Nobody knew what brand Herring’s phone was, but the volume of the speaker was loud enough for people around Herring to hear clearly, although it couldn’t cover the audio equipment in the theater.

“Everyone, please calm down…” Nobody listened to Qiu Ren’s first sentence. They were still discussing how to escape the trap set by the Joker. And yet, the next thing Qiu Ren said made these contractors and heroes shut their mouths.

“I’m the Dream Maker who built the world of ‘The Dark Knight.’”

The moment they heard this, everyone in the cinema all looked at Herring, or the phone in her hand.

“Believe it or not, I’m here to just tell you something. I… can be your way of escape, your trump card, and the only opportunity to live when you’re backed to a corner. Simply put, I’m your bargaining chip when you negotiate with Supernova Pictures and your Dream Makers.”

Qiu Ren’s offer sent the entire theater in silence for a very long time.

These heroes weren’t fools. They knew what Qiu Ren was talking about… That was, when they had a falling-out with Supernova Pictures, they could come to Qiu Ren for help.

Before they watched The Dark Knight, these heroes might not care about Qiu Ren at all and would think, “Who are you?”

Although the heroes were discontented with Supernova Pictures, they couldn’t deny that Supernova Pictures was the only filmmaking company in the world that operated with a huge amount of resources and could construct superhero productions that were popular around the whole world.

And yet, the appearance of The Dark Knight seemed to have put a stop to their monopoly.

These superheroes certainly wouldn’t betray Supernova Pictures so easily. They owed Supernova Pictures for appreciating them and giving them opportunities.

The reason they acquiesced to Supernova’s plan was that some management personnel and Dream Makers from Supernova Pictures had gone too far.

These superheroes were bright and glorious on the outside, but sometimes, they could only be the puppet of commercial operations in private.

Falcon Huntress had stated a few times that she wanted to change the design of her suit, but it wasn’t approved. This was only one of the small conflicts between the heroes and Supernova Pictures.

So, they wanted the right to speak, the right to negotiate with their creators.

How could they get this right to speak? Taking hostages was one way, and the other was… Believe it or not, running away with another Dream Maker.

In the past, these superheroes didn’t have a place to run even if they wanted to, because they would have to abandon their original image and the fans they had gained if they left. They would have to look for a new Dream Maker to create new personal movies and a new image.

If the personal movie they filmed with their new image didn’t work out, they might not just starve. They might even lose their self-consciousness.

This was no different from suicide for Dream Seeds, so they dared not to take the risk. That was why Qiu Ren’s appearance provided them a way of escape.

Dark Side wouldn’t simply have enough food and be warm by relying on The Dark Knight to start a new life. Once The Dark Knight was released worldwide, it would definitely sweep the box office. By then, countless superhero fans would be indulged in the dark atmosphere of Gotham City.

This Dream Maker could even produce a production like Batman with Dark Side, a Dream Seed that was so hard to serve.

Then, what about the superhero Dream Seeds that were easy to raise like them? What production could be created if they were in the hands of this Dream Maker…? This truly gave people infinite imaginations! Infinite imaginations!

But now, the superheroes were only thinking about it. They lived such a nourishing life at Supernova Pictures. It wasn’t necessary for them to give up everything and run away with Qiu Ren.

However, Qiu Ren’s decision to give them a way of escape was indeed a favor they must return.

“I just want a little help from you. Who can continue the live broadcast of the joint event of The Flash 2 this time? I don’t want it to be cut off halfway. If you can, don’t let Supernova notice it.”

Qiu Ren’s request made the heroes in the theater, who were about to say something, go into silence again.

They had kind of guessed what Qiu Ren wanted to do.

The power of the image that a dream consciousness manifested in the dream world came from populace recognition.

When more fans thought that Supernova was powerful and was a superhero who could save the world, then he would be invincible and incomparable.

But once Supernova’s image was alienated and when his fans knew the true nature of Supernova…

The heroes dared not imagine the consequence. Besides, Supernova Pictures would never do something like that to ruin their reputation.

“I may be able to help you, Mr. Dream Maker.”

However, someone in the theater still stepped up. It was the old man who came to watch The Dark Knight with the Flash.

“Letan Fokey… Why is he here?” When Herring saw the face of the old man, she was dumbfounded. The real identity of the contractor who came to watch the movie with the Flash was the only one Herring couldn’t guess.

Qiu Ren didn’t ask this old man about his identity. He really seemed like a grandpa who came out with his grandson for a walk.

“Isn’t it not good for Mr. Letan to do this?” the contractor of Nighthaven asked.

“What’s wrong with that? I think many people in the world are waiting to see our Supernova… defeat that bat-like masked vigilante. This is pretty nice content for the joint event! Just play it, Honey. I’m curious who’s going to win,” that old man said to the Flash.

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