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Mia and Qiu Ren came to a corridor outside the villa. In order to match the atmosphere, he had changed the time in his core dream to the evening.

“Not yet. The Advent Film Festival hasn’t ended yet, but the arrival of the two Nightmare Seeds has already caused huge chaos. I don’t know if the two remaining ones are Nightmare Seeds or Dream Seeds. However, this isn’t my concern right now.”

Qiu Ren leaned on the fence in the corridor and rubbed the light ball he had created with his hands.

“In spite of what I do, I’m just a freshman this year. Summer break is over, so I have to fly back and report to school. Besides, part of my purpose of coming to the Advent Film Festival has been achieved.”

Qiu Ren turned around and looked inside the villa. Alaina was still wearing that crown and little cloak. It was just that she had started chewing the staff in her hand.

If she was given a bit more time, she would probably eat the villa Qiu Ren made.

Nonetheless, Qiu Ren had abducted a Level SS Lord of Nightmare during this trip to Europe.

Although it was a juvenile body after degeneration, Qiu Ren merely needed some time… As long as the Alaina Cup went on smoothly, she should be able to grow from childhood to maturity.

The only concern Qiu Ren had at the moment was… Batman was missing. He had sneaked into the Nightmare Dungeon where the army resided, and Qiu Ren had never heard from him since. It meant the Joker had gone missing along with him.

However, in Qiu Ren’s perception, the condition of the Dream Seed of Dark Side was very good. The main body, Batman, shouldn’t have any serious injury, either.

As for Supernova Pictures, because of the Supernova incident, the negative impact Supernova caused gradually spread, no matter how hard those heroes worked to save their fans.

The reputation of the entire superhero series seemed in jeopardy.

Qiu Ren was looking forward to seeing how Supernova Pictures would bounce back from this setback and regain support from the fans, who were injured by Supernova and had thrown the superhero figures and comics they had treasured for so many years into the trash can furiously.

If Qiu Ren was the person in charge of Supernova Pictures, the only way he could think of to save their reputation was to let Batman lead the Supernova League…

But the possibility should be very low.

As for the Lord of Nightmare of “Dead by Daylight,” it wasn’t willing to leave with Qiu Ren. It didn’t want to give up the chance to run wild in France.

Besides, that Lord of Nightmare had a bizarre hostility… for the Goddess protecting Mia. A precondition for the Lord of Nightmare to accept Qiu Ren’s cooperation invitation was that Mia must abandon her Goddess. She had to become the contractor of that Lord of Nightmare.

So, Mia looked really sad right now.

“You can pass the Goddess to your sister…” Qiu Ren watched Mia constantly pinch her arm that was branded with the mark of the Lord of Nightmare and said, “I’ll bear part of the pressure that Lord of Nightmare gives you.”

The reason why Mia hesitated wasn’t that she was afraid. Indeed… becoming the contractor of a Lord of Nightmare and accepting the corruption of that Lord of Nightmare voluntarily was like putting herself on the burning post.

But if she sacrificed herself, she could ensure the safety of the people of her country in exchange. Mia would still use her life to suppress the Lord of Nightmare without hesitation.

So, Mia’s gloomy and compassionate expression wasn’t for herself, but for Qiu Ren…

“You don’t have to put so much on yourself,” Mia said with a slightly heartbroken tone.

“…Huh?” Qiu Ren didn’t get what she meant.

“You’re bearing the corrosion from three Lords of Nightmare alone. Don’t you think you’re too cruel to yourself?” Mia said as she glanced at Tapir and Lian in the villa.

Tapir was elegantly smoking the silver cigarette in her hand, Lian was watching TV while holding the remote in boredom, and Alaina was focusing on chewing the staff in her hand.

In Mia’s eyes, they… all three of them were terrifying monsters in distorted forms. The Lords of Nightmare were monsters that fed on human flesh and blood, and Qiu Ren was suffering from the curses of three of them all by himself.

And now, he was willing to bear the curse of that Level SS Nightmare Seed again. The Black Mist Army would definitely hunt down Qiu Ren for this.

So, in Mia’s eyes, Qiu Ren’s actions were already comparable to a Saint, gathering the biggest threats and hatred in the world on himself.

This was a bit too cruel to himself.

“Ahem, I also want two Level S Dream Seeds if I can.”

When Qiu Ren said this, Tapir and Lian stopped what they were doing very obviously.

“Unfortunately, I can’t. Before meeting Tapir, I was just a normal student. Let alone a Level S Dream Seed, it was even difficult for me to get a Level B Dream Seed.”

“There’s no but. Even if I want to live a peaceful life, the ideas in my head won’t allow me to.”

Qiu Ren pointed at his forehead and said, “There are many different worlds and characters in my mind, and I want to manifest them using Dream Dungeons. In fact, I’ve already wanted to go through the screen of my computer and step into those worlds a long time ago. So, if only Lords of Nightmare can help me do this, I’ll be happy to work with them. Of course, it’s under the premise that… they can guarantee my safety as much as possible, even though it’s indeed a bit difficult.”

Mia knew that Qiu Ren was referring to his ideas for game and movie worlds. Any Dream Maker would be enthusiastic about making the worlds in his fantasy real when he first entered this industry.

If they wanted their creations to be more realistic, complete, and magnificent, the level of the Dream Seed they needed would be higher.

“Besides, it’s already impossible for me to quit. The only way for me to survive isn’t to escape, but… to contract with more Lords of Nightmare and become stronger.”

“You’re still not content with the protection of two Lords of Nightmare? The army is the only thing that might pose a threat to you right now… And also the Gods in my world, the superheroes, and some other Lords of Nightmare, but they don’t have a reason to treat you as an enemy.”

Mia didn’t consider that the other Lords of Nightmare might want to abduct Qiu Ren.

In Mia’s opinion, Qiu Ren was already safe enough under the protection of the two Lords of Nightmare.

“Do you think the arrival of the Army is an end or a beginning?”

Qiu Ren opened the live news on the national TV station of England.

The news was broadcasting the body of the Nightmare Seed, Army, which had landed on the surface of the Atlantic Ocean.

This giant body was floating on the surface of the Atlantic Ocean like an enormous whale. The British government had sent a number of warships to try to retrieve it.

However, the area of one nautical mile around this Nightmare Seed had become a forbidden zone for the human mind and consciousness. The consciousness of anyone who was close to it would be sucked in.

The government could undoubtedly smash that Nightmare Seed with bombs, but the broken pieces would scatter in the entire Atlantic Ocean, becoming a larger source of pollution.

“A beginning.” As a professional Dream Maker, Mia had her own research and thoughts on the discovery sequence of Dream Seeds in the last few years.

The interval between Dream Seeds’ arrival seemed to have shortened a bit in recent years, and…

“The World of Gods is only 60% complete. Many entities still haven’t arrived yet, including some main Gods. It’s very likely that they’ll arrive as a Lord of Nightmare… like this nameless God of ‘Dead by Daylight.’”

Mia slowly expressed her thoughts as she watched the live salvaging on the English TV channel.

The Nightmare Seed of Army was originally a part of Superhero World, so… this Level SS Nightmare Seed might be incomplete.

“So, our preparation is completely inadequate at this stage. I don’t want to put myself in the position of a savior; rather, I purely want to save myself. I hope that I can control it… and transform the Nightmare Dungeon where the army is before more threats arrive. If another hostile Nightmare Seed arrives, it can be used as a battlefield to greet my enemies. If it’s a kind Dream Seed, it can be used as a place for receiving guests.”

Why did his words make Mia feel like… all the Nightmare Seeds and Dream Seeds would run towards Qiu Ren from now on?

“That’s all I want to say. Finally…” Qiu Ren handed a card to Mia.

“This is?” Mia looked at the card. There actually wasn’t much content on it, just Qiu Ren’s university and his online contact information.

Mia knew Qiu Ren’s true identity in reality. She only had to check the university to find out.

“If you’re willing to accept the contract of the Lord of Nightmare of ‘Dead by Daylight’ and abandon your Goddess to become its contractor, the French government probably won’t treat you with such a good attitude anymore.”

Qiu Ren didn’t believe that the French government would care about their former relationship. Mia was, in fact, just a container for the Goddess. When this container was changed, her status wouldn’t be the same as before.

“Some of your thoughts are right… The mind of a Dream Maker would be affected by the Lords of Nightmare if he works with them, not to mention the Lord of Nightmare of ‘Dead by Daylight.’ They might imprison you and control you.”

“I don’t think my sect would do this…” Mia didn’t sound quite confident when she said this, though. She couldn’t control the influence brought by the Lord of Nightmare. She had proved this to the world when she became the butcher…

Under the erosion of a Lord of Nightmare, the Saintess of France would turn into a cruel, merciless butcher who hung people on a meat hook to sacrifice them to the nightmare.

“So, just in case. I also have a contract with that Lord of Nightmare. Whether it’s the corruption of the Lord of Nightmare or the pressure from your sect that you might lose control, you can come to me to seek protection. The environment of our university is pretty good,” Qiu Ren said.

Although Mia couldn’t believe that she would be imprisoned, she still took Qiu Ren’s card.

Mia whispered, “I hope I won’t have to use it.”

“That would be the best case. And now, we should get back to the real world.”

Then, Qiu Ren started receiving messages from Kan Shaoni. There were a lot. One of them was that his flight back to his school had already been reserved.

There were still many things Qiu Ren had to handle in the preparations of the Alaina Cup in the Central Research Institute. After all, he also had to organize manpower to “snipe” the members of the army participating in the competition.