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Mia found that she was calmer after releasing her anger and viciousness completely.

Such calmness didn’t mean that the killing desire in Mia’s mind had vanished but that she could think calmly about the current situation.

So, when the second hunt began, Mia even had time to look at the comments and reactions on the Internet with the dream-entering device that was connected to the network.

She ignored those comments that gave her a headache, like “Sister, slash me!” or “I want sister to hug me.” She found the official account of her religious sect on Twitter.

This official account was usually managed by her sister.

Under everyone’s anticipation, four pictures of the Saint were posted on this account. Luckily, her sister still had a little conscience. Three of these four pictures were from her daily life.

Only the last one was the selfie she took after she came out of the shower!

And yet, her sister didn’t post the entire photo. She only posted her head and upper body, while the part of her lower body was blank.

This made Mia heave a deep sigh of relief. However, people were all wailing in the comments.

Mia knew that her sister was warning her. If she still goofed around and hit four runs in this round, meaning that all survivors escaped, her sister might really post her underwear photos on the Internet!

“…If you can’t stand it anymore, I can try to devour that Nightmare Seed.”

The voice of the God Mia worshipped appeared in her consciousness. After Mia was corrupted by that Lord of Nightmare in the deified form, she gradually sensed its real identity. That Lord of Nightmare was indeed part of the World of Gods.

If Mia wanted, she could choose to devour that Lord of Nightmare to curb the spread of disasters. The price would be that the God she worshipped would be contaminated by the nightmare.

“You shouldn’t say ‘devour.’ It should be ‘integrate’ and ‘coexist…’”

Qiu Ren’s voice suddenly sounded in Mia’s ears and interrupted her thoughts.

Mia asked, “Do you think that Lord of Nightmare is still controllable?”

“This is something you have to prove to that Lord of Nightmare. It likes you a lot, and it likes this sacrificing ceremony. Once you offer four people to it, you’ll be able to satisfy part of its needs. And after several more rounds, the greed of that Lord of Nightmare will be quelled. Then, it’ll be much easier for us to negotiate with it and ask it to let go of those innocent people it captured in the European cities.”

Qiu Ren’s suggestion made Mia stand still and hesitate. This was a trolley problem for Mia.

Sacrificing a minority in exchange for the safety of the majority of people in all cities in France, or… There was no “or.”

Qiu Ren really wanted to control this Saintess to kill those survivors with the ax using a mouse and a keyboard right now.

“Please remember that Lords of Nightmare rarely hurt people. You’d only suffer from severe repercussions when you resist the nightmare too much or indulge yourself too much in the pain and death… The Nightmare Dungeon I constructed has given them as much relief as possible. The four survivors in the dungeon right now are all participating ‘voluntarily.’ At this moment, you should also immerse yourself in the hunt, capture them, and offer them to the Lord of Nightmare. Then, you can prove to the Lord of Nightmare… that you can support it, instead of relying on itself to go out and hunt those innocent people.”

To prove that she could support it…

“Also, I suggest you better hurry.” Qiu Ren said, “Among the four survivors, there’s one who’s very difficult to deal with. It’s a member of the Black Mist Army. If you can’t satisfy that Lord of Nightmare, it’ll look for the Black Mist Army. By then… many people in France will die.”

Qiu Ren was clear enough up till this point. After weighing the pros and cons, Mia also understood what she should do right now.

She could not let any survivor go in this round.

Herring must admit again that Qiu Ren was really good at creating an atmosphere of horror.

The environment in the entire farm manor was dark and creepy. The chilly wind that came right at her face carried the smell of blood, which made her shiver and feel nauseous.

If other ordinary people were here, they might have already been so frightened that they would lie on the ground and dare not move.

But for an experienced hunter who had died countless times in Yharnam in Bloodborne like Herring, this was not difficult at all.

Herring soon found an electric motor and immediately crouched down, starting to repair it.

This was the first time Herring had repaired something in her life. In the past, the jobs she did were all about destroying and dismantling things near her.

And yet, this electric motor was actually not difficult to repair. Herring lay next to the electric motor and found that she only needed to screw the bolts onto the motor, then connect the wrong wire to the correct port.

There was even a thoughtful repair progress bar on the surface of the electric motor.

As long as Herring was focused enough, she could fix one electric motor in about 80 seconds. However, there might be some accidents while she repaired them.

Flashes of electric light might appear on the surface of the port for the wire. When Herring saw the light, she instinctively unplugged that wire… Then, nothing happened.

What would happen if she didn’t unplug it in time?

Herring dared not take the risk. She became more focused while repairing the electric motors. However, there was always someone pulling the corner of her clothes during the process.

It was that “soldier” from the army.

Herring wasn’t in the mood to care about this thing next to her at all. After being ignored by her several times consecutively, it seemed to be a little pissed.

It looked at the flow of emotions coming out of Herring’s body. Although there was little fear from her, there was a kind of emotion that had a little bit of anticipation and a little bit of fright in the tension.

This was the unique emotion a person had when playing a horror game, the kind of feeling that she was terrified but was also looking forward to continuing the game. This was incredibly tempting for the “soldier.”

It hesitated for a while, then took off the heavy helmet on its head with some difficulty. While Herring was focusing on repairing the electric motor, it stuck out its little tongue and licked her face.

Feeling her face get licked by something wet, Herring trembled and felt her scalp tingle. Just as she was about to use the wrench in her hand to hit that thing next to her… she finally saw its face clearly.

Under the helmet was a childish face. Its silver-grey long hair and eyes glimmered in the dark. It licked its fingers, looking like it still hadn’t had enough.

When Herring looked at it, the electric motor next to her suddenly let out a bursting sound. This made Herring so scared that her scalp tingled again.

The fear brought by the shock was captured by the “soldier” of the army. Then… it directly bit Herring’s head!

“What are you? No… What monster are you?”

Herring wanted to pull it off from her head and kill it with her daggers. However, she realized that Qiu Ren had seized her weapons when she entered this Nightmare Dungeon!

The worst thing was that Herring suddenly heard a heavy heartbeat.

Whose heartbeat was that? It was… hers!

Her heart was racing inexplicably at this moment, trying to warn her that something terrifying was getting close to her!

Herring lifted her head behind the electric motor and looked right into the eyes of the butcher holding a giant ax, Mia… At first, Herring thought she wouldn’t be scared when she met the butcher. But she was wrong. There was a sense of fear that made her heart shake at this moment.

And yet, such fear made that soldier, who was gnawing at Herring’s head, bite harder with its mouth, making a crackling sound!

“Release your mouth, you bastard!” Herring tried to escape from Mia as she kept pulling that unknown creature off her head.

Didn’t Qiu Ren say that there was only one butcher in each round of the hunt?

Mia looked at that creature biting at Herring’s head in confusion, but she didn’t think about it too much. What she had to do right now was to hang both of them on the meat hook!

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