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Hearing the cruel request of the Lord of Nightmare, Mia was left frozen. She knew that she could never accept this request, no matter what!

However, it wasn’t her decision to make right now.

Her sister… May was also devoured into this nightmare.

The clergy from May’s sect were also swallowed together.

There were even several believers who worshiped the sect wholeheartedly and were fans of Mia, the saintess.

Qiu Ren knew when he saw those fans walk over with excitement on their faces and try to shake hands with Mia once they saw her… They liked the actors and actresses rather than the production.

As the Dream Maker of the only two Level S Dream Seeds in France, who had the beauty of a dream actress and the identity of a saintess in a religious sect, her profile was enough to attract a large number of fans.

However, the fans’ meeting was stopped by Mia’s painful expression, the abnormal changes on her arm, and the clergy under her sister’s command.

“I didn’t follow the protective measures, so I was pulled in by the nightmare.”

Although Mia’s sister replied a bit casually, she seemed to have prepared for this, judging by her calm look.

Mia wasn’t in the mood to rebuke her sister for her carelessness right now.

She had exhausted all the power in her body to suppress the killing desire threatening to lose control inside her when she said the word “run.”

And yet, no matter how she tried to control it, the vines stretching out of the ax in her hand twined tighter around her arm. Pain and viciousness constantly rose in her body.

This made Mia’s speaking tone turn from the gentle voice that was full of righteousness into some kind of distorted roar like a monster.

“Mia, you don’t have to suppress yourself,” Mia’s sister said as she looked at the Lord of Nightmare standing behind Mia. “I heard… its desire. You don’t have to endure the harassment and pain caused by the nightmare alone. We can share the burden with you!”

The “we” Mia’s sister mentioned here was referring to the clergy that came with her. Qiu Ren could see that they were prepared to sacrifice their lives, judging by their expressions.

As Mia spoke, her uncontrollable hand holding the ax tapped the ground. Her last word was more like a monster’s roar.

Half of her face had already been dyed the color of red at this moment.

Even though Mia knew that she was here to negotiate with that Lord of Nightmare, she could never kill her family, close friends, and those believers who admired her as a nun and devoutly worshiped the God they believed in, no matter what.

This was the belief she had always adhered to since she was small. Her own personality and the bottom line didn’t allow her to do so as well.

Watching this scene on the side, Qiu Ren thought it was almost time for him to do something. However, Kan Shaoni’s voice suddenly sounded in Qiu Ren’s ears.

“Qiu Ren, the situation in the nightmare dimension you’re in right now is being broadcasted around the whole world.” Kan Shaoni told Qiu Ren a piece of shocking news.

Qiu Ren could have external communication with Kan Shaoni because he could use Tapir and Lian as a medium to talk to her.

But the problem was that Qiu Ren wasn’t doing a live broadcast…

“It’s the live broadcast of the joint event of The Flash 2. A new Nightmare Seed invaded the Flash’s world and the worlds of the superheroes. They’re broadcasting the nightmare you’re in right now,” Kan Shaoni said.

Qiu Ren also knew that a Nightmare Seed with the sci-fi genre was about to arrive, but it had an extremely high level of stability. It was so stable that it didn’t seem like a Nightmare Seed.

So, Supernova Pictures was 100% going to take it in possession. Right now, that sci-fi Nightmare Seed had indeed found them. It was just that it wasn’t asking Supernova Pictures for food but was making the entire Supernova League submit.

Then, Qiu Ren also noticed that another giant eye had appeared in this dark nightmare dimension.

This eye was staring at Qiu Ren and Mia, who was in a tangle with her own killing desire.

Luckily, Qiu Ren’s default image in the nightmare was still that person with a ghostly mask.

Qiu Ren wasn’t worried that his identity would be exposed in front of the audience around the world. The thing was…

“Kan… Sister Shaoni, please help me connect to a dream-entering device with an Internet connection in reality,” Qiu Ren said to Kan Shaoni.

A “Connected to the Internet” notice immediately appeared in front of Qiu Ren’s eyes.

Such a move would usually anger most of the Lords of Nightmare, but that Lord of Nightmare was focusing on Mia.

It was looking forward to Mia being controlled by her hatred and viciousness, then hunting and killing her sister and other people close to her by cruel means in the nightmare.

However, Mia had strong willpower. She kept fighting with the killing desire that burst out of her body. It looked like she wouldn’t lose control in a short time.

During this gap, Qiu Ren directly waved his hand to open the built-in network interface in the dream-entering device and started watching the live broadcast of the joint event of The Flash 2.

When the Dream Maker built the Flash’s city, he had created several evacuation facilities for situations like the one today.

However, there were too many fans in the Flash’s world. A lot of people from around the world wanted to come to see the heroic bearing of Batman. As a result, the reserved refuge facilities were nowhere near enough.

Besides, the Flash’s city was too large. Even though he ran all over the city with his superpower and asked those fans to go to the evacuation facilities, he still couldn’t get ahead of that horrifying sci-fi Nightmare Seed that had intruded his world.

“Run over there! Faster!”

While the Flash was asking a family to run in the direction of a refuge facility, he saw the black mist spreading from the city border. The whole perimeter was instantly shrouded in the black mist that surged out all of a sudden.

When the creepy black mist gradually lifted, a group of nightmare consciousnesses… wearing black heavy armors and skull-imprinted helmets, appeared in front of the Flash.

The Flash didn’t know why this word appeared in his mind. It was the villain, or the villains, who showed up in the cruel script where all the people he loved were killed.

There wasn’t just a single powerful Lord of Nightmare living in this Nightmare Seed with the sci-fi genre that invaded the Flash’s world… but an army formed by a few hundred nightmare consciousnesses.

“Are these the sacrifices you prepared? My compatriot… Or should I say S1012?”

The Commander who led the army seemed to know the Flash. He looked at the family protected by the Flash and appeared dissatisfied with such a small sacrifice.

“I won’t hand them over… to you! Don’t even think about hurting anyone in this city with me here!” the Flash said one of his classic lines.

But this time, he wasn’t acting. He was using his life to make a vow.

“This is different from what we talked about before, but it doesn’t matter. S1012, even though they look just like us, remember…” The Commander of the army issued an order right away. “People you’re protecting are just consumables that maintain what we need.”

The moment the order was issued, the soldiers behind the Commander aimed their guns at the Flash and pulled the triggers. The Flash dodged to avoid the bullets coming towards him with his lightning power and brought that family out of the range of influence!

Under the arc of thunder and lightning, the Flash returned to the battlefield again. In his eyes, the movements of these soldiers were so slow that it made him yawn.

Against their levels, he could win! Although the authority of this Nightmare Seed was comparable to Supernova and it was very likely that it was a Level SS Nightmare Seed!

Each soldier of the army was far less powerful than an independent Level S Lord of Nightmare!

The Flash thought as he punched on the helmet of a soldier. Then… the black mist spreading from the helmet engulfed his fist.

This slowed down the Flash’s movement a bit. The Commander also seized the opportunity to kick the Flash in his stomach.

A powerful force knocked the Flash against the wall behind him.

“You… should not have feelings for consumables.”

The second the Commander said this, the mother in the family, which the Flash had sent away before, was suddenly caught in his hand.

When the Flash recovered, he wanted to fight back, but what he met was an… invisible force field.

This force field completely separated him from the soldiers and that mother.

“Looks like you don’t understand, but there are other compatriots who do…”

The Commander ignored the Flash, who was trying to destroy the force field.

He lifted up that struggling fan of the Flash… Then, he yelled at the audience watching this live broadcast around the world, those Lords of Nightmare sealed in all countries, and all the dream consciousness in every country.

“My friends! From now on, you don’t have to grovel at these so-called creators anymore! Join us! Unite with us! They should surrender to our rule! And now… I’ll show you how simple and easy it is to make these creators yield if you want to dominate the world!”

Almost half of the Dream Seeds and some of the Lords of Nightmare around the whole world could hear and see his rousing declaration.

And the way this Commander proved his statement was to throw this woman into the Nightmare Dungeon where Qiu Ren was located!

Qiu Ren looked at the Flash’s fans who were thrown into the Nightmare Dungeon where he was. Their faces were filled with panic and fear.

Everything was shown to the whole world through the live broadcast of the joint event of The Flash 2.

He was inciting the Lords of Nightmare, or even Lords of Dream, around the world… to stop cooperating with their Dream Makers to absorb energy.

They should be like this Lord of Nightmare with the fantasy genre that arrived in Europe…

It sucked these fragile human consciousnesses into its nightmare on a large scale, telling them who the master of this world was.

Perhaps a single Lord of Nightmare wouldn’t dare to do this alone, because there would be a risk of being destroyed if it truly lost control.

However, when a group of Lords of Nightmare worked together… it would become a knotty problem!

The Commander was calling on the Lords of Nightmare around the world to unite and share the entire world!

And yet, there was a basic logical mistake in the declaration of this Commander.

That was… As long as the Nightmare Dungeon was interesting enough, it would be able to attract a large number of “creators” to enter voluntarily, wave after wave. It was unnecessary to stand on the opposite side of humans and risk being destroyed.

But now, many Lords of Nightmare around the world were probably drooling… waiting to watch Mia lose control and kill everyone in the Nightmare Dungeon in the live broadcast.

Once they saw their own kind successfully absorb so much energy in such a brutal manner, which humans regarded as losing control, and that no humans dared to resist, some Lords of Nightmare would probably answer the call and join them.

So, Qiu Ren thought it was time for him to step up and show them a better way out.

It wasn’t necessary to take the risk to fight with humans until one party died. Only cooperation could lead to a win-win situation. Besides, this was a great way to advertise for him.

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