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Mia thought she would once again be taken to a terrifying Nightmare Dungeon by Qiu Ren.

But when she opened her eyes, she found that the environment she was in had much more light, making her a little uncomfortable.

“Looks like the symptoms of the Lord of Nightmare’s erosion on you have disappeared a lot after you left that Nightmare Dungeon.”

Qiu Ren took off his ghost mask and looked at this Saintess. She had regained her blonde hair and blue eyes.

The ax and thorns corrupting her body had all vanished.

“But the brand is still here.” Mia showed Qiu Ren the brand that looked like a red rose on her arm and said, “It can pull me from reality back into the nightmare and make me hunt down those innocent people as that horrifying monster whenever it wants.”

“That’s why we need to give that Lord of Nightmare a little time to think,” Qiu Ren said.

Mia avoided the problem on purpose. She had her own thoughts on how the Lord of Nightmare would handle it.

Even though that Lord of Nightmare still hadn’t been tamed, it had released the civilians it caught from the Nightmare Dungeon while it was considering the suggestion.

However, these civilians all had the same brand as Mia’s. Whenever that Lord of Nightmare wanted, it could catch those civilians again.

“The outer area of my core dream,” Qiu Ren said.

“You… have a good taste.”

Mia looked at this Chinese-style courtyard and villa. Many people in this world realized their dreams, which they couldn’t fulfill in the real world, in their own Dream Dungeons.

Like living in a villa, driving a luxury car, and… having beautiful girls.

Mia’s core dream was a honey wine courtyard in Norse mythology, which was that Level S Dream Seed. The scenery inside was like a fairyland in the human world, which was by no means comparable to Qiu Ren’s small villa.

“Thank you very much for letting me rest for a while, but it might be better for me to return to reality directly or go to my core dream if I really want to rest.” Mia said in a tactful way, “My core dream has honey wine that can relieve mental fatigue…”

“Um… My main purpose in bringing you here isn’t for you to rest.”

“It’s for interrogating her.”

Qiu Ren said as he pointed at Alaina, who was looking around with a curious expression on her face.

“Interrogate? I can sense that even though her aura is a bit different from that of a Lord of Nightmare, she seems to be the core of a Nightmare Seed as well. The things we build may not be able to harm her.”

Mia didn’t think she and Qiu Ren could hurt this little girl. If the Goddess of Mia’s religious sect wasn’t with her, it would already be a blessing not to be swallowed by the girl!

“That’s why I brought her here.” While Qiu Ren spoke, the door of the villa suddenly opened.

Mia looked up and found a woman with a curvy figure. She was leaning against the door a bit lazily and had ignited the cigarette in her hand as she gazed at Qiu Ren.

Mia wasn’t surprised that there were women in Qiu Ren’s core dream.

The birth rate in this world was much lower than that in Qiu Ren’s original world.

After people made their Dream Dungeons, the first thing they did wasn’t to build a large beautiful house but to create a pretty wife or… a good brother for themselves.

Mia did the same dumb things when she was young, but the Goddess Mia inherited from her father was too gorgeous, so much so that she almost became gay.

Besides, the characters Dream Makers created in dreams were mostly avatars. Even if the Dream Makers spent a large number of Creation Points to perfect different details of the human bodies as much as possible, avatars still wouldn’t have self-consciousness. Only high-level Dream Seeds could create characters with self-consciousness.

But that woman next to the door… was a Lord of Nightmare!

Mia was immediately on guard when she recognized Tapir’s real identity.

How could someone in the world keep a Lord of Nightmare inside his core dream? Was it comfortable to sleep with a giant dragon every day?

“You… still brought… two troubles back.”

Tapir didn’t like Mia very much, but she thought that the girl chewing the fake mountain in the garden was the knottier problem.

“So, I’m bringing her here to solve the problem right now.”

Qiu Ren pulled Alaina down from the fake mountain.

She had gnawed off a whole piece of the peak of this fake mountain, leading to the exposure of the internal model.

Qiu Ren didn’t bother to repair it. He let her hold that rock in her hands and chew quietly. Qiu Ren then carried her all the way to the living room and put her down at the table.

Lian, who was still watching the live broadcast of The Flash 2 on the sofa in Qiu Ren’s living room, immediately prepared to pull out her sword after seeing this little girl.

“Calm down, calm down! Just talk to her first.”

When Qiu Ren saw that Lian was about to slash this little thing, he hastily created three chairs and asked them to sit down.

Tapir sat down in her seat. Although Lian didn’t like sitting with Tapir, she still took the seat next to Qiu Ren for his safety.

Only Mia was left at the door, looking at this harmonious scene in the living room with a dumbfounded face.

“Are you planning to stand there as we discuss?” Qiu Ren pointed at the last empty chair and asked.

She would rather stand than sit at the same table with the three Lords of Nightmare!

However, Lian and Tapir were both just projections, which were way less oppressive than the real them. Mia also had the protection of the Goddess, so she sat down obediently.

Since time was running out, Qiu Ren didn’t make any opening remarks. He directly waved his hand and turned on the live broadcast of The Flash 2, then said as he pointed at the army that had abducted a huge number of hostages…

“Are they your children?”

Alaina held the fake mountain peak in her hands and kept chewing it. Her jaws didn’t stop moving. It looked like she wasn’t planning to answer Qiu Ren’s question before she finished eating the fake peak.

“She said… yes,” Tapir suddenly said, which made Qiu Ren, Lian, and Mia look at her with confusion.

Their gazes gave Tapir, whose face was covered with gauze, a headache. She said while rubbing her forehead, “I understand… what she said. She replied yes… when she was chewing just now.”

She spoke just then? What language was that? Babbling?

“Are they your children?” Qiu Ren continued asking.

“Those aren’t her children. The world of that Nightmare Seed is very intact.”

Tapir explained it to Qiu Ren herself this time, mainly because the little thing’s frequency of speaking made people too anxious.

“Every one of these individuals is part of the Nightmare Seed, and she’s more like the core of it. There are also more terrifying things living in the Nightmare Seed. She should be a part that contains that thing. Without her, the Nightmare Seed will lose control instead of being destroyed.”

As Qiu Ren listened to Tapir’s explanation, he felt it somewhat difficult to comprehend. However, what he was more concerned about was…

“If I use you as a threat, can you ask your soldiers to let those humans go and retreat back to your nightmare?”

This time, Alaina directly shook her head to tell Qiu Ren that it was impossible.

She had just swallowed the thing in her mouth. Then, she took the initiative to speak and tell Qiu Ren the reason why the army refused to surrender.

Qiu Ren pondered for a while. In fact, there were never survival difficulties for the Lords of Nightmare. Just like Tapir, it survived by relying on the small amount of supply Fengdu Prison gave her.

However, the Black Mist Army seemed to be facing some threats that could eliminate them… Thinking of this, Qiu Ren sent Herring a message. She sneaked into the Nightmare Seed of the army by herself without hesitation, sending the video recording to Qiu Ren.

“Tapir said you contain some horrifying things. Is this one of them?” Qiu Ren created a terrifying creature recorded in the video and pushed it towards the little girl on the opposite side of the table.

It was a giant beast formed by shadows and mist. This was another nightmare consciousness of the Nightmare Seed where the army lived. These giant monsters didn’t work with the army. They were enemies.

Besides, the army wasn’t in the best situation right now.

Alaina didn’t answer. Qiu Ren felt like she wanted something. He could only pull out his curiosity, anxiousness, and frustration to make a treat for her.

“They used to be our friends a long time ago, but now… they aren’t anymore.” She picked up the fork and said, “A lot of my compatriots… will lose themselves and become violent like that. Only by taking nutrients can we suppress the instinct.”

If the Lord of Nightmare didn’t eat for a long time, it would indeed lose control.

And yet, the Nightmare Seed where Alaina came from was too big. It had gone beyond the category of Level S. This was no longer an area where one Lord of Nightmare could control the overall situation.

There were hundreds of thousands of consciousnesses that had individual thoughts in there. These individuals included the soldiers of the Black Mist Army and also the animal-type consciousnesses that resided inside. These animal-type consciousnesses were the first ones to lose their self-consciousness and turn into those monsters.

Many members of her army were facing these threats right now… So, this war was for the survival of the Black Mist Army.

“Don’t do jobs that can’t give you a promising future like kidnapping anymore.” Qiu Ren made another treat for her as he said, “Have you thought about letting the members of your army work outside?”

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