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The city center in the Flash’s world was a mess…

Batman stood on the debris alone. The black cloak on his back fluttered in the wind, and his entire body seemed to have merged with the night.

The audience in front of the screen witnessed the whole scene. After the battle subsided, fans from around Flash’s city unconsciously gathered here.

Soon, Batman standing in the middle of the ruins and people slowly walking towards Batman from all directions, trying to touch him… created a sense of holiness like an ancient oil painting on the live broadcast screen.

At this moment, Batman was full of divinity, the divinity that the other superhero movies couldn’t depict no matter what.

The number of people watching the live broadcast of this joint event of The Flash 2 had reached an unprecedented peak.

The fans who originally came to support the Flash and Supernova unconsciously became fond of this Dark Knight after witnessing the soulful duel between Batman and Supernova.

Including the Flash himself, who was also a superhero.

The Flash finally showed up in his own world. He walked to Batman like a normal fan and looked at Batman, who seemed to be thinking about something, with admiration.

After watching the battle with Supernova and the movie “The Dark Knight,” nobody dared to look down on this Dark Knight anymore.

While Batman was pondering, the fans and the Flash could sense the kind of charisma that a leader should have on him.

The Flash and his fans were waiting for Batman to say something and make some decisions.

And yet, what Batman was thinking now was that… he wanted to go and save Qiu Ren, but he couldn’t leave the Dream Dungeon of the Flash at all!

“Honey,” Batman said to the Flash with a deep voice.

“I’m listening, sir!” The Flash immediately stood upright.

“Can the others here leave your world?”

Once Batman asked this question, the fans, who wanted to come and touch this huge bat, suddenly found that they couldn’t leave the Flash’s dream world.

“What’s wrong with the official personnel of the Flash?”

“The Flash is here. Ask him!”

When the fans gathering around discovered that they couldn’t leave the Flash’s world, they all went into a certain degree of panic. Even the Flash himself was full of doubts.

“I can’t restrict them from leaving. It’s Supernova… No… Something else is sealing off my world.” The Flash also looked into the cloudy sky a bit anxiously.

Dream Seeds didn’t have the ability to restrict these fans from entering or leaving.

Although Dream Makers had control of most of the authority of the Dream Seeds, they didn’t have the ability to turn off the “quit” button.

Trapping people in a dream to torture them was an ability that only Nightmare Seeds had!

All the heroes in the Supernova League were Level S Dream Seeds. Even though half of Dark Side was a nightmare belonging to the Joker, the Joker didn’t have the power to seal off the Flash’s world, which had the same level.

Then, there was only one possibility. The Dream Seed of the sci-fi genre that was about to arrive in Europe was a Nightmare Seed, which had the same authority as Supernova!

Not one… two Nightmare Seeds!

Batman sensed that the sci-fi Nightmare Seed, which would be their compatriot, was stabler.

But the other one that had the fantasy genre… It was full of destructiveness and instability like a meteorite about to crash on the European continent!

Once it landed, a few hundred miles of the area would turn into a forbidden zone of mind and consciousness polluted by a nightmare. The consciousness of all living creatures would be sucked into that Nightmare Seed!

“Honey, take them to a safe place, then…” Batman immediately made a decision. He said as he stretched his hand out and patted the Flash’s shoulder, “Protect them.”

“Is something bad coming?” The Flash also vaguely sensed that something horrifying was about to arrive.

“Yes…” Batman understood Supernova’s plan fully up till this point.

The joint event of The Flash 2 this time was to gather more people in the Flash’s world or the world of superheroes… Then, these fans would be used as bargaining chips to negotiate with humans and as a quality tribute for the compatriot that was about to arrive.

The Flash took up this responsibility. He stepped up and explained the current situation to the confused fans, then led them to the refuge in this city built by the Dream Maker.

The dream world was protected by a superhero like the Flash, but what about the real world?

The only thing Batman could do right now… was to pray that Qiu Ren would be fine.

The real world also responded very quickly.

All countries had contingency plans for Nightmare Seeds going out of control. However, the area that the uncontrollable Nightmare Seed covered was too large.

Multiple cities in entire France could be within the attack range of this Nightmare Seed that had lost control! The worst thing was that even neighboring countries might not be able to escape from it unscathed.

The European countries soon learned that the Level S Dream Seed that had the fantasy genre was a Nightmare Seed, even one that was so unstable that it could lose control anytime.

This made those countries that couldn’t get this Level S Nightmare Seed gloat.

However, the French government still wanted this Level S Nightmare Seed! Very much!

Because France didn’t have even one sealed Level S Nightmare Seed, which was why their mid-range Level C and Level B Dream Seeds had to be imported.

So, the arrival of this Level S Nightmare Seed was a challenge rather than a disaster for France.

Once they made it through, their combat strength in the field of international dreams would be taken to the next level.

The problem was that they must first do disaster prevention well for the people across the country.

It was easy to avoid a disaster. They must either evacuate people within the range of the disaster as soon as possible or let those people who might be affected by the Nightmare Seed go into a high-level Dream Seed for safety.

The limit on the number of people that the two Level S Dream Seeds in France could protect was around several million.

Besides, the government was evacuating people at a slightly worrying speed. They could only ask the other countries to take their people in with their Level S Dream Seeds.

There was nothing to worry about on Qiu Ren’s side, because all the citizens of the Celestial Empire in the affected area had the protection of the two Dream Seeds, “Ascension” and “Yajiao Spear.” If it wasn’t enough, they could directly ask the Great Sage for help and let them hide in Mount Huaguo for a while.

The thing was, Qiu Ren couldn’t just sit here.

“You want to negotiate with that newborn Nightmare Seed? With the predicted level of stability of that Nightmare Seed, it won’t simply talk to you when it meets you! It’ll devour you!”

Kan Shaoni had been promoted to Qiu Ren’s bodyguard recently, so she also came to Europe with Qiu Ren.

Aunt Kan thought this trip to Europe would be relaxing. She could bring Qiu Ren around Paris to eat and watch movies. Then, the mission this time would be successful, and Qiu Ren would be able to get rid of the torture of that two Nightmare Seeds that ate human blood and flesh.

But now, a more terrifying Nightmare Seed had shown up!

“Do you know what Tapir’s risk assessment says? Its range of influence requires an internal seal-off, and it’s highly lethal, meaning that Tapir can still be controlled. She’s still sane enough to talk to people. And yet, such a Nightmare Seed killed one or even more death row prisoners in her nightmare on average every other day before you came!”

Kan Shaoni took a deep breath and continued, “As for the arriving Nightmare Seed, its risk assessment on its scope of influence shows that it’s a national threat. It’s extremely lethal. In our country, it belongs to the kind of Nightmare Seeds that have completely lost control and need to be destroyed immediately!”

Kan Shaoni honestly doubted whether Qiu Ren had been indulging in the beauty of Tapir and Lian for too long.

This made Qiu Ren think that all the Nightmare Seeds were like an indifferent and mysterious sister who had a gentle and pleasant voice like Tapir. However, even this sister had a nasty side to her!

“That Nightmare Seed came for me.”

Qiu Ren didn’t do anything to resist. He let Aunt Kan put her hands on his shoulders and shake his body constantly.

But in Qiu Ren’s perception, the extremely unstable Nightmare Seed with the fantasy genre came following his smell.

Even if the French government threw Qiu Ren into the Pacific Ocean right now, it would be useless. The Dream Seed would definitely still land in France.

However, once it arrived, it would find Qiu Ren following his scent.

Then, even if Qiu Ren sought asylum in the Dream Dungeon of “Ascension” or “Yajiao Spear,” that Lord of Nightmare would try to decompose the two Dream Seeds to find Qiu Ren.

The characters in Ascension and Yajiao Spear might not be afraid of the arrival of that Lord of Nightmare, but if they genuinely started fighting, the ordinary people hidden inside would be harmed.

“…” Kan Shaoni stared at Qiu Ren for a long time. She knew that it was useless no matter how hard she tried to convince him, so she said, “Let me go with you.”

Qiu Ren couldn’t get a driver’s license in time. Kan Shaoni had developed a complete set of Paris travel guides, so she had certainly rented a car.

After Kan Shaoni contacted the embassy of the Celestial Empire in Paris and reported the intel, they agreed with Qiu Ren’s decision due to different considerations.

Just like that, Kan Shaoni and the staff members from the embassy sent Qiu Ren all the way to the entrance of that movie theater.

Hm… The place where France planned to welcome and seal that Nightmare Seed was right here in this movie theater.

Rather than a movie theater, this place was more like a religious site provided for the only two Level S Dream Seeds in France.

When Qiu Ren entered under Kan Shaoni’s protection, the officials of the French government wanted to stop them.

However, once the embassy staff members accompanying them showed their identities and explained the situation to the officials, they let Qiu Ren go all the way in.

Qiu Ren came to the center of the movie theater, which looked like a prayer room.

A bunch of high-tech equipment that Qiu Ren couldn’t name was placed outside the prayer room. They should be for sealing that Level S Nightmare Seed.

However, the prayer room was very retro. Qiu Ren even had an illusion that he had returned to the 14th century from modern society.

In the middle of the prayer room, someone was kneeling on the ground, praying quietly. When Qiu Ren entered, she also noticed him.

Mia’s outfit matched her surroundings; it was retro and ritualized. The nun’s gown she wore on her body even had pale gold patterns. Together with the atmosphere in the prayer room and her temperament, she gave people a sacred feeling.

However, in Qiu Ren’s opinion, the French government was dressing her up to let that Lord of Nightmare have a taste.

“How… did you get in here? Leave quickly! It’s very dangerous here!”

Mia remembered Qiu Ren, the “intern” of Ocean Dream Media.

It was because of Qiu Ren… that she made the decision to screen Batman in all the theaters in the country.

That Level S Dream Seed was successfully attracted here, but it was a Nightmare Seed that had an extremely low level of stability.

Mia’s mood was neither good nor bad right now.

And yet, as one of the contractors of the only two Level S Dream Seeds in France, she had to step up and negotiate with that Lord of Nightmare. She was the only one who could withstand the erosion of the Lord of Nightmare.

So, Miss Mia was like a saint being sent onto a stake at this moment.

No, this metaphor was a bit inappropriate. Actually, she was someone who volunteered to go onto the stake to face that Lord of Nightmare for her people.

And now, Qiu Ren ran over and told her that they should burn together?

“Calm down. I just want to talk to that Lord of Nightmare,” said Qiu Ren.

“I can guess that you’re… the contractor of Batman.”

Mia put her hands on her chest and said to Qiu Ren with a serious and worried look, “However, one Dream Seed isn’t enough to make sure that you can survive the meeting with that Lord of Nightmare. Besides, Batman’s dream consciousness doesn’t seem to be by your side. So, I appreciate your help, but please go!”

“If one Lord of Dream isn’t enough, what about two more?” Qiu Ren asked.

Under Mia’s astonished gaze, Qiu Ren rolled up his right sleeve and unwrapped the bandage around his arm bit by bit.

As the bandage dropped, the markings, dark enough to devour all the light, on Qiu Ren’s arm were shown to Mia.

Those were the markings of Lords of Nightmare, and there was more than one!

A brand of a Dream Eating Tapir and a blood-drenched armor that looked like a living creature were moving slowly on Qiu Ren’s arm.

This meant that Qiu Ren was owned by two Lords of Nightmare! If anyone dared to lay a hand on Qiu Ren, that person would have to bear the anger of these two Lords of Nightmare…

At this moment, Mia only had one thought in her mind as she looked at Qiu Ren…

He was darkness himself. Why would he be afraid of the dark?

“So, don’t worry about my safety. You should think about how we can make a deal with the arriving Lord of Nightmare.”

Qiu Ren said his prayer as he found a chair and sat down.

Mia was kind of at a loss. The only thing she could do was continue praying, easing the anxiousness in her mind in this way.

However… Qiu Ren felt like he was used to facing such a dangerous creature like the Lord of Nightmare.

What Qiu Ren was thinking right now was… Come on! Let’s see if we can get one more tenant in my villa!