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While Qiu Ren was making decisions, the superheroes were also busy.

After dealing with the threats in their own worlds, they came to the Flash’s world to help him break through the defense force field set by the army.

The Supernova incident had given these superheroes an irreparable impact. But at this moment, they chose to risk their lives to keep their fans safe.

The strength of the soldiers in the army couldn’t be underestimated. The most frightening thing was the black mist on their armors, which was the incarnation of nightmare erosion.

Just by touching it, the powers given to the superheroes by the Dream Makers would be distorted. It could inhibit these superpowers created by the Dream Makers and recognized by the public.

The Flash had already touched it… When he was trying to save the fans held captive by the army, he was seriously contaminated by the black mist. The Commander of the army had already seized him by his throat before he could use his lightning power.

Just as Falcon Huntress commanded her eagle to bite the arm of that Commander… he threw the Flash at them.

Falcon Huntress used a lasso to catch the Flash. The other superheroes got ready to rush forward…

“If you take one more step, they’ll become baits for nightmares.”

The Commander suddenly took out a dark black crystal.

This crystal was comparable to an unstable Nightmare Seed. If the Commander crushed it, the black mist that oozed out of it would be enough to make everyone in the surrounding area lose their minds.

No matter if they were in the Dream Dungeon World or the reality.

“Your plan has failed! Don’t you get it?” Falcon Huntress shouted at the Commander. “There isn’t a single Lord of Nightmare who’s willing to join you! Even that Lord of Nightmare you used to prove to the world has gone over to a Dream Maker!”

Falcon Huntress was talking about the Lord of Nightmare of Dead by Daylight. The best way to kill someone was to torture their heart… The Lord of Nightmare of Dead by Daylight had never said anything else after she said she would consider it. Apparently, she was waiting for the superheroes to repel the army back to their base camp.

“Someone must do it first. Take that step, do you understand, my compatriot?” The Commander said to Falcon Huntress with an exasperated tone, “You should get rid of your creators’ bounds with us! Instead of being willing to be enslaved by them!”

“We’re not being enslaved… You can also look for an outstanding Dream Maker like the Lord of Nightmare of ‘Dead by Daylight.’ Perhaps… you can find a way to coexist peacefully?”

Seeing that she could still negotiate with the Commander of the army, Falcon Huntress tried to convince him not to absorb energy by such terrifying means.

There wasn’t any problem with the Lords of Nightmare and Lords of Dream an outstanding Dream Maker couldn’t solve. If there was, they could just send one more team of Dream Makers.

“We won’t be chained and enslaved by the creators anymore. This is a war for the life and death of our kind. There’s no room for concession and negotiation!”

Falcon Huntress noticed a crack on the surface of the crystal. She knew what would happen if it broke.

The hostages would very likely be devoured by nightmares and lose their minds in reality.

This declaration didn’t just mean a war between the army and the humans. Because of Supernova’s impacts and earlier plans, the superheroes in Superhero World and even the other dream consciousnesses would be suspected and hated by humans!

This war would drag all the Lords of Nightmare, pushing them to the opposite side of humans. This was also what the Commander wanted.

But suddenly… A large number of projection screens appeared on the tall buildings around the Flash’s city. These projections occupied a corner of each building.

Such a huge number of screens couldn’t be created by just taking over the TV station in the Flash’s city. They must at least get the construction authority of the Flash’s dream world.

Falcon Huntress looked at the Flash with questions in her eyes. The Flash nodded gently, indicating that he had acquiesced to the creation of these projection screens. The other party was Batman’s Dream Maker.

So, when this request was made, the Flash immediately agreed without thinking. It was just that he was a bit afraid if this would be another scheme of the Joker… but it seemed that it wasn’t.

The one appearing on the projection screens wasn’t the Joker but a silver-haired girl wearing a crown and a small cloak. There was even a staff in her hand. She was staring at the camera with confusion on her face.

The audience watching the live broadcast might not know her, but when the Commander of the army saw their mother, Alaina, he stopped squeezing the dark black crystal in his hand.

“Bring the sealing box here!” the Commander of the army yelled at his soldiers.

Weren’t they trying to declare war? They had pulled out the safety bolt of the grenade, and now, they wanted to stick the bolt back inside?

But they must do so. The Commander bet that the human Dream Maker wouldn’t do anything to their mother. If something happened to her, humans wouldn’t be fighting them anymore but the more horrifying Shadow Beasts.

However, the human Dream Maker who abducted their mother didn’t seem to think so.

The soldiers of the army obeyed the order and brought the sealing box here, putting the dark black crystal back inside…

Alaina was only put on the screen for a moment. The camera turned to Qiu Ren with a ghost mask very quickly.

The sudden development confused the people around the world, who were keeping an eye on the changes in the Flash’s world. Could this be the emergence of a new hostile force?

Some people had recognized Qiu Ren’s ghost mask and knew that he was the Dream Maker who built “Dead by Daylight.”

“Please forgive me for making an announcement at an inappropriate time. First of all, let me introduce myself. I’m the Dream Maker of ‘Battle Royale,’ ‘Dark Souls,’ ‘Batman,’ and the new ‘Dead by Daylight.’ You can call me whatever you want.”

Qiu Ren’s self-introduction was very simple, but it was enough to shock every person watching this live broadcast.

Everyone, including those who weren’t National Dream Makers and the fans and players who simply liked “Batman” or “Battle Royale,” gave Qiu Ren enough attention once he announced his identity. They wanted to find out his details so that they could urge him for updates.

As for the National Dream Makers, official organizations of countries, and the Lords of Dream and Lords of Nightmare…

They learned that Qiu Ren was the one who built the two super popular Nightmare Dungeons, Battle Royale and Dark Souls, for two Lords of Nightmare, and even saved a Level S Nightmare Seed that was on the verge of collapse, helping it reach the peak of popularity again as “Batman” after rebuilding it with room for even larger growth!

All these experiences made Qiu Ren look extremely tempting and delicious in the eyes of the Lords of Nightmare.

Abducting Qiu Ren was much easier… than accepting the suggestion from the Commander to go against humans!

“I’m here to announce that… ‘Battle Royale’ will launch a whole new extended version very soon. It’s called ‘Battle Royale: Warzone!’ I’m organizing a competition… a competition that everyone can participate in!”

After everything, was it just an advertisement for his new Nightmare Dungeon Game?

While the onlookers were a bit disappointed, Qiu Ren turned the camera to Alaina sitting next to him again.

“The winner will receive a present from this Lord of Nightmare, the supreme reward from this Lord of Nightmare called ‘Army!’” The moment Qiu Ren said this, he saw a bunch of questions flashing on the Internet.

“Where did this Nightmare Seed, Army, come from?”

“I don’t know. It’s not recorded in the illustrated handbook of Nightmare Seeds…”

Needless for Qiu Ren to explain, the joint statement released by the American and European governments told the whole world the identity of this Nightmare Seed, Army!

“Nightmare Seed, Army, Genre: Sci-fi, Landing location: Atlantic Ocean, Final level: SS.”

The first Level SS Nightmare Seed in the world!

Its birth should have been an enormous disaster, but at this moment, the core Lord of Nightmare of this Nightmare Seed… was brought out and used as the reward of a competition?

Was this reliable? Was that little girl truly the Lord of Nightmare of a Level SS Nightmare Seed?

However, there was no need for an explanation. Judging by how that Commander gave up his plan of declaring war after seeing Alaina, many things had been proved.

A Level SS Nightmare Seed… Although it was a Nightmare Seed, it could still make the government organizations and individuals in any country so interested that they would wage war to get it.

And now, they only had to take part in this league. They would have the chance to win the rewards from this Lord of Nightmare!

For the individuals… Even if this Lord of Nightmare just gave out a couple of Level A or Level B Dream Seeds, it would be enough for them to soak themselves in blood and grapple with the opponents!

For those dream invasion organizations, the dream consciousnesses, Lords of Nightmare, and governments, they only needed to get custody of this Lord of Nightmare. Even if it was just for a while, they would be able to gain benefits and power that they couldn’t even count.

“I’m here to invite everyone! Gods living in World of Gods and their believers who believe that their Gods would give them will! Superheroes fighting in Superhero World and the followers who admire the superheroes. Celestial beings in the great wilderness world and Tao seekers who seek the Supreme Dharma…”

Qiu Ren, on the screen, stared in the eyes of that Commander and said, “Children who are trapped in nightmares and are fighting to survive, this is your only chance, only chance to win the favor of this Lord of Nightmare!”

He then made the hand gesture of “three.”

“The war zone will be opened after a week! The competition will last for three months! After three months, the top 150 players will be divided into groups of three to enter the final round! Go all out and participate in this battle. At the same time, pray that your comrades can go through all the difficulties with you, survive till the end, and make it into the top 150.”

The number of people in one round of competition in “Battle Royale: Warzone” was 150, and there could only be a maximum of three participants in each team.

“One last friendly reminder: Choose the Lord of Dream and Lord of Nightmare who will offer you power in the warzone as soon as possible. The source of power is limited to these three Dream Dungeons.”

Qiu Ren created the title logos of “Dark Souls,” “Batman,” and “Dead by Daylight.”

“Of course… I’m planning to add new sources of power in the future. It’ll depend on whether any other Gods, celestial beings, superheroes, or Lords of Nightmare are willing to offer their powers.”

Qiu Ren’s implication was clear enough—If you want your contractors to use your powers in the warzone, come and talk to me. Otherwise, many of your contractors might defect.

“Lastly, I’ll be waiting patiently for the birth of the most powerful player—the winner—who can win the Lord of Nightmare’s favor.”

Qiu Ren was implying that he was waiting for the appearance of the person who could take their mother, Alaina, home!

But it was just an implication. The final reward would definitely be Alaina. How it was understood depended on each organization and individual.

However, this was already enough to anger the Commander, who couldn’t say a complete sentence or two anymore.

“Fall back…” The Commander of the army could only make this decision.

The soldiers were unwilling to give up. If they didn’t take the opportunity to pursue him and declare war on him, the operation this time would completely fail.

However, did they look like they still had the power to fight?

Their home was put on the table as a reward by others! It didn’t matter if they could get it back by fighting. The problem was that they couldn’t… Who knew where Qiu Ren hid their mother?

Their top priority was to investigate Qiu Ren’s identity and find out the location of their mother, then gather all their forces to save her.

If they couldn’t find her, they might really have to participate in the Alaina Cup… organized by Qiu Ren.

They would have to fight on the battlefield to earn points every day in order to save their mother.

The latter was a situation the members of the army never wanted to encounter.

Anyway, under the gaze of the superheroes, this terrifying Black Mist Army gave up the hostages and retreated back to their nightmare territory.

This terrifying invasion ended in such an unexpected way.

The Flash looked at the silent superheroes and asked, “Have any of you… signed up for the Alaina Cup?”