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“Dead by sunlight? Butcher? Survivors? What… exactly do you want me to do?”

That fan of the Flash still had some courage to confront Qiu Ren.

Apart from that creepy Lord of Nightmare, Qiu Ren was the most abnormal among everyone trapped in this Nightmare Dungeon.

The main reason was that the ghost-face mask Tapir gave Qiu Ren exerted tremendous pressure on the humans. It made him look like a Lord of Nightmare.

“Those are the rules of this Nightmare Dungeon. I’ll choose four of you to be the survivors, who will be killed by Miss Mia, the butcher, in this… farm manor.”

An ax full of strange aura appeared in Qiu Ren’s hand. It looked just like the one Mia was holding. He then said while moving his fingertip across the blade of the ax that was covered with dark red blood, “The first time Miss Mia hits you, you’ll only be chopped and enter a state of serious injury and bleeding.”

Are you sure we’ll just be bleeding but not having our heads cut off?

The Flash’s fan and the other believers, who didn’t know what was going on, glanced at Mia’s slim body.

Although saying this was more or less a little disrespectful to their Goddess, these believers felt like even if Mia became a real butcher, they might still be able to beat her just by fighting with their hands.

“During this period, if Miss Mia hits you the second time, you’ll directly fall on the ground and lose all your mobility.”

“What will happen when we fall on the ground and lose… our mobility?” the fan of the Flash asked as she trembled.

“Of course, Miss Mia will catch you, then lift you up and hang you to that meat hook like a piece of dead pork.”

Not only that fan of the Flash, but Qiu Ren’s words also made the believers, who had entered this Nightmare Dungeon by accident, stay far away from that meat hook, which was exuding some unknown aura.

“You don’t have to be too afraid. The other survivors can still save you if you’re really hung up there, but there are only three chances. When you’re hung on the hook the third time… the sacrificing ceremony will begin officially. You’ll be devoured by evil spirits and become a sacrifice… for this Lord of Nightmare.”

Qiu Ren said as he demonstrated the scene of the final sacrifice. A giant hook fell from the sky and penetrated the entire body of an innocent survivor Qiu Ren had created, who was then thrown into the sky, creating a sickening sound of the separation of flesh and blood.

Upon hearing the sound, the fan of the Flash was so scared that she dropped to the ground. She pointed at Qiu Ren, this Nightmare Maker, and shouted out of fear, “You… You devil!”

Indeed, probably only devils could come up with such cruel game rules. Qiu Ren didn’t say anything, but the Lord of Nightmare next to Mia was thrilled.

It tapped the ax in its hand anxiously, as if it couldn’t control the killing desire inside its body anymore after listening to Qiu Ren’s explanation. It wanted to go and hunt those pitiful survivors itself.

“Can we fight back? For example… hanging this butcher lady on the hook?” This question came from Mia’s sister. It seemed that she was trying to tell a joke to ease the tense atmosphere.

However, this joke made her sister look at her with a face that seemed to be saying, “Are you fucking insane?”

“You want to hang the butcher on the hook? Hm… You’re quite ambitious. You can try it if you want.”

Qiu Ren felt that the tension around him didn’t ease much, so he thought he should tell them the way to survive…

“But I don’t recommend you do this. There are only two ways for you to survive. First… There are a huge number of broken electric motors all over the manor. You only need to repair five of them, and you’ll be able to open the door of escape to leave this nightmare. After that, you’ll get a reward from this Lord of Nightmare.”

Reward? This made the Lord of Nightmare dumbfounded for a while, but it still nodded slowly and acquiesced to Qiu Ren’s decision.

“Second, when your three other companions have all become the sacrifices for this Lord of Nightmare and you’re alone, a tunnel will appear on the map. That will be your last hope. If you find it, you’ll survive. If you don’t… you’ll become a sacrifice for the butcher together with your friends.”

“You’ll have to explore the detailed rules and other things in the nightmare yourself. Now, who’s willing to be the first batch of sacrifices?” Qiu Ren glanced over them one by one and asked.

Mia’s sister and three members of the clergy of their religious sect stood out and were ready to be the sacrifices.

However, this Lord of Nightmare didn’t like to see the martyrdom of these members of the clergy, who were willing to dedicate their lives to their God. It stretched its hand out slowly and pointed at Mia’s sister, then at two other believers who were brought in by accident.

“You… You and you. Finally… you.” The Lord of Nightmare pointed at that unrelated fan of the Flash in the end. “And you.”

“There are so many people. Why me? No… You can’t do this!”

That fan of the Flash kept moving backward, but this death hunt had already started right at the moment the Lord of Nightmare made the decision!

She looked around. All other irrelevant people next to her had vanished. Only the other three survivors chosen by the Lord of Nightmare and that butcher lady, who kept restraining her killing desire, were left.

At this moment, she adapted rather quickly. Even though Mia looked harmless, the thorns twined around her arm kept climbing up. This Goddess could become a cruel killer butcher the next second!

The other three survivors also reacted. They ran in all directions and started looking for electric motors in this farm manor.

Only Mia’s sister was left to stay with Mia, who was about to lose control.

During this time, Qiu Ren brought the Lord of Nightmare to the spectator stand.

But he wasn’t the only one there. There were also audiences around the whole world who were watching this joint event of The Flash 2.

The threat posed by the Black Mist Army was far greater than Qiu Ren expected. While Qiu Ren was building the Nightmare Dungeon of Dead by Daylight, they had already captured over a hundred innocent fans in the Flash’s city.

These people were gathered by Black Mist Army and used as bargaining chips and hostages in negotiating with Supernova Pictures.

The worst thing was that the Black Mist Army would choose a couple of lucky fellows from time to time and throw them into the Nightmare Dungeon where Qiu Ren was in.

The fans captured by the Black Mist Army were enveloped in a desperate and fearful atmosphere.

Nobody would be able to remain calm knowing that they would be fed to a monster the next second.

However, Mia gave them hope. When they saw that the person who played the killer butcher in the live broadcast of that Nightmare Dungeon was the Goddess of the state religion of France, the fear of being eaten by a monster gradually turned into the hope that Mia could overcome her desire to kill.

Most of the fans who participated in the joint event of The Flash 2 this time were from Europe. Even if they weren’t religious, they also recognized Mia, this saintess who volunteered to sacrifice herself to protect the people of her country.

In the live broadcast, Mia had been suppressing her desire to kill since the beginning.

People trapped in that Nightmare Dungeon and those who were about to be thrown into the Nightmare Dungeon by the army were all praying that Mia could continue to hold it in!

As long as Mia endured the desire long enough, the Black Mist Army wouldn’t be able to resist the superheroes and the outside world. Then, they would be saved, instead of being thrown into that Nightmare Dungeon and becoming a dead soul under Mia’s ax!

And yet… there was one person who didn’t agree—Mia’s sister.

“The curse from the Lord of Nightmare is eroding your body. The more you suppress your desire, the greater harm you’ll suffer.” May said, “Release it! Let me share it with you.”

“I can still take it… Sister, at least let a few more people escape from this Nightmare Dungeon.”

Mia’s thoughts were a bit different from that of Qiu Ren and her sister, May. Rather than taming this Lord of Nightmare, she thought that protecting the people was more of a priority.

However, Qiu Ren and her sister knew that only slaughtering in this Nightmare Dungeon could satisfy that Lord of Nightmare and stop the spread of pollution in entire France.

So, Mia must swing the ax in her hand and immerse herself into the role of the butcher.

But seeing her sister’s stubborn look, like she would rather die than slashing people close to her, Mia’s sister could only use her last trump card.

“Do you remember those selfies you took a few weeks ago?” May suddenly asked.

Mia didn’t understand why her sister was suddenly talking about this.

“That day when you put on your bra after showering, you suddenly took some selfies. I thought you were seeing someone outside that time, but after some investigation, I found that… you seemed to be just in the mood to do that?” May said.

This aggressive method hit the mark. Mia almost raised the ax in her hand and chopped down at her sister.

May held her chin with both hands and showed a cunning smile.

“I saved those selfies you took secretly. Every time you let one of us run away… during this hunt, I’ll post one on the Internet! I’ll go fix the electric motors and get ready to leave this Nightmare Dungeon now.”

May patted Mia’s back gently. She then slowly walked towards the electric motor far away.

“Wait…” Mia stayed there and yelled as she watched her sister walk further away, “I said wait!!”

So, under the gaze of the viewers from around the whole world and the devout believers of the state religion of France, the Goddess and the saintess, whom they believed in, raised the blood-covered ax high with both of her hands and rushed towards her beloved sister as she let out a terrifying roar.