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“Don’t kill me… Don’t kill me!”

That fan of the Flash who was thrown into the Nightmare Dungeon didn’t understand the situation here at all.

But that Lord of Nightmare standing behind Mia was indeed too terrifying!

“You can start enjoying your feast now! S1971!”

A different voice from that of the Lord of Nightmare sounded in the entire dimension. Qiu Ren could discern its source. It was from the giant eye above the Nightmare Dungeon.

The owner of the voice was the Nightmare Seed leader who had invaded Superhero World.

This Nightmare Seed with the superhero sci-fi genre had already been named “Black Mist Army.” Its body had descended in the Atlantic Ocean north of England.

The size of this Nightmare Seed had surpassed all the recorded Level S Nightmare Seeds.

This nightmare army also showed their ambition upon their arrival. They wanted to be the leader of all the Lords of Nightmare.

They abducted a large number of fans trapped inside several worlds of superheroes and used them to threaten the officials of The Flash 2 to continue broadcasting the situation in the Nightmare Dungeon where Qiu Ren was.

It seemed that the Lord of Nightmare couldn’t wait anymore under this urge.

“Do you really think… this crude environment can be called a feast?”

Qiu Ren’s untimely voice caught the attention of the Commander and that Lord of Nightmare.

“You don’t have the right to speak here.”

That giant eye stared at Qiu Ren. The Commander seemed to be upset about Qiu Ren interrupting their conversation.

“No? Do you really think all the Lords of Nightmare in the world can accept such a humble environment?”

Qiu Ren stared into that giant eyeball and said, as if he was talking to all the Lords of Nightmare who were watching the live broadcast above the world but were sealed deep underground without anyone caring about them.

“I can show you how popular a Lord of Nightmare can become among these so-called ‘creators’ when a Dream Maker constructs a suitable Nightmare Dungeon for them.”

What Qiu Ren said made the Commander sneer. He narrowed his eyes into a thin line, as if he was satirizing Qiu Ren’s arrogance and ignorance.

“Why do you think humans would accept it? A… monster that turns humans into beasts by just touching them, a monster that can only rely on killing its own kind and devouring their emotions to survive?”

“I think I can try. I just need to change some basic rules of this Nightmare Dungeon and add some new things inside,” said Qiu Ren.

That Lord of Nightmare was reluctant to accept, as if it was afraid of Qiu Ren’s help.

“… Don’t try… to make trouble,” it swung the ax in its hand and said with a distorted voice.

The Lord of Nightmare was satisfied with the first sacrifice it picked, Mia.

It only had to swallow and wait anxiously for the moment when Mia lost control and killed everyone around her.

“I’m not trying to make trouble. The power you’re giving her is too strong.”

Qiu Ren pointed at Mia, who was kneeling on the ground and trying her best to suppress the constantly rising killing desire in her mind.

“Even if she truly loses control, how long do you think the ordinary people thrown into your Nightmare Dungeon can survive? One second, two seconds, three seconds? if you like to taste emotional energy that has no quality, no nutrition, and vanishes in a blink… I can just keep watching on the side. But looking at you like this… I don’t think you would be satisfied!”

Qiu Ren’s job as a Nightmare Maker was to tame this Lord of Nightmare while minimizing casualties if possible. The first stage of taming was to let it understand that it could be full if it listened to Qiu Ren.

Mia’s voice was so small that she didn’t seem confident. She knew that even if she controlled herself, she couldn’t break through this nightmare and tame the Lord of Nightmare.

The only thing she could do was to release the desire in her heart and kill everyone in front of her eyes to satisfy the Lord of Nightmare. However… this would cause unimaginable harm to these people in reality. Furthermore, it wouldn’t make that Lord of Nightmare surrender, either.

Qiu Ren ignored Mia and kept staring at that Lord of Nightmare.

“Why… should I listen to you?” The Lord of Nightmare tilted its head and looked at Qiu Ren. A chilling smile appeared on its mask. “I… have a lot of substitutes. I can bring them back to life after they die, which is enough… to keep this slaughter going… for two days, three days.”

This Lord of Nightmare wasn’t like Tapir or Lian. Both of them were Nightmare Dungeons that nobody was willing to enter after all. Let alone having a feast, they had never even seen a feast in their life, which was why they took the initiative to find Qiu Ren to help them improve their living environment.

As for this Lord of Nightmare… The area eroded by its nightmares covered multiple cities in France and even some in neighboring countries. Although these cities all issued an evacuation warning, there were people who couldn’t make it to safety. In such a huge population, even if only 1% of them couldn’t evacuate… it was still a terrifyingly large number. They would be captured and branded by this Lord of Nightmare.

It could pull these people in its Nightmare Dungeon to become part of the ingredients for the feast whenever it wanted!

When Mia killed these people in front of her, it could even bring them back to life and pull new people in again.

This was something that the army wanted to prove to the Lords of Nightmare. Once they were united, they would be able to enjoy the “creators” in the whole world like at a buffet.

“You better listen to me.”

A large amount of blood suddenly oozed out from underneath Qiu Ren’s feet. It gradually flowed behind him and formed threatening blood shadows one after another.

These blood shadows eventually became real entities. They were all nightmare guardians from Dark Souls, including the largest Lord of Cinder, Yhorm, the half-bodies of the Undead Legion of Farron that came out when Yhorm pulled out the butcher’s knife covered with burning flames, the Nameless King surrounded by flashing lightning, and the Soul of Cinder who wanted to stretch out and grab that Lord of Nightmare.

What Qiu Ren thought was a pity was that the world of Dark Souls still had the widest range of players and was the one that impressed the players around the world the most.

The other worlds were still developing… Nonetheless, the sudden appearance of the blood shadows of the nightmare guardians born in Dark Souls 3 was enough to make this depressing Nightmare Dungeon more depressing.

As the fire behind Qiu Ren burnt, the black mist started filling this Nightmare Dungeon. At the same time, a fierce light was released from that eyeball.

“If you want to start a war, we’ve never been afraid…”

The leader of the army wasn’t afraid of Qiu Ren and the Lords of Nightmare behind him. They had come to this Nightmare Dungeon to take him down!

However, that Lord of Nightmare suddenly raised the ax in its hand and threw it to the black mist representing the army, directly blocking this plume of black mist out of its territory.

“S1971, what… are you doing?” The Commander asked the Lord of Nightmare with a deep voice.

However, the Lord of Nightmare didn’t reply to him. It directly turned to Qiu Ren.

It was also curious what Qiu Ren could do… to this horrible nightmare. Perhaps Qiu Ren could deliver a delicious meal using the scarce ingredients it had right now.

“I’ll… give you a chance, but there’s one condition…” It said as it pointed at Mia in front of it again, “She has to hunt down her followers with this image.”

What image? Qiu Ren looked at Mia and found that the pupil on the other side of this saintess had turned golden, as if she was given some kind of divinity.

It seemed to be the condition Mia went into as a last resort when she sensed the black mist, just like Qiu Ren summoning Lian to prepare for a fight.

But when that God possessed Mia’s body, she was caught by that Lord of Nightmare.

“Mia’s Goddess image when she’s possessed by the God of our sect.” Mia’s sister fixed Mia’s hair and continued, “Ever since she became the heir, she had become part of the incarnation of our God in the human world. This is kind of a not-big-not-little secret of our sect.”

And now, the whole world knew… Not only that, but they also knew that their Goddess would be chasing after her followers in the future.

Qiu Ren could also see the struggles on Mia’s face. She wasn’t willing to hurt people close to her before. And now, she had one more reason why she must suppress the killing desire in her mind.

She could definitely not damage the reputation of the Goddess of her sect. This was the state religion of France!

Things like their Goddess chasing after her believers with an ax…

“After I perfect the rules and construction, your believers may volunteer to participate.”

What Qiu Ren said put an astonished expression on Mia’s face, as if she was saying, “Do you think I look like a fool?”

However, Qiu Ren didn’t explain to her. He started reconstructing this dream instead.

“Let’s start from the most basic rules and maps.”

Qiu Ren felt that the Lord of Nightmare had given him control of this dungeon. During this period, the blood shadows of the Dark Souls guardians behind Qiu Ren also gradually vanished.

The blood that dropped down from the blood shadows spread around Qiu Ren’s feet, creating an overgrown ground and a gloomy sky in this dark nightmare dimension…

Everyone in the Nightmare Dungeon looked at the changes anxiously… That fan of the Flash who had just come saw something suddenly appear next to her. She fell to the ground while screaming.

“What’s this?!” she said anxiously with a tremor in her voice.

A hook covered in blood had appeared next to her. This hook was obviously not for hanging pork or beef, but… for hanging humans!

She swore she would never want to be hung on this hook her entire life.

“Welcome to the world of Dead by Daylight. Is there anyone here… who’s willing to be the first batch of survivors chased by this Goddess butcher?” Qiu Ren gently put his hand on Mia, who was constantly suppressing the killing desire in her body.

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