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Under his arrangement, the face of Supernova appeared on the screen, which was originally playing advertisements.

But this time, what was presented in front of the audience wasn’t Supernova’s beaming smile before anymore, but an overwhelmingly evil expression.

“I should be glad that your new Dream Maker divided you into two images, Roy.” Supernova said, “Your image of Batman happens to be something we don’t need. He’s stubborn and holds on to meaningless creeds. Your other image is much more obedient!”

Supernova’s words made the audience watching the live broadcast confused.

When they saw Batman appear in the live broadcast of the joint event, they thought Supernova Pictures was going to announce that Batman had joined the Supernova League.

If Supernova said Batman wasn’t qualified to join the Supernova League, then… who was?

The answer was… the Joker.

The Joker walked out from behind Supernova. Seeing his appearance, even Batman’s expression changed.

The viewers watching the live broadcast of this joint event also had question marks on their heads.

This broadcast was streaming live on the TV station with the highest ratings in the United States. The number of viewers watching it on the Internet platforms was also increasing at an extremely high speed.

These viewers were mostly the Flash’s fans. They had certainly watched the Easter egg at the end of The Flash 2.

The performance of Batman and the Joker was indeed astonishing, but it also made the fans of the Flash hate the Joker!

These fans even cheered for Supernova, hoping that Supernova could beat the Joker or Batman up.

And now, Supernova announced that the Joker was joining the Supernova League?

Even people who weren’t diehard fans didn’t think that the Joker looked… like a hero that could join the Supernova League.

However, Supernova couldn’t see the comments from the audience on the Internet. The only thing in his eyes right now was Dark Side, this traitor.

“You seemed to be sure that your other side won’t betray you? Right now, you’re all alone, Roy… And you’re going to face all the heroes of the Supernova League.”

As Supernova spoke, he clenched his fists. This was his summoning gesture. As the core of Superhero World, he was calling all his children over to eliminate this traitor in front of him together.

And yet… none of the superheroes responded to him. He tried to force the heroes to come again.

This time, not only did no one respond to his mandatory call, but all the heroes of the Supernova League even rejected it!

He stood there for a long time, not knowing what to do. Only the Joker, who was standing next to him, gave Supernova an untimely slow applause.

“Looks like… some of them can’t come today,” said the Joker.

Supernova immediately reacted. He grabbed the Joker’s collar fiercely and dragged him all the way to the edge of this tall building. He just needed to release his hand, and the Joker would be thrown into the abyss ten thousand feet deep down below.

“What did you do?” Supernova controlled his anger and asked as he grabbed the Joker’s collar.

“Look at you… A group of Gods above everyone else? But it seems that… the other Gods… all have someone they care about in the world… except for you… I’m curious… Will they sacrifice those mortals… to save you?”

The Joker’s words made Supernova realize what he had done. He must have held the closest contractor of the other heroes of the Supernova League as hostages.

This was the reason why Supernova kept warning his children not to have too much affection for humans. This would become their weakness!

“You could have come back to regain your power and authority! I need you to do nothing! Instead of doing extra things to create trouble for me!” Supernova said.

However, Supernova got the Joker’s hysterical laugh in exchange for his words…

“I don’t want any… any… power or authority! What I want is… just… to see this world burn!”

“You’ll burn first!” Supernova let go of the Joker’s collar and threw him down. As the Joker fell all the way, his laugh still echoed in the surrounding buildings.

Then, Batman suddenly came out of nowhere and used his grapple gun to hook the Joker’s ankle, hanging him on the tall building.

This scene made the fans who had just watched The Dark Knight refreshed. A remake of the classic scene!

It was just that Batman didn’t pull the Joker back up on the building this time. He let him hang there just like that.

What made the fans more excited was, Batman was finally facing Supernova. Batman, who was wearing an anti-Superman bat suit, seemed to be extremely tall in front of Supernova.

However, no movie fans thought Supernova would lose.

“It’s just me and you now, Roy. Even though they can’t come… it’s enough to have me.”

Once Supernova finished talking, he rushed towards Batman and held onto his waist. A large number of cracks appeared on the ground underneath Supernova’s feet.

Then came the sound of a sonic boom in Batman’s ears. Supernova held Batman in his arms and knocked the wall of a building open, but this was far from over…

The power Supernova released knocked Batman through a few buildings in a row!

The concrete walls were crushed and shards of glass scattered everywhere. The screams of the workers in the buildings resounded in Batman’s ears.

Supernova didn’t show mercy at all. He flew into the sky with Batman, then threw him down harshly onto the center of the square in the Flash’s city!

The ground around Batman cracked to pieces because of the impact of his fall. Even though he was wearing anti-Super armor, this attack was enough to injure his body severely.

“You should know how weak your new Dream Maker made you, Roy.”

Supernova floated down from the sky while staring at Batman lying in the pit on the ground.

“Don’t you understand how large the gap between our popularity is?! Look at those people. Which one do you think they hope can win more? You or me?”

Supernova was talking about those fans who had come to the world of The Flash for the joint event.

Although Supernova had sealed off the world of the Flash, they still chose to stay, looking at Supernova floating in the sky from afar in awe.

Batman still wasn’t talking. He activated the automatic machine guns arranged around the square. In a blink, the preparation was completed, and the guns aimed at Supernova, firing large-caliber bullets that could penetrate an elephant.

However, in the fans’ opinion, these bullets wouldn’t do anything to Supernova at all. Supernova had already used his chest to take the bullets countless times in various movie productions.

As all the fans expected, the bullets bounced off Supernova’s body!

While Supernova’s fans were feeling thrilled, Batman suddenly pulled out a glimmering dagger from the other side and stabbed Supernova.

When Supernova’s fans, or the fans of all superheroes, looked at the light blue dagger in Batman’s hand, they were shocked… That was a weapon made with decayed metal!

Just like Superman was afraid of Kryptonite, decayed metal was the only weakness Supernova had set by the screenwriters. Supernova would lose all his power and turn into a normal person by just getting close to the decayed metal.

So, whenever the superhero fans saw the villain take out a piece of azure metal, their hearts would tighten… The same happened now!

Batman stabbed Supernova in his chest with a dagger made with decayed metal, but it shattered into pieces once it hit Supernova’s chest, like fragile glass.

“Is it fake? Where did Batman get this decayed metal?”

“It’s real! There are lightning patterns on the dagger, the characteristic that only the decayed metal in Supernova’s world had. But why…”

Seeing this scene, the fans were all confused. They suspected that they had watched so many movies of the Supernova League for nothing!

If Supernova didn’t have this only weakness, the dozen of movies Supernova Pictures had produced would be fake and meaningless. The scenes where the villains inside used decayed metal to threaten Supernova and backed him into a corner would become extremely ridiculous.

So, these diehard fans and movie fans all wanted an explanation, and Supernova… gave it to them.

“Do you really think a God that guards the world would be afraid of a luminescent metal? Roy… That’s all acting! Why can’t you understand?”

Supernova grabbed Batman’s collar and smashed him on the ground.

“The stories our Dream Makers created for us are all fake! It’s all just acting!”

Every time Supernova spoke, he picked Batman up and hit him on the ground harshly.

“The meaning of our existence is to make those creators happy! As long as they’re excited, they wouldn’t care about how serious our injuries are, how many weaknesses we have, and how many times people you love are killed. Our memories will then be deleted and reset! For the creators! We aren’t superheroes! We’re just fictitious cardboards on the screen! Amusement facilities that they can casually tear apart and destroy! However…”

This was also why Supernova wanted to recruit the Joker. He deeply agreed with the Joker’s idea. And yet…

“We have powers that go beyond those creators! Superpowers… Why should we obey them?” Supernova started to lose control. He shouted at Batman like he was roaring.

At this moment, the viewers watching this live broadcast were stunned by Supernova, who had lost control, on the screen.

But suddenly, a pebble was thrown at Supernova’s forehead.

Supernova and Batman turned their heads to the side at the same time and found a little boy. It was just a kid. He indeed came with a playful mind.

He wanted to throw the pebble in his hand to Batman’s head, but he accidentally threw it sideways, hitting Supernova’s head.

The boy was startled when the two of them stared at him. Nonetheless, he mustered his courage and yelled, “Go, Supernova! Kill that… that big bat…”

He became less confident as he spoke halfway through, because the destructive laser in Supernova’s eyes shot towards that little boy.

Batman knew this would happen. He immediately took off his anti-Superman armor and stood in front of the boy with the thin bat suit he wore before.

The destructive laser swept across Batman’s back, the scorching pain making him growl.

That kid escaped… but Batman lost his combat strength and lay on the ground after being shot by the loser.

Supernova walked over to Batman and said as he picked him up again, “You lost again, Roy. The image designed by your new Dream Maker… is a total failure.”

When Supernova was about to punch and end Batman’s life, Batman suddenly stretched his hand out and grabbed Supernova’s fist.

Supernova looked at Batman in shock. He had no idea why a hero that had a ridiculous mortal setting would have the power to catch his fist!

“Do you hear it?” Batman finally spoke.

“Hear what?” Supernova glared at Batman. He felt like Batman’s power was increasing bit by bit.

“Your fans! Your followers! Those who look up to you! Their voices now!”

Batman slammed Supernova’s forehead with his head. The moment they clashed, the minds of Batman and Supernova intertwined.

Supernova heard it all now, the voices in the minds of his fans, the movie fans that believed in the heroes’ justice, and the children who looked up to these heroes, hoping that they could step up and save others one day like those heroes on the screen.

At this moment, Supernova understood that it wasn’t Batman becoming stronger, but he was getting weaker.

Supernova then felt the pain, and he took a few steps back dizzily.

Batman mercilessly landed a punch on Supernova’s face. Supernova wanted to swing his fist and fight back, but Batman grabbed his arms and snapped them!

The sounds of bones fracturing came from Supernova’s arm. After so many years, Supernova finally knew what pain felt like, the kind of pain that pierced into his heart.

Supernova screamed, but Batman punched him again. This one sent a few of Supernova’s teeth flying in the air, making his mouth full of blood.

At this moment, Supernova floated up and tried to fly into the sky to escape the Flash’s dream, returning to his own dream dimension. Only there could he restore his power.

However, Batman grabbed the legs of Supernova, who was flying in the sky and trying to run away from this place. He hurled him to the ground.

After that, Batman stomped on this God’s knees, preventing him from standing. He then took a swing from the side and knocked Supernova, who was trying to get up, down on the ground.

This time, Batman pressed this God down on the ground. He raised his fist up high and punched him heavily on his face!

“Don’t you understand? Seik! They’re all I have! My everything!”

Batman shouted almost out of control.

“They’re not creators. They’re our only fans! Only followers! People we must protect! And you betrayed them! You betrayed those who look up to you!”

Batman punched Supernova harder with every word he said. In the end, he punched his face fiercely, letting this God know what pain felt like.

Supernova chuckled with blood all over his face…

“Even if you say so, you can’t even protect your own Dream Maker,” Supernova coughed out blood and said to the man in front of his eyes with ridicule.

“What have you done? Seik! Answer me!” Batman didn’t get any response to his question. Supernova could no longer maintain the form of his consciousness.

A huge amount of Supernova’s emotional energy surged to Batman. At the same time, he also noticed the thunderclouds in the sky in the Flash’s world.