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“This isn’t quite a… rational decision… Qiu Ren.”

Tapir told him what she thought first.

She was happy that Qiu Ren was willing to make such a huge bet to organize a large-scale Battle Royale competition for the whole world.

This would send the popularity of Battle Royale over the roof, which Tapir dared not imagine before. It was also possible that she might become the richest Lord of Nightmare in the world.

However, Tapir wasn’t the kind of greedy Lord of Nightmare. Rather, she was very sane and elegant.

That was why the man with a scarred face described her as “quiet” when he talked about Tapir back then.

Even though there was a sarcastic meaning behind it, this also proved that Tapir wouldn’t let the interests before her eyes get into her head. This was something many Lords of Nightmares couldn’t do.

“It’s difficult for me to limit… the power of the soldiers of the army once they enter the battlefield on Jedi Island… Normal Dream Explorers will be vulnerable… in front of them. The balance will be broken… and the tastes I get… will also change.”

Tapir told Qiu Ren about her concerns. She didn’t think the soldiers of the army would enter peacefully and remain obedient in her Nightmare Dungeon. They would definitely use the way of invasion.

Although Tapir had the energy to restrict the power of these soldiers and could kill whoever defied the rules, when the number of soldiers increased and Tapir was distracted by operations of a bunch of chicken-eating battles, there would very likely be a tragedy of a server shutdown. As the server, Tapir didn’t want herself to break down.

“That’ll be solved if the normal players have extraordinary powers as well.”

While Qiu Ren was talking, he pointed at Tapir’s chest. That was the position where she was wounded by the other Lord of Nightmare.

“Are you still… suppressing that Lord of Nightmare called Luo?”

Qiu Ren had never been concerned about the situation between Tapir and her enemy during this period. The popularity of Battle Royale was overwhelmingly ahead of that of “Lost Heart.”

So, Qiu Ren felt like Tapir had already had the game in her hand. She just hadn’t given that Lord of Nightmare a fatal blow.

“I… have devoured… most of its power… It’s just making its last stand… So, Qiu Ren, I still have some power… I can work with you. What do you mean… by giving those Dream Explorers extraordinary powers?”

There was a hint of anticipation in Tapir’s voice. Qiu Ren’s following words responded to her expectations.

“In fact, a lot more content can be developed in the game mode of eating chicken. Tapir, if you have energy, I can change the capacity of the current Nightmare Dungeon… which means that the server will be divided into two parts. One part will be for ‘Battle Royale’ and the other for the new extended mode.”

When Qiu Ren said this, he felt Lian secretly hit his leg with her knee.

Although Lian didn’t say anything, she was using this way to ask Qiu Ren… “What about the DLC of Dark Souls? The second half of Bloodborne? Even though Tapir came first, you can’t forget about me, can you?”

Qiu Ren certainly didn’t ignore her. He would never forget about his other dream consciousnesses and also the Lord of Nightmare, who was about to become his.

“I’ll add two large maps in the new extended mode. There will be more interactive elements on the map, and the pace of the battle will also increase… more like a professional-level battle.”

Qiu Ren couldn’t find a suitable metaphor. If Battle Royale was a battle between a group of death row prisoners being sent to Jedi Island or ordinary people, then the extended version would be between a group of well-trained professional soldiers, top killers, and outstanding hunters.

The mobility of players would greatly increase and the intensity of attacks on the battlefield would also be higher, making the game more exciting and thrilling.

“In this mode, players are allowed to bring powers from their Dream Dungeons, but at most two. One should be an assisting power they can use once they land, while the other is one that they can only use after accumulating and recharging appropriate energy levels. They can turn the tides with it.”

Qiu Ren’s idea was to combine the two popular chicken-eating games from his original world, “Apex Legends” and “Call of Duty: Warzone.”

“And these Dream Dungeons used as sources of power are set by default. I have only three in my mind right now, ‘Dark Souls’, ‘Batman’ and…”

Qiu Ren put up three fingers as he looked at Mia.

“‘Dead by Daylight.’ Part of the power these Nightmare Dungeons get can be used by the players in the extended version of Battle Royale. However, if players want to use these special powers, they must improve their strength by exploring these three Dream Dungeons.”

Qiu Ren’s decision reduced the dissatisfaction in Lian’s mind a bit. She then turned her gaze onto Tapir. Everything needed Tapir’s approval.

If Tapir allowed those soldiers in the army to enter the battlefield with an extraordinary posture, she only needed to restrict part of their power, like confiscating their weapons and armor. Then, her pressure would reduce by a lot.

“What if… the other Lords of Nightmare… and Lords of Dream want their children and contractors… to take their powers onto the battlefield?”

Tapir knew this would be an excellent marketing opportunity. It might even develop into a war between the contractors and children of the Lords of Dream… around the entire world.

Since Alaina was very likely to be the core of a Level SS Nightmare Seed, it was indeed extremely tempting, but Tapir didn’t think Qiu Ren would give Alaina away completely.

But it was good enough… if he could get custody of her for a while.

“Then, we’ll ask them to give us enough benefits. I’m still thinking about what to ask specifically. Anyway, we can accept them if they’re willing to cooperate.”

Qiu Ren’s series of plans made Mia’s back drench in a cold sweat. Organizing this competition was no different from asking the children of the Lords of Nightmare and Lords of Dream in the whole world to work for Qiu Ren.

But the plan sounded viable!

“I hope… the extended Nightmare Dungeon… won’t have less taste.” Tapir smoked the silver cigarette in her hand and said to Qiu Ren, “Just do it… according to your thoughts, Qiu Ren.”

“Then, let me set up the venue. We’ll use the live broadcast of the joint event of The Flash 2 for the announcement. It has been taken over once anyway. It doesn’t matter if it’s taken over the second time.”

Qiu Ren put away the table in the living room and started setting up the entire venue. Tapir, Lian, and Mia all walked to the side and didn’t cause trouble for Qiu Ren.

The setup was pretty simple, just a black curtain and Alaina, who seemed to be at a loss, sitting on a chair. Qiu Ren created a crown that symbolized the champion for Alaina to wear. Then, he put a small cloak on her and said, “I’ll try to help you take back control over your own Nightmare Dungeon now. After that, I’ll sign a contract with you. By then, you’ll not have the right to reject… Do you understand?”

Alaina nodded slightly. If Qiu Ren could really get her 50% control on her Nightmare Dungeon, it wasn’t a big deal for her to sign a contract with him.

“Smile! If you really can’t, just stay like this.”

As Qiu Ren spoke, he took out his ghost mask and put it on. Pale red lights then burned in the pupils on the ghost mask.

“Now, I should tell the whole world about the start of this competition.”

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