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Mia found that despite making a move, she could still control the killing desire in her body.

How lucky! Right now, she only needed to catch her sister and ask her about those selfies.

Mia didn’t think her sister could escape her hunt.

Mia indeed felt that her power and speed were greatly enhanced. As she chased after May, the distance between the two of them quickly shortened.

When Mia was close enough, she reached out and tried to catch her sister, but May suddenly jumped over a window. She was about to enter the manor of the farm…

She’s running away! How can I let her escape? Get back here!

When Mia realized that she wouldn’t be able to catch May with her hand, she raised the ax in her hand almost instinctively. She slashed down at her sister, who was halfway over the window.

The ax hit May. The sound of the blade slashing flesh was extremely clear in Mia’s perception. When she saw blood splashing out of her sister’s body, she immediately regained her consciousness, which was swallowed by her killing desire.

Mia froze for a while with the ax that was covered with blood in her hand. And yet, May covered her wound and ran away in a blink like she wasn’t injured.

What should I do? What should I do?!

While Mia was standing there dumbfoundedly, two weird sounds came into her ears. It was shown in her range of vision that two electric motors far away had already been fixed.

So fast? How long has it been?

There was a number “5” written with blood in Mia’s range of vision. As two electric motors were repaired, this number turned into “3.”

For those survivors, this was like the three beams of sunlight before sunrise. For Mia, though, it was a countdown to social death!

She just had to catch her sister. Right! She just had to catch her sister!

May Krato! Where is she? Where the hell is she?

At this moment, Mia’s resentment and killing desire started to rise. She was searching around the entire farm like crazy…

Meanwhile, Mia’s sister was being treated by another survivor in the basement of the manor.

“You have a bad injury. I can’t believe the Saintess actually did this.”

This survivor was also a believer from Mia’s religious sect. It was truly difficult for him to imagine that the Holy Saintess would slash her sister with an ax so fiercely.

“Girls… always have some little secrets that they don’t want to tell others.” May endured the pain in her back and continued to speak with that joking tone.

“About… this secret, Miss May. If we really escape from this Nightmare Dungeon, can… can… you send me a copy? Those photos?”

While bandaging the wound on May’s back, this believer was somewhat interested in those selfies. Unfortunately, before May could answer him… he saw the figure that almost made his heart stop!

The entire arm of this once pitiful Saintess had been corroded by the thorns of the ax. Her whole body had been dyed red by the dark red blood, and her entire person had gradually been transformed.

When she put her hand on the sill of the entrance of the basement and stared at him with her scarlet red eyes while growling…

This believer was so terrified that he couldn’t speak.

“Looks like my sister doesn’t allow me to. I’ll go first…”

May was prepared for this. She didn’t care that the survivor was still bandaging her wound. The moment she saw her sister, she ran to another exit.

Mia instantly dashed towards her sister after catching up. She didn’t care about that survivor on the side, either, who was scared senseless.

The basement was too small. No matter how agile May was, she couldn’t beat her sister, who was strengthened by the power of the Lord of Nightmare.

When Mia got closer again and was about to catch her sister, May suddenly knocked down a wooden board placed on the side of the wall.

May didn’t intend to do so, but this wooden board crashed on her sister the moment it fell. In a blink, Mia was stopped by the wooden board… The two of them were startled.

Mia hit the wooden board hard with the ax in her hand out of anger, reducing it into wooden splinters. She looked up again and found that her sister had vanished from her spot.

As a new butcher… and because Mia only chased after her sister the whole time, her performance couldn’t satisfy the Lord of Nightmare at all.

When the survivors finished repairing all five electric motors, the door of escape opened. Mia had only slashed her sister once the whole time!

Mia stood in front of the escape door and shouted at her sister. However, May raised both of her hands with a smile on her face and made the hand gesture of “four.”

This hand gesture meant… It brought the anger, resentment, and killing desire in Mia’s mind to the highest point altogether!

However, it was useless no matter how hard Mia shouted. She could only watch her sister escape with the other three survivors with her eyes open…

Following Mia’s furious roar, the degree of transformation in her body also got higher. There were faint signs of complete evolution.

Being able to make her sister so angry that she went into the second stage, this big sister was pretty impressive.

However, Qiu Ren couldn’t comfort Mia right now. The Lord of Nightmare wasn’t satisfied with the result of this hunt.

Even though it had absorbed the fear of those survivors when they ran away, none of the survivors had become a sacrifice, meaning that it didn’t get a proper meal.

“Can you abide by the rules I set before the start of the next round?” Qiu Ren asked as he looked at the Lord of Nightmare.

The Lord of Nightmare remained silent for a while. In the end, it still took out a glittering Level C Dream Seed from its hand, putting it on May’s palm.

“You’re… the most outstanding one.” It said with a distorted tone, “Do you… want to accept my power… to hunt them? Then… you’ll be able to get more! Level B, or even… Level A!”

It wanted to recruit May to become the butcher, but May wasn’t in the mood at this moment.

“How long will my sister stay in this state?”

May asked anxiously as she looked at Mia, who was still wandering around the farm.

“Once she offers four sacrifices, she’ll be free… or add more replacements.” The requirements of this Lord of Nightmare were lower than Qiu Ren expected. “Now… we should let the next batch of sacrifices go in.”

“Wait, we can recruit survivors in public this time and see… if there’s anyone who’s willing to fight with this Saintess?”

Qiu Ren’s decision was announced to the entire world through the live broadcast. The Lord of Nightmare was about to say, “Which human would be dumb enough to come to this hell voluntarily and be killed cruelly?” Then, it got a request to enter the Nightmare Dungeon.

There weren’t a lot of requests. Only around a dozen people wanted to be a survivor. However, this Lord of Nightmare had received many requests to play the butcher, so many that it was a little astonished.

There were always humans in this world who weren’t afraid of death and those who took pleasure in hunting and killing others. Perhaps Qiu Ren should consider mitigating the effects of this Nightmare Dungeon on people’s minds.