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The influence brought by the Alaina Cup wasn’t as huge as Qiu Ren expected. Even though organizations worldwide had been preparing for the league, a Level S Nightmare Dungeon wasn’t something everyone could challenge.

Tapir wasn’t showing mercy to any participants of the competition this time. If they died on the battlefield without the protection of a high-level dream consciousness behind, they would be severely injured in reality.

Merely the danger rating of Level S was enough to scare many people away.

So, Qiu Ren didn’t make any trouble when he attended the school commencement ceremony.

Since there were too few students in the Nightmare Purification Major, the department gathered all the new students from three nearby universities together for this commencement ceremony.

During this period, Qiu Ren heard quite a lot of discussions like, “Do you want to participate in the Alaina Cup?”

However, it was refuted by remarks like, “That’s the battle between Lords of Nightmare! If you go inside, you’ll be eaten in one second, leaving no bones” or “Only psychopaths would send themselves to die in the Nightmare Dungeon!”

After returning to school, Qiu Ren’s scholarship had increased tremendously, but North City University didn’t really build a monument for Qiu Ren.

Qiu Ren’s real identity could already be categorized as classified information right now. In the eyes of the outside world, he was just a harmless intern at the Central Research Institute.

After the school commencement ceremony ended, Qiu Ren went to a popular café near the Central Research Institute alone.

Qiu Ren was sorting out the intelligence and data of the members of the Black Mist Army.

Even though Alaina’s mind had degenerated to the state of only eleven to twelve years old, she was indeed the mother of all the members of the Black Mist Army. She knew all the detailed information of each current member of the army!

From their name, age, gender, position, to their experience as a member of the army, combat tendency, personality, personal interests, and even requirements for choosing a partner, Alaina could put them all together and tell Qiu Ren about them one by one!

It was true that there was no privacy at all in front of their birth mother.

This was an incredibly huge intelligence directory. After organizing and summarizing the intelligence directory in his core dream, he sent a copy to the Central Research Institute and one for his own research.

“Alma the Sharpshooter, Riper the Hidden Court Master… All of them are nightmare consciousnesses with a danger level of at least Level S. They have the combat power of a Lord of Nightmare but have no Nightmare Dungeon of their own?”

When Qiu Ren was looking over the information in his hands, he suddenly heard an exclamation of a girl.

This vivid and energetic exclamation was too recognizable. Qiu Ren had to lift his head and look in the direction where the voice came from.

If Qiu Ren remembered correctly, that voice belonged to the top female live streamer in North America, Willa.

Who was watching Willa’s live broadcast?

No… Willa herself was right in this café!

Qiu Ren sipped the coffee in his hand and saw the back of that person who was exclaiming in surprise in the corner of the café. Qiu Ren recognized it was Willa at first glance by her mint green hair.

The person sitting in front of Willa was Xiao Zhou. Xiao Zhou was smiling with embarrassment on his face. His expression seemed to be saying, “I’m begging you. Please don’t shout like this. It’s quite embarrassing.”

Hm? Turns out Willa is here in the Celestial Empire. She finally met Xiao Zhou? 

Qiu Ren put down the coffee cup in his hand. She had come here because of Qiu Ren’s recommendation. He even bought her the ticket.

The Dream Eaters were onto Willa at that time. Although it sounded a bit ridiculous, she would probably be in danger if she continued to stay in her country.

Even though the Dream Eaters had already been dismissed, Willa would still be in danger as long as she kept doing live broadcasts in Dark Souls and Battle Royale.

So, Qiu Ren suggested she go traveling and seek shelter in the Celestial Empire. She truly accepted it. After several twists and turns, she finally found Xiao Zhou in this unfamiliar city.

Seeing how excited she was, she must have suffered a lot along the way.

“You said you haven’t eaten anything since you took the train and transferred here. Eat this cake first. When I finish work in the afternoon, I’ll bring you out to eat,” Xiao Zhou said.

Xiao Zhou had also been transferred to the Central Research Institute recently. He was a Senior Dream Explorer now.

A senior whom all the Dream Explorers that explored the Nightmare Dungeon of “Battle Royale” had to learn from.

“I’ve actually had some snacks on the way. You look a bit different in reality than in the dream!” Willa said.

“R-Really?” Xiao Zhou said with an embarrassed look. In Dream Dungeons, everyone could customize their own image, so he adjusted his appearance to make him slightly more handsome.

So, Xiao Zhou was hesitant about meeting Willa in reality. He was afraid that she would be disappointed after seeing him, ruining this relationship directly.

“Hm! You’re more handsome in the real world. You have a mole on the corner of the eye,” Willa said as she took a bite of the cake in her hand.

“W-Well, I think it doesn’t look good on me, so I changed my image a bit,” Xiao Zhou said. He was relieved.

“I’ve actually changed my image a little in the Dream Dungeon as well.”

“Have you? Why can’t I see that?” Xiao Zhou was certain that the girl in front of his eyes was exactly the same as the one he met in the Dream Dungeon.

“I’m not going to tell you, hehe…” Willa was talking about her bust, but this was her little secret.

However, Qiu Ren, who was sitting far away and watching the two of them talk, spat the coffee in his mouth back into the cup, following a “rua” sound.

Fuck! I’m working in the café, and you’re showing affection in front of me? What’s wrong with this world?

Qiu Ren couldn’t stand it at all. So, he directly walked towards Xiao Zhou and Willa’s table with his tablet.

While Xiao Zhou was still thinking about how he should settle this net friend who had traveled a thousand miles across the ocean to come here, he saw Qiu Ren stomping towards them.

Qiu Ren’s identity wasn’t “a high school senior who knew nothing” anymore!

Right now, his status at the Central Research Institute was like Xiao Zhou’s boss. Even his supervisor, Kan Shaoni, was assigned as his bodyguard.

Qiu Ren raised his hand to signal Xiao Zhou that he didn’t need to stand up and greet him intentionally. He then pulled a chair and sat down.

Willa had never seen Qiu Ren in the real world, but he looked too young. Willa couldn’t connect him with any big shot at all.

He’s not just my friend. He’s the one who sent you in that Level S Nightmare Dungeon to suffer!

Xiao Zhou nodded gently for confidentiality. However, Qiu Ren was much more direct.

“I have a job for you,” Qiu Ren said.

“A job… You mean a new dungeon?”

Xiao Zhou trembled. The dungeon he was referring to was a Nightmare Dungeon! Who knew what kind of a horrifying Nightmare Dungeon had this kid, Qiu Ren, got for torturing them after he went to Europe?

“Are you planning to participate in the competition of Battle Royale: Warzone?” Qiu Ren asked.

Before Xiao Zhou could answer him, Willa had already raised her hand. “Yes, yes! I’ll definitely take part in it!”

Willa understood some Chinese. Xiao Zhou could only nod speechlessly and say, “I’ve been fighting on Jedi Island for so long. How could I give up participating in this league?”

If Xiao Zhou was really joining the competition, he didn’t want to do it with Willa. He would rather find a more reliable teammate.

And now… Qiu Ren was giving them a more reliable teammate.

“Then, I hope you can snipe one person for me. I’ll arrange for you to be matched with her.”

Qiu Ren pushed the information of the member of the Black Mist Army who was known as the Sharpshooter… in front of Willa and Xiao Zhou.

“Snipe… Mr. Qiu Ren, isn’t it better for you to assign this kind of job to the other Dream Explorers who are specialized in it?”

Although Xiao Zhou had absolute confidence in his skills, he didn’t like to target and snipe a particular player. This would seem a bit despicable.

“I shouldn’t use the word ‘snipe.’ I should say that you’ll form a team with her, befriend her, or… abduct her?”

That word, in the end, sounded even worse!

“Anyway, once the warzone opens, you’ll play the team-matching mode. If this person joins the match, I’ll group you two with her,” Qiu Ren said.

“This old lady?” Xiao Zhou looked at the picture of the Sharpshooter, Alma, and found that she was an old woman.

“Don’t underestimate her. She’s a high-level nightmare consciousness. Her combat strength should be pretty good,” Qiu Ren said seriously.

“A Lord of Nightmare…” Xiao Zhou immediately shut his mouth. After glancing at the confused Willa, he asked, “Why… do you want us to team up with a Lord of Nightmare?”

“Because she likes the type of child like Willa? Your job is to try to befriend her. It’s even better if you can make her like you. It will be a huge success if she’s willing to accept you as her apprentice!” Qiu Ren said with a smile on his face.