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The Dream Eaters was re-established. Herring was also called back to be the Captain of Team T.

When Herring saw her invite, she found it quite ridiculous.

She had done so many things to betray Supernova Pictures, almost tying Supernova Pictures up and throwing them to the Joker.

And yet, not only was she called back, but a large number of elites were also added to Team T.

It could only be said that Herring had done enough on her disguise.

Unfortunately, some of the former members of Team T were seriously injured in Dark Souls and were still in the recovery phase. However, the members of Team T were still when they learned that Herring was returning.

This made Herring a little speechless.

I’m sorry. Your Captain, Deputy Captain, and some teammates have defected. We are coming back as undercover spies right now. 

And yet, Herring and Maine both remained silent coincidentally. If the intel about what they did in the Flash’s world during the Advent Film Festival was leaked out, they might be executed by the American government.

The place where the Dream Eaters were called was outside the meeting room of the Supernova League.

When Herring arrived, she found that the Dream Eaters wasn’t only re-established, but the scale also grew much larger.

However, the problem was that the Dream Seed, Dark Side, which supported the Dream Eaters, had changed sides. If the Dream Eaters wanted to maintain their combat strength, they must have the support of a Dream Seed of the same level behind them.

Such a Dream Seed couldn’t be picked randomly!

The Dream Eaters… an organization established for devouring dreams, the Dream Seed that supported them would be polluted by a massive amount of negative emotions. It would go on the road of turning into a Lord of Nightmare.

If the American government wanted to rebuild the Dream Eaters, they must sacrifice another Level S Dream Seed. This sacrificed Dream Seed was…

When Herring walked into the meeting room as team captain, she saw Supernova sealed in some kind of a life support device.

Supernova Pictures had forcibly put him to sleep and made him the source of power for supporting the outbound operations of the Dream Eaters and the device for devouring negative emotions and handling nightmare pollution.

Herring felt a chill down her spine when she saw this. This was the consequence of a dream consciousness that dared to defy its creators.

Supernova Pictures could change the core of the Supernova League anytime. The next leader of the Supernova League could be Nighthaven, the Flash, or Falcon Huntress, or they could even change the name of the Supernova League itself.

A superhero worshipped by thousands of people? He was only a consumable that could be replaced and prohibited.

“Supernova showed some symptoms of losing control during the Advent Film Festival, so we have to seal it up. But in terms of a weapon, it’s very suitable to be the source of power for the Dream Eaters.”

The Chief Dream Maker of Supernova Pictures, Joe Finn, explained to the captains of the Dream Eaters.

The captains of the Dream Eaters didn’t have any comments. They were the official organizations of the American government. Most captains of the Dream Eaters didn’t care about their source of power, as long as it was enough for them to use.

After all, whether it was Dark Side or Supernova, they were only weapons with different numbers in their eyes.

“Joe, just tell us what you want us to do. Why did you ask us to come this time?” Maine didn’t like how Joe Finn beat around the bush. He directly asked, “If you want us to wipe the ass of this toy, you’ve found the wrong experts.”

The toy Maine talked about was Supernova. The public opinion and influence of Supernova had already become popular globally.

It should be tough for Supernova Pictures to deal with these negative opinions…

“The mistakes Supernova made won’t affect the other heroes. We have ways to deal with it. You don’t have to worry about this. We called you back this time to talk to you about joining the Alaina Cup.”

As the Chief Dream Maker of Supernova Pictures, Joe Finn was an official with an extremely high ranking in the American government. Therefore, the American government let him make most of the decisions regarding the Alaina Cup.

It was in Herring’s expectations that the American government regrouped the Dream Eaters to participate in the Alaina Cup. The problem was…

“What are those swindlers, cat heads, and people with scales doing here? Stealing classified intelligence?”

When Maine yelled, Herring almost seized him by his throat and said, “Can you fucking lay low as a double agent?”

However, Herring was also curious about those people Maine pointed at. They shouldn’t be here at this secret operation meeting of the Dream Eaters.

Some of them came from the World of Gods and were chosen by the Gods, the members of the organization, the Purifier. And some were from some other invasion organizations, like the Cherry Blossoms and the mysterious Gray Snake.

The nature of the organization, the Purifier, was the same as that of the Dream Eaters. Usually, these two organizations were against each other.

“They’re our allies in this operation. We’re going to work with the Purifier and the Gods to achieve our goal.”

Were Supernova League and World of Gods working together? What were they planning to do with such a huge collaboration? Attacking the Level SS Nightmare Seed floating on the Atlantic Ocean to save the world?

Herring was still wrong. Supernova Pictures and World of Gods… weren’t willing to spend so much effort to swallow a hard bone, a monster that would bite them and eat their flesh.

Rather, they pointed their muzzles at the weaker normal players.

“Before explaining, please read the announced map and rules of the Alaina Cup.”

Joe Finn showed a new map of the warzone and a large number of brand new rules that had already been released at the center of the meeting room.

Herring was an experienced player of Battle Royale.

When she stayed at home unemployed, she mostly played Bloodborne to improve herself. Eating a couple rounds of chicken in the Nightmare Dungeon of Battle Royale was her entertainment.

However, the rules shown for the warzone in the extended version… made it more like a real and cruel battlefield.

First, the map was much smaller than Jedi Island, but the capacity was significantly increased.

Most of Jedi Island before was wilderness. Players would encounter another competitor after running half a day on the map and would only see buildings in certain places.

The new map, the “warzone,” was built around a city with all kinds of tall buildings, the city center, gymnasium, hospitals, metro, trains, quarry, and TV station.

With the addition of the rope system, players could climb to a high position on a building quickly.

Just by looking at the map, it was like a new game with more attention to mobility and deeper tactical coordination than Battle Royale.

The further changes made Herring even more certain that this was a new Nightmare Dungeon, the frontline of the battlefield that only professional soldiers could handle!

The time of the appearance of the poison circle was also greatly reduced.

In the past, the poison circle would appear almost immediately after the participants landed on Jedi Island, forcing them to keep moving.

But the poison circle in the warzone would appear twenty minutes after the battle started, which was also called “Final Game Time.”

Before the Final Game Time, the 150 participants could fight freely on the map.

Even if their teammates died, they could bring them back to life and let them parachute into the battle again. They would have to get the dog tags on the dead bodies of their teammates and spend a certain amount of coins.

That was right… Coins. An economic system was introduced in the Warzone mode.

Apart from weapons, armors, and ammunition, there were piles and piles of coins scattered everywhere around the map!

Participants could do the bounty missions distributed all over the map to earn these coins.

Coins could be used to buy all kinds of tactical equipment, unmanned aerial vehicles that could detect the location of enemies in a certain range, armory boxes, precise air bombs, and cluster bombs at the buying stations around the map…

And after their teammates died, they could take the dog tags and spend 4500 coins to bring them back to life at the Buying Stations.

The most important thing was that Herring even saw three special Central Buying Stations on the map.

Participants only needed to spend a period of time occupying the Central Buying Station. Once they successfully occupied one, they could spend a huge amount of coins to buy large-scale strategic support, V2 missile bombing, air raids across the map…

As Herring read these rules and introduction, she felt like she couldn’t control the fighting desire boiling in her body!

Impressive! That Dream Maker might be a bit slow in terms of updating Batman, but he’s indeed good at designing Nightmare Dungeons!

A lot of interesting new content had been added.

Qiu Ren’s design was like the combination of Battlefield, Apex Legends, and Call of Duty: Warzone.

Perhaps it would be complicated to put it in a computer game, but on a high-intensity battlefield like this Nightmare Dungeon, all kinds of collection and occupation elements, and the unique thrill of accumulating money and resources to slaughter people everywhere in Battle Royale, where the winner would be the king and the strong would become stronger, could be fully realized.

She wanted to play! Even if Herring would have a nasty injury again in this Nightmare Dungeon, she still wanted to go inside and have a look!

Unfortunately, after Herring was called back as a Dream Eater, the Alaina Cup was destined not to be the battlefield that made her passionate anymore, but cold work.

Work was destined to be boring.

“Ahem, guys, don’t just look at the rules for the Nightmare Dungeon. Focus on the rules for obtaining points to win the Alaina Cup,” said Joe Finn.

Points to win. The Dream Eaters and the Purifier didn’t join the Alaina Cup… to relish in the excitement of killing in that Nightmare Dungeon.

They were here to win! They must be in the top 150 on the leaderboard to be eligible to participate in the battle for that Lord of Nightmare, Alaina.

So, the more members of the Dream Eaters and the Purifier on the leaderboard, the better.

Herring believed the Supernova Pictures and World of Gods had never thought about gaining points by following the rules since the beginning. Instead, they were planning to control the battle and kill passerby players to earn points in the most efficient way… by forming teams without complying with the rules.

“Killing, especially the more combo kills, the more points you’ll get when you win at the end. So, when you go into the same battlefield, group those ordinary participants together. Take away their weapons, tie them up, and execute them collectively to get the most benefits out of the points you receive,” Joe Finn said.

This plan didn’t surprise Herring. Rather, it would be strange if the organizations didn’t form teams illegally.

But the problem was that the invasion organizations had all worked on their own in the past. Even if the participants of several organizations were grouped together, they wouldn’t be able to control the battlefield.

And now, the top organizations fighting in dream battlefields from different countries were united. Those normal participants, who didn’t have any forces supporting them, would truly be grouped together and become the point-gaining tools of the Dream Eaters and the Purifier!

These normal participants would be killed twice, three times, four times, or even more until their bodies in reality couldn’t bear it anymore. However, before that… they would probably withdraw from the competition because they couldn’t endure the humiliation of being treated like pigs.

Herring’s mind didn’t have any movement at all after hearing that. Anyway, a battle in a Level S Nightmare Dungeon wasn’t something normal people should participate in.

But before that, she must first report the news to Qiu Ren.