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The “soldier” of the army was called Alaina. She wasn’t biting Herring’s head anymore and had already been hung on the meat hook by Mia.

As the mother of the Black Mist Army, one of the core consciousnesses of the Nightmare Seed of Black Mist, Alaina could absorb the flow of emotions in the Nightmare Dungeon and change it into her power.

Since she wasn’t a picky eater and required a balanced diet, she ate a lot. Fear was the emotion she consumed the most and was also the one that maintained self-supply for the army. And yet, if they took in too many negative emotions like fear… they would be poisoned.

Although the fear from Herring’s body was sweet, Alaina realized that she shouldn’t overeat. However, when Alaina released her mouth, she found that a new flow of emotion had appeared on Herring’s body—excitement.

This made Alaina very confused.

Herring was being chased by a monster carrying a giant ax right now. How could she possibly feel excited and satisfied…

Of course, it was because it didn’t seem to be such a bad thing being thrown into this Nightmare Dungeon and chased by the butcher.

Once that little monster chewing her head was hung on the hook by Mia, Herring became much more agile. She directly rolled over the window in front of her eyes and avoided Mia’s ax!

What a shame that it missed! Herring looked at Mia through the window. Ordinary survivors would have directly turned around and run, but Herring wasn’t planning to. She wanted to play with this Saintess for two more rounds.

Mia didn’t choose to jump over the window. Instead, she took a detour, planning to catch Herring on the other side.

When the butcher was chasing after a survivor, a dangerous red light would appear in front of her body. In Herring’s opinion, the reason for designing this red light was to give survivors more pressure. And yet, Herring used it to locate the butcher instead.

Mia chose to turn left to go to the other side of the broken wall. Herring directly went in the opposite direction. When Mia came to the position where Herring used to be, she found that she had run to the other side beforehand.

“Aren’t you coming for me? Weren’t you quite enthusiastic just now?” Herring said to Mia through the broken window.

Meanwhile, the sound of an electric motor being fixed came from afar. Mia pondered for a while and realized that Herring might be the most difficult to deal with among the four survivors. She temporarily gave up on Herring and chased after the other two survivors first!

As Herring looked at Mia going far away, she felt a sense of achievement, like the feeling she had when she defeated a strong enemy in Dark Souls. However, it didn’t intoxicate Herring for a long time.

She walked in front of Alaina, who was hung on the meat hook.

“I can get you down, but if you dare to bite my head after that, I’ll hang you up there again. Do you understand?” Herring looked at her and said.

Alaina nodded gently. Herring then exerted her power to get her down from the hook. The first thing Alaina did after she came down… was bite Herring’s shoulder!

The fear and excitement Herring got when she was chased by the butcher spread on the tip of her tongue, a delicacy she hadn’t tasted for a long time!

Then… Herring threw this little monster on the meat hook again.

The two survivors Mia was after were also former members of the Dream Eaters.

Even though this was the first time they were dragged into this horrifying Nightmare Dungeon, they were much more mature than Mia in terms of mind and physique.

Mia was fooled by them after they circled around the walls. She became more and more anxious.

Where are they? Where are they? Did they run this way? But wait… Red light?

At this moment, Mia realized how the survivors knew her position. It was the red light that appeared when she ran forward.

The red light was only shown when she ran forward. So, if she went backward…

After having this idea, while running around the walls with a survivor again, Mia stopped and quickly moved backward!

After taking just a few steps back, she ran into the survivor who tried to circle the building with her!

It worked. Don’t even think about running this time!

Mia directly chopped the survivor’s body with her ax without hesitation. This attack knocked the survivor, who was already injured, down on the ground!

The moment this survivor fell on the ground, he looked at Mia with that kind of fearful and surprised look. Mia felt unprecedented satisfaction.

As a Saintess, she shouldn’t feel content with this act of killing and hurting people! Countless people were watching the live broadcast right now.

Mia only came after them when she was ready to sacrifice everyone with this painful and unbearable sympathy.

But it was so pleasing… Mia couldn’t control the joy that came from the bottom of her heart when she slashed these survivors, who kept fooling her, on the ground.

If it weren’t that Mia couldn’t speak right now, she might have shouted at this survivor on the ground.

Mia ignored the survivor’s begging and directly lifted him up, hanging him on the meat hook.

Mia, who had learned the trick of “reversing,” now had a much greater chance of beating the other survivors. There were four survivors left, and one of them was someone that dragged them down.

Mia successfully knocked three survivors down soo. She offered them to the Lord of Nightmare under the desperate cry of the last survivor.

Unfortunately, she failed to catch Herring, who escaped from the tunnel… When this hunt ended, Mia knelt on the ground with exhaustion.

She kept panting. While she thought there would be a third round, she found that the scenes of the farm around her had all faded. The Lord of Nightmare and Qiu Ren were confronting each other…

“Why… aren’t you starting… the third round?” The Lord of Nightmare asked with an anxious voice.

“I didn’t say that the Nightmare Dungeon is already yours. It’s still in the trial stage. If you want to continue to own it… you must accept my contract and absorb the energy you need in this world by following my rules.”

Qiu Ren’s suggestion made the Lord of Nightmare realize that it had been fooled. Just as it was about to flare up in anger, two light balls formed by the emotions of the two survivors who had been sacrificed appeared in Qiu Ren’s hands.

These two light balls floated from Qiu Ren’s hands to the hands of that Lord of Nightmare. After devouring and digesting them, it remained silent for a while. It then said, “Let me… think about it.”

“Take your time. When you make up your mind, give me a heads up. But before that, I’ll take these two ladies out of here first.”

Qiu Ren pointed at Alaina, the “soldier” from the army who was biting Herring’s shoulder, and Mia, who was possessed by the ax.

“Where are you taking me?” Mia dared not leave the Nightmare Dungeon of this Lord of Nightmare. If she left, it might directly choose another victim to be the butcher.

“Safety… and somewhere you can rest. This Nightmare Dungeon isn’t safe right now. I’m not talking about the threat from the Lord of Nightmare, but the army.”

Qiu Ren said as he put his hand on her shoulder. Mia hesitated for a while, but she accepted his suggestion in the end. After sending Mia away from this Nightmare Dungeon, Qiu Ren came to Alaina, the “soldier” of the army.

“I know you’re still not content, but maybe I can help you, all of you. You just need to come with me. Of course, you have the right to reject me.”

Although Alaina wanted to resist, it was only limited to a bite on Qiu Ren’s arm when he reached out to catch her.

She bit just on the brands of the two Lords of Nightmare on Qiu Ren’s arm.

Alaina licked the brands on Qiu Ren’s arm. Perhaps these two brands gave her a feeling like they were two tickets to the buffet in her perception.

She let go of his arm and chose to leave the world of this Lord of Nightmare with Qiu Ren voluntarily.

A while after Qiu Ren left, the soldiers of the army directly broke into the dimension of this Lord of Nightmare.

The Commander of the army yelled at the Lord of Nightmare, somewhat out of control, but the Lord of Nightmare directly threw an ax to his feet and replied, “Keep quiet… I’m thinking.”

This Lord of Nightmare was thinking very seriously right now… Should it follow the army to devour a massive amount of tasteless flows of emotions, or should it choose to accept Qiu Ren’s suggestion and continue the sacrificial ritual in Dead by Daylight?

It didn’t seem difficult to choose between the two options, because more and more people were willing to participate in this ritual. They were all interested in becoming both the sacrifices or the butcher.