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Qiu Ren waited for a while in the prayer room. During this time, he kind of enjoyed the personal care he received like he was the Pope.

When he was hungry, a special staff member would come to give him a big meal. When he was sleepy, he could directly sleep on the floor of the prayer room.

After all, all the hopes of entire France and neighboring countries were put on Qiu Ren and that saint, Mia.

Qiu Ren didn’t request too many things. He only asked the staff members for a cup of coffee.

Mia was like a Sadhu. She knelt in front of the idol and prayed quietly, unlike Qiu Ren, who kept checking on the news and developments on the Internet on his phone.

Qiu Ren found that the person who delivered the coffee looked very much like Mia. The difference was she had clean short hair, while Mia had long hair.

“Are you curious about the relationship between that priestess and me?”

That woman holding the tray put the tray behind her. She even had the mood to stay and joke with Qiu Ren.

No… I’m not curious at all. Qiu Ren could already guess the relationship between the two of them by looking at their faces.

“I’m her sister, May Krato… By the way… Mr. Qiu, may I ask how old you are this year?” This sister seemed to be born sociable.

She wasn’t conscious that she was in the center of the pollution from the Nightmare Seed at all.

In fact, rather than not being conscious of it, it was more like she had been prepared to be devoured by the nightmare.

Meanwhile, everyone around the prayer room had put on protective suits to withstand the pollution from the Nightmare Seed.

When the Nightmare Seed arrived, they wouldn’t run away. Their job was similar to the Dream Explorers in Fengdu Prison. They had to risk their lives to contain the pollution from the Nightmare Seed inside this prayer room.

Some of them were French military personnel, while others were the believers and clergy of Mia’s religion with firm faith.

Mia’s sister seemed to be the person in charge of this mission, while Mia was the carrier of the Nightmare Seed.

She was the only one not wearing the thick and heavy protection suit and even had time to chat with Qiu Ren, as if she was here to relieve the tension.

“Um… Twenty?” Qiu Ren sipped the coffee in his hands. He had no idea why this woman was asking this at such a time.

“Oh! What a coincidence! My sister is also twenty years and thirty-four months old this year. In your country’s words, it’s fate?” she said with a surprised look, “Mr. Qiu, are you seeing someone right now?”

What fate? Pay attention to the occasion before talking about blind dates and matchmaking!

Qiu Ren also understood why the French government was interested. A Dream Maker who had three Level S Dream Seeds, even though two of them were Nightmare Seeds, was a talent every country would do whatever they could to bring back to their land.

The French government was using such an obscene tactic just to feel somebody out now?

“Ahem!” The sound of Kan Shaoni coughing hard came from outside the prayer room.

The sound couldn’t travel through the thick glass, so Kan Shaoni knocked on the glass fiercely, trying to remind the little bitch inside not to think about doing anything to Qiu Ren!

However, the woman in front of her didn’t seem to hear her at all.

“If you’re not, Mr. Qiu, you can hang out with my sister. Although Mia, this kid, looks serious on the outside, she still has the cute side of a girl in private.” This sister smiled like a fox.

The only thing Qiu Ren could do was to drink the coffee in his hands and remain silent.

Mia, who was praying, finally seemed overwhelmed as her sister kept promoting her to an outsider. She shouted loudly to ask her sister not to create any more trouble.

“Alright, alright.” Mia’s sister smiled gently. Qiu Ren also put down the coffee cup in his hands and said, “You should leave, Miss May. It… That Nightmare Seed is coming.” Qiu Ren sensed an unknown energy that was hard to describe with words.

At this moment, the joking smile on the face of Mia’s sister also disappeared. Instead, there was an expression of compassion and heartache on her face.

She glanced at her sister’s slim body… Perhaps she didn’t want to put this burden on her young sister as well.

However, Mia had inherited that Level S Dream Seed from her father, so she needed to bear the responsibility of facing that Lord of Nightmare right now.

“You have to survive.” After saying this to Qiu Ren, she walked out of the prayer room with a solemn look.

Qiu Ren finished the coffee in his hands at once. When he put down the cup, he heard the sound of the heavy door of the prayer room being locked.

Mia made the praying gesture with her hands again and put them on her forehead, praying for something…

In Qiu Ren’s sight, a black mist started to fill the entire prayer room. Then, a giant eye cracked open on the ground. The black mist that surged out directly devoured Qiu Ren and Mia.

Qiu Ren was almost used to this scene. When his consciousness was restored, he found that he was standing in an entirely dark dimension, as expected.

But this time, there was someone with Qiu Ren. Even though this saintess looked determined, judging from the fact that she was clenching the sacred object of her sect and her trembling shoulders, she must be scared.

So, where was the Lord of Nightmare?

Qiu Ren and Mia looked around. They still couldn’t find anything that could possibly be the Lord of Nightmare.

Qiu Ren suddenly heard some weird singing sound, as if someone was gently humming an unknown song. He didn’t understand which language it was. It might even be a language that didn’t exist in this world.

The weird singing came from all directions. Before Qiu Ren determined the exact location, two bursts of air came in the dark!

Crimson blood instantly rose in front of Qiu Ren. The blood crystalized and blocked before Qiu Ren. When the thing that created the bursts of air clashed against the blood shield, it fell on the ground.

This blood shield was the defense from the Lord of Nightmare, Lian.

Pale gold glitters also appeared on Mia, who was next to Qiu Ren, blocking the sudden attack for her.

The God Mia served must have blocked it for her.

When the blood shield disappeared, Qiu Ren saw clearly that the thing that flew to him was an ax covered with dark red bloodstains.

Lian blocked the attack for Qiu Ren. She was so enraged that she wanted to go out and teach her own kind, who didn’t know how to greet people, a lesson, but Qiu Ren stopped her from rushing out of his arm.

Qiu Ren was here this time to tame the new Lord of Nightmare, not destroy it.

It wasn’t that easy to destroy a Lord of Nightmare, either. If Tapir and Lian devoured it, they might get indigestion, and their personality and self-consciousness would be out of order.

Besides, if a Nightmare Seed wasn’t destroyed properly, terrifying emotional pollution would break out.

After the Lord of Nightmare greeted Qiu Ren and Mia with a flying ax, it didn’t continue attacking. As the strange singing sound got closer, Qiu Ren finally saw the Lord of Nightmare clearly.

It was tall and was wearing a weird, filthy mask. It seemed to symbolize some kind of animal with long ears?

Its entire body was covered with blood-like stains. When it looked at Qiu Ren and Mia, its neck tilted with abnormal curvature.

“Honorable Lord of Nightmare, I’m here to ask for your will.” Facing this Lord of Nightmare, Mia showed the bravery and seriousness that a saintess should have. “Are you willing to inherit the name of the Goddess of Destiny and her priesthood?”

This Lord of Nightmare was a part and a child of Europe’s Level SS Dream Seed, World of Gods. Greek mythology and Norse mythology were built in the World of Gods.

So, Mia was asking this Lord of Nightmare what role it wanted to play in the World of Gods and things she needed.

However, this Lord of Nightmare didn’t seem interested in being a God in Olympus or Asgard. It had something it wanted more…

It hurled out a flying ax again. This time, it wasn’t aimed at Mia but at her feet.

The voice of the Lord of Nightmare was extremely distorted, as if it was formed with the voices of multiple people put together.

Mia stretched her hand out obediently and tried to touch the flying ax that carried an unknown energy, but her God reminded her not to do so.

However, Mia knew that if she didn’t obey this Lord of Nightmare right now, it would be impossible for her to tame it in the future!

She temporarily removed herself from God’s shelter and reached out to hold onto that ax imprinted with a large number of unknown brands.

Vines full of thorns suddenly stretched out of the surface of this ax. These vines penetrated Mia’s arm and tied her firmly to the ax.

Mia groaned in pain. Qiu Ren watched everything silently and didn’t interfere.

At this moment, the Lord of Nightmare finally made its request. It looked at Mia, who was kneeling on the floor like she was restraining something, and said, “I want to see you release the anger, grudge, hatred, and viciousness in your mind completely, then indulge in the endless murder… Hunt, torture, and kill those people who are the closest to you, who trust you the most, and who love you the most! That kind of genuine pleasure after torturing and slaughtering them! And… the fear and resentment of those people when they’re being chased and killed by you!”

This was the desire of this Lord of Nightmare. In Mia’s opinion, no matter which Dream Maker was presented with this request, it would put them in despair. They wouldn’t accept it, let alone herself!

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