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“You have become the new killing champion.”

A sentence like this floated by in front of Xiao Zhou’s eyes. Meanwhile, there was a dead body with the head missing lying next to him.

Xiao Zhou had killed this poor guy with his Karabiner 98k and an eight-time scope from three hundred meters away. He probably didn’t even know how he died.

After killing this man, Xiao Zhou ran over from afar and started checking his spoils with ease.

Ever since the battle royale game started, it had already been almost forty-five minutes.

Xiao Zhou had transformed from the “human-shaped backpack,” who crawled around when he was chased by four men after landing, to a cold killer with a Karabiner 98k, whom living things on the island could never escape from.

Right now, a total of twenty people had died under Xiao Zhou’s Karabiner 98k. He had finished one-fifth of the participants on this island with his shooting skills and tactics, which were way better than those of the death row prisoners.

It was now the time for the semi-finals.

Xiao Zhou lifted the watch on his left hand and checked the projection that appeared above it.

This watch showed the map, the range of the poison circle, and the bombing zone. It also had the function to remind participants of the remaining survivors and the number of people they had killed.

The number of people alive shown on the watch right now was… 5.

Only the last five participants were left! Once he killed the other four, he would be able to eat the chicken!

Xiao Zhou leaned on the back of a tree and held the Karabiner 98k in his hands tight.

He didn’t know who had designed this cruel battle royale game and this damn nightmare.

But he couldn’t help but applaud the design of the battle royale game. It was truly clever and… amazing.

A nightmare was a nightmare. The evilness of human nature was shown to the extreme in this battle royale game.

Xiao Zhou had witnessed countless brutal fights between the death row prisoners along the way. He went there to try to stop them but ended up killing both parties.

At the same time, the pain when bullets hit his body was real. It was so painful that no matter how many times he fought, he didn’t want to be hit anymore.

However, the medical supplies in this battle royale game had astonishing effects.

The bandages and medical kits could heal injuries like a bone fracture or mutilated body parts in a few seconds.

The painkillers and energy drinks could instantly relieve the adverse symptoms of abrasions and other injuries. They could even make participants more focused.

All these were created to make people more invested in this brutal battle!

Xiao Zhou was now enjoying this battle, this damn nightmare as well…

It had been a long time, or maybe ever since he was born, since he had experienced such a feeling of anticipation and excitement!

Xiao Zhou’s body leaned on the tree as he listened to the sounds of the grass and leaves with all his attention.

He could now hear the pounding of his heart. His grip on the Karabiner 98k was constantly shaking, the kind of shaking that couldn’t be stopped.

He was shaking not because of fear but excitement.

Xiao Zhou really couldn’t repress the anticipation and excitement in his mind right now. He also enjoyed and even indulged in this feeling.

This was like the great sense of achievement when an athlete in the Olympics was about to go onto the podium. Xiao Zhou was looking forward to it.

It would be enough for him to kill four more people. Four more people and he could bring the thirty-seven coins from his spoils out—no… The coins and the rewards from the Lord of Nightmare weren’t the most important.

Eating chicken was the most important thing for Xiao Zhou at the moment. His heart only wanted to win right now. The rewards after winning weren’t necessary anymore.

He wanted to eat the chicken! He must eat the chicken!

He had encountered so many dangers along the way and tried his best to eliminate so many opponents.

He must release all the emotions in his mind with the last victory—eating the chicken.

Xiao Zhou swore that if he couldn’t win this game today, he might never be able to sleep well his entire life.

Where were they? Where were the last four survivors?

While Xiao Zhou’s mind was filled with such thoughts… suddenly, a green grenade rolled to his feet.

Xiao Zhou responded. But it was too late. The fragmentation grenade exploded next to his body.

He was shocked by the impact of the grenade. He fell on the ground and couldn’t move a bit. His ears were buzzing, and his eyesight was blurred.

However, Xiao Zhou could barely make out that the grass in front of him had suddenly “stood up.”

Why… was the grass walking? No… It was a person! A person wearing a ghillie suit!

The figure walked straight to Xiao Zhou, who was lying still on the ground. Xiao Zhou finally saw what the figure looked like. He was the death row prisoner with a scarred face, the first person to find this battle royale game “very interesting.”

Xiao Zhou trembled and tried to grab the Karabiner 98k next to his hand. It was a futile effort. The man with a scarred face directly kicked it away with his foot.

The man took out a pan from his back, spun it in his hand, and finally hit Xiao Zhou’s head mercilessly!

Xiao Zhou immediately woke up from the Nightmare Dungeon.

The alarm of the medical equipment around him was ringing like crazy. The doctors responsible for monitoring his body condition surrounded him right away.

“His blood pressure has exceeded the normal.”

“His heart rate is also high.”

“Give him another dose of tranquilizer!”

No matter whether Xiao Zhou was willing or not, the harm he suffered from the death in the nightmare was already showing on his body.

It was exhibited through various mucosal stress bleeding, abnormal blood pressure, and other body values.

“Xiao Zhou, take a deep breath. You’re safe now.” Kan Shaoni immediately went forward and comforted this newcomer.

Even if he didn’t perform well in his daily work, any Dream Explorer that had explored a nightmare was respectable.

“I have to eat the chicken. Where’s my chicken? Chief, where am I?” Xiao Zhou asked in confusion.

“What chicken? This is reality. You’re already back in reality.”

While Kan Shaoni was speaking, the medical personnel next to her had already helped Xiao Zhou leave the machine used to enter the nightmare.

Usually, when Kan Shaoni told the Dream Explorers, “You’ve already come back to reality”, they would take a deep breath of relief.

But Xiao Zhou was acting differently. He seemed to have gone mad when he realized he had returned to reality.

“That’s impossible. I was so close to eating the chicken! Chief, send me back! Send me back quickly!”

Xiao Zhou got rid of the medical personnel next to him and frantically ran back to the machine used to enter the nightmare.

The medical personnel had already prepared for this, though. They reached out to hold Xiao Zhou down in a professional manner.

“The patient seems to have a mental disorder!”

“Give him a shot of strong tranquilizer quickly before he shows symptoms of self-harm!”

Dream Explorers always showed symptoms of mental disorder after leaving the nightmare. They had witnessed a lot of insane reactions like what Xiao Zhou had.

“Let me go! I’m not crazy! Send me back! I was so close to eating that chicken! Send me back!”

Xiao Zhou twisted his body and tried to escape. Kan Shaoni raised her hand and asked those medical personnel to let him go.

“Boohoo… Chief, send me back. I was so close to eating it.”

At this moment, Xiao Zhou’s entire body was a little weak. He directly fell on the ground.

“You’ve already died in the nightmare. There’s no use putting you back in there. Also, what exactly is ‘eating the chicken’? Why are you so into it? Did you see a plate of… very delicious roasted chicken in the nightmare?”

This was the first time Kan Shaoni had encountered a Dream Explorer, who yelled and asked for going back to the Nightmare Dungeon, in her many years as a Dream Explorer.

“Have the others woken up?” Xiao Zhou asked.

“Your two colleagues also died in that Nightmare Dungeon, but it’ll take some time for them to wake up. So, you see, your information is crucial right now.”

Kan Shaoni paused for a second and continued.

“Tell me… What did you see in the Nightmare Dungeon built by that student? What do you mean by ‘eating the chicken’? After this presentation, you’ll be ‘promoted.’ You’ll leave this Hell forever, and you won’t need to fight in that Nightmare Dungeon anymore.”

Kan Shaoni said as she put the transfer application form in front of Xiao Zhou again. This time, the form had her signature and the stamp of the division.

In Kan Shaoni’s perspective, what Xiao Zhou should do right now was to take this transfer application form and run as far as he could, never coming back to this damn Fengdu Prison ever again in his entire life.

However… Xiao Zhou said to Kan Shaoni with tears of regret right now.

“Chief, I want to eat the chicken! I don’t want to leave!”

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