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Herring was watching Qiu Ren’s live broadcast. However, she was doing an important thing while watching it!

She led the remaining members of the Dream Eaters and Batman into the Nightmare Seed called “Black Mist.”

“What the hell is going on with this place?”

Maine raised the giant hammer in his hand and smashed a monster made of shadows.

The interior of the Nightmare Seed of Black Mist didn’t look like those… Nightmare Seeds that hadn’t been constructed by a Dream Maker.

There was a complete ecosystem in this Nightmare Seed, with two critical parts. One was the soldiers of the Black Mist Army, and the other was the monsters made of the black mist.

Herring and her Dream Eaters had been encountering some small monsters ever since they sneaked into this Nightmare Dungeon. They finally arrived at the core position of the Nightmare Dungeon safely.

However, judging by all kinds of roars from afar, there should be an even larger monster living in this Nightmare Dungeon.

She had no idea how the soldiers of the Black Mist Army survived in such a poor environment.

But this wasn’t something Herring had to be concerned about…

The headquarters of the army was at the core of the Nightmare Dungeon. In order to resist the superheroes and Dream Seeds from all over the world, most troops had been dispatched.

So, when Herring followed Batman inside, she and her Dream Eaters encountered a soldier of the army with a small body, with Batman’s attributes as the protagonist.

No, it didn’t look like a soldier… The armor on its body was apparently much better than that of the ordinary soldiers. Even though it was only 160cm tall, Herring knew at first glance that it might be some important figure of the army.

Without the need for Herring to issue an order, Batman shot out the hook from his grapple gun. He tied its legs up when it turned around to escape after seeing Herring and the other intruders, making it lose its balance and fall on the ground.

Just as this thought just came to Herring’s mind, the alarms in the entire headquarters started blaring.

“I told you not to keep these things alive when you see them! Herring! What the hell is wrong with you?”

Maine said and wanted to shoot that little thing caught by Batman.

Herring should indeed end its life immediately. If the former Dark Side was here, Herring might directly do so, but she restrained her killing desire in front of Batman.

Herring heard footsteps coming from all directions. They couldn’t underestimate the strength of any soldier in the army. If they were really surrounded and captured, they might not be able to return to the real world at all.

“Where can we go? Back to Gotham? They have blocked the entrances to the other superhero worlds!”

Maine didn’t like Batman. In his eyes, Batman was someone that dragged them down. If he were still Dark Side, they might consider fighting a few rounds with the soldiers of the army.

“There’s a Nightmare Dungeon we can retreat to,” Herring said as she glanced at Qiu Ren’s live broadcast.

“What Nightmare Dungeon?”

This was the way out Herring had planned before. The Nightmare Dungeon where Qiu Ren was located was the only one connected to the Nightmare Seed of the army at the moment.

She would rather go into the nightmare of Dead by Daylight than stay here and be detained by this group of soldiers for their entire life.

Batman also made a decision. As a dream consciousness, even if he was killed here, he could be reborn in his own Dream Seed.

Herring didn’t act too dramatically, and Maine wasn’t in the mood to care about Batman either. He had come to this Nightmare Dungeon to steal things, but as it turned out, he didn’t get anything after planning for so long.

Maine pointed at the “soldier” of the army on the ground, who was trying to untie the rope around its legs.

“Take it with us! We can’t leave without any trophy. Teleportation is about to begin!”

Herring gazed at Batman’s back for the last time, then felt a feeling of falling. It was already too late when she wanted to adjust her body.

She fell on the ground hard, while the “soldier” from the army she had abducted clashed on her body, almost breaking her back.

Damn it… Luckily, it was a Nightmare Dungeon.

Herring clutched her slightly dizzy head as Qiu Ren’s voice sounded in her ears. Once Herring looked up, she saw Qiu Ren with a ghost mask standing right in front of her.

“Really… Miss Herring, you make me deeply impressed every time you show up.”

“Rather than this, I hope you can care more about the follow-ups and updates of Batman.”

Herring climbed up from the ground and glanced over at the environment around her. The Lord of this Nightmare Dungeon was looking at this group of people that had suddenly shown up with confusion in its eyes.

“I’ve seen the new Nightmare Dungeon you built. Aren’t you recruiting survivors? I can also play the role of butcher if you want.” Herring massaged her waist that was about to break and said to Qiu Ren, “As long as you ask that Lord of Nightmare to let my people go.”

“This isn’t my decision to make. Also, Miss Herring, what’s that thing that’s trying to crawl away?”

Qiu Ren pointed at the “soldier” of the army far away, who was crawling away from this dangerous place bit by bit.

Herring pulled the rope in her hand and brought that “soldier” back next to her.

While Qiu Ren was still wondering, the eyes monitoring this Nightmare Dungeon suddenly became anxious.

“Your Majesty!” The loud shout of the Commander of the army echoed in the entire Nightmare Dungeon.

Your Majesty? Herring had truly caught a great treasure back for Qiu Ren!

“I have a good idea. What about letting them be the next batch of survivors?” Qiu Ren pointed at Herring and that short “soldier” from the Black Mist Army.

Maybe it was Qiu Ren’s illusion, but when he pointed his finger at that “soldier” of the army, the skull logo on its helmet turned into a sweating, panicking expression.

“Do you think we’ll allow that? Humans!” There was a trace of fear, but mostly anger, in the voice of the Commander.

However, the Lord of Nightmare raised the ax in its hand and directly threw it at the giant eye. Even though the eye wasn’t destroyed, it told him who the master of this territory was.

“Interesting. I’ll accept them as the next batch of sacrifices.”

Black mist filled the entire nightmare dimension again, but this time, it was sealed by the blood oozing out from behind Qiu Ren and the ax of the Lord of Nightmare.

“The families of those humans you abducted are waiting for them to go home with perturbation, just like you. Now, it’s time for you to feel this kind of fear,” Qiu Ren walked to the “soldier” of the army and said while untying the rope on its feet.

Qiu Ren was truly abducting it right now. “Run! The nightmare is coming for you. I hope you’ll like this nightmare. If you’re not interested… I still have other options for you to choose from.”

This “soldier” was called “Your Majesty” by the Commander of the Black Mist Army, so it must be an important character.

It was probably the core of that sci-fi Nightmare Seed.

No matter what, since it was part of the nightmare consciousness, it could definitely absorb energy from this chase in Dead by Daylight.

This “soldier” of the army didn’t answer Qiu Ren, but it understood what he meant. Perhaps it was scared, or it wanted to get closer to Herring to taste the emotional energy produced when she was chased by the butcher.

It leaned slightly in the direction of Herring…

“Even if you follow me, don’t expect me to save you.”

When Herring said this, Qiu Ren standing in front of their eyes disappeared. Instead, the sound of an ax being dragged intermittently came from a distance.

That butcher, who was angered by her sister and had entered the second stage, was coming for them!

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