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In the Nightmare Dungeon of the army.

“I’ve warned you. We should be more conservative with this operation. We should lay low to get the support from more local Lords of Nightmare before acting again, instead of listening to the thoughts of that compatriot and coming here rashly!”

The Sharpshooter, Alma, was arguing with the current leader of the army.

The compatriot she referred to was Supernova. Supernova had already been in contact with the army. According to the original plan, he would lure a large number of fans to the Flash’s world and trap them there through the joint event of The Flash 2.

Together with the revolt of the entire Supernova League, they would be able to control a large number of hostages all at once. Then, they would have the bargaining chip to negotiate with humans.

And yet, a wild Batman came out of nowhere. Even though the superheroes didn’t become Batman’s fans after watching the movie, The Dark Knight, it wasn’t much different.

The personality and charisma of Supernova were ruined by Batman, so the superheroes weren’t willing to follow Supernova’s plan anymore.

The following result was predictable.

The number of hostages the Black Mist Army abducted was far from enough, and they even had to face the attacks from all the superheroes. Before they could call upon a few Lords of Nightmare from around the world to join them, their own mother was taken away.

So, the army was stuck in a two-front operation. One was to resist the enemies trying to invade the Nightmare Dungeon, and the other was to go out and search for their mother.

“It doesn’t seem to be your place to speak here… Alma.” The leader of the army didn’t want to listen to her plan right now.

The soldiers of the army, who were sent out for investigation, had also returned at this moment.

The leader of the army asked, “Do you have anything to report?”

“We’re still looking for a weak invasion breach. The enemy’s military deployment is too strict…”

That soldier of the army also seemed to have a headache. They were taking part in the battles of the Alaina Cup, too. Of course, their purpose wasn’t to win but to look for the weaknesses of the Nightmare Dungeon.

But before they could finish exploring the entire warzone map, they were targeted by the invaders. If there were only a couple of them, they could still deal with it, but they encountered more than three illegal teams of invaders every time.

This made it difficult for them to explore and investigate.

After hearing the report, Alma directly left the command center without looking back. The leader of the army didn’t stop her either.

When she walked out, she heard the sound of rising mist behind her.

“They still sent you to watch me?”

Alma turned her head to the side and glanced at the dark shadow leaning against the wall behind her. Even though she couldn’t see the other party’s form clearly, she could still sense his existence.

The Hidden Court Master, Riper, the secret blade of the Black Mist Army, was sent to keep an eye on Alma to prevent her from doing all possible acts of betrayal.

“I just came out to look around. I promised the superiors I’d take care of that kid, but she was taken away… I can’t just keep sitting here on my ass.”

Alma didn’t get any reply from the Hidden Court Master. He disappeared in the dark without answering while Alma slowly left this Nightmare Dungeon.

The Lord of Nightmare, Tapir, who was behind the Nightmare Dungeon of Battle Royale: Warzone holding the Alaina Cup, was trouble for the Black Mist Army.

Tapir was different from the other Lords of Nightmare, who couldn’t maintain their powerful body strength for a long time. After Tapir absorbed massive amounts of emotional energy while operating Battle Royale: Warzone for a long time, she could open battlefields in the warzone on a large scale.

At the same time, she could ensure that the dream fortress around these battlefields was extremely solid. If the Black Mist Army wanted to break through the fortress and invade it, they would need to spend a large number of Creation Points.

Creation Points were one of the resources the Black Mist Army lacked the most. They were finding ways to collect these resources and looking for a relatively weak location in the warzone to break in at the same time.

Meanwhile, the Sharpshooter, Alma, was participating in the competition in order to find their mother.

She didn’t choose to intrude. Instead, she signed up for the Alaina Cup honestly. After completing the simple registration, she was qualified to enter the matching queue.

What surprised Alma was that… some of her unique abilities had been retained. Only the firearm and armor on her body were banned in the competition.

She was matched to her opponent very soon. The 150 contestants were all ready.

It seemed that… she was still matched to the same game with that troublesome guy.

Alma sensed the existence of the Hidden Court Master. He was also matched to this battle and was watching her in the dark.

She ignored her colleague. The Alaina Cup didn’t have an individual mode this time, just the compulsory trio mode.

Two human contestants became her teammates, but she wasn’t in the mood to care about those human teammates right now.

Her top goal was to find a weak point in this Nightmare Dungeon.

Alma had read the rules before she came to the competition. She could find weapons to kill everyone on the map, and only the most powerful person could survive till the end.

However, she didn’t care about these rules. After she sensed a relatively weak location of the dungeon when she was on the transport aircraft, she directly jumped down.

“That nanny jumped down!”

Willa sat on the transport aircraft. She was planning to talk to Alma but found that she had already jumped off the plane.

Willa wanted to follow her and jump down. However, Xiao Zhou stretched his hand out and stopped her.

“Why don’t you let me jump with her? Isn’t our mission to protect her and lead her to eat the chicken? It’s too dangerous for her to jump down alone,” Willa said.

Dangerous? She was the consciousness of the Lord of Nightmare! She could probably eliminate the entire formation with bare hands!

They were the ones truly in danger.

Xiao Zhou glanced at the group of people sitting in the corner of the transport aircraft. The Alaina Cup had just started for a few days, yet the notorious “Black Mist Army” members were already here.

Surprisingly, a lot of members of the “Black Mist Army” had joined this game. Qiu Ren should have done this on purpose.

So, Xiao Zhou dared not underestimate this lower segment and kept himself on his toes.

“The place where she jumped is too far-off. There are no resource points at all. Let’s just look for a gun at the lumber yard before looking for her.” Xiao Zhou had a look at the map.

He found that Madam Alma had jumped to the edge of the map, the edge where there were no resource points.

If Xiao Zhou and Willa jumped down with her, they would be digging their own graves.

Willa also accepted Xiao Zhou’s suggestion. In the past, the locations where she and Xiao Zhou jumped at the beginning were all chosen by Xiao Zhou. It had become a habit now, the kind of habit that “she wouldn’t know how to get off the plane without Xiao Zhou.”

When the transport aircraft was above the lumber yard, Xiao Zhou and Willa jumped down from the sky and flew in the direction of the yard.

Xiao Zhou completed a precise rolling movement the moment he was about to land on the ground. Then, he knocked open the door of a building in the lumber yard and rushed inside to start searching.

On the voice channel, Willa said to Xiao Zhou, “I’m hearing some strange sounds next to me. The sound of ‘woowoo’ keeps coming.”

“That’s the sound of the loot box. I have two right here as well.”

Xiao Zhou was pretty lucky. There were two loot boxes and one legendary loot box in the building where he landed.

This was one of the new mechanisms added to the warzone. There could be better weapons and a large amount of money and coins in the loot boxes than on the ground.

The two loot boxes increased his money from 200 to 7500. Xiao Zhou spent a bit more time searching around, collecting a total of 13000 coins. After buying a self-resurrection device, he had found everything he could.

Xiao Zhou said, “Are you done searching over there? It’s time to go pick up that nanny.”

Xiao Zhou was quite confident in Willa’s ability to collect resources. In every round, if she survived till the end, she always rushed to hoard supplies for the winter.

After coming to this extended version, Willa became more serious in compulsive hoarding.

“What are you doing with so many guns?” Xiao Zhou asked in confusion when he saw Willa throw a large bag of guns into the trunk of the jeep with some effort.

“I don’t know which weapon that old lady likes to use, so I’ll bring all the guns to her.”

Xiao Zhou waited for Willa to sit in the passenger seat speechlessly. He then started the car and drove all the way to the edge of the warzone.

Meanwhile, Alma was squatting down on the edge of the map, estimating the amount of creation energy and time she needed to break through the border of the Nightmare Dungeon.

Her mind was soon interrupted by the sound of a car engine. Xiao Zhou stopped the car next to her…

“You don’t have to care about me, this old lady.”

The Sharpshooter, Alma, saw Xiao Zhou and Willa, who got out of the car.

She was conscious of how she looked right now. In the eyes of the others, she was like an old lady who was tired of living and was here in the Nightmare Dungeon to die. She jumped to the edge of the map once the game started, so she probably knew nothing about the rules of the game.

It was even more impossible for her to use a gun. Normal teammates would probably have treated her as a burden and have thrown her away if they were teamed up with her.

“We can only survive this Nightmare Dungeon if we help each other, so we won’t abandon any teammate.”

Xiao Zhou gave a high-sounding reason. Willa also kept saying, “Hm, hm, hm!”

“But I can’t help you much.”

Alma wasn’t interested in this competition. She only wanted to find a way to invade the origin of this Nightmare Dungeon.

“It’s alright! It’s alright! It’s fine as long as you know how to use a gun.”

Willa was indeed a girl from California. Perhaps to her, any individual could use a gun.

So, Willa dragged a big bag of firearms she found at the lumber yard in front of Alma.

“Nan-Nanny… Madam! I have a lot of guns here. You can choose one that works well for you, like this scout general-purpose rifle. It’s a kind of firearm that’s always available at home in reality.”

Willa turned into a firearm salesperson and held the weapons in front of Alma.

“If you don’t like this style, I can change its skin. Such pink skin is my favorite one.” Willa kept talking as she changed the paint skin of the firearm in her hands.

In the original Battle Royale, Qiu Ren had installed a skin-unpacking system that didn’t really have any use. It was just that not many people in the Nightmare Dungeon would care about whether their guns were pink or purple.

It would be fine as long as the guns could aim precisely and kill someone. However, the nature of the girls made Willa collect a bunch of strange skins that she could change anytime in the game.

Xiao Zhou really wanted to throw Willa back into the car as he watched her promote the firearms.

But out of his expectations… Alma couldn’t help but chuckle when she saw how hard she was working.

Hm? Perhaps this old lady really liked girls like Willa? Even if her real identity was a Lord of Nightmare.

The reason Alma chuckled wasn’t that Willa was deliberately pretending to be cute. Rather, she was truly promoting these firearms in her backpack to Alma.

The emotional flow that carried hard work and seriousness overflowed from Willa’s body, including the dumb things she did, was quite a nice dessert for Alma.

However, after tasting the dessert, Alma asked a question that almost made Xiao Zhou’s heart stop.

When Alma saw through his intention, Xiao Zhou’s first reaction was to raise his gun and counterattack. But he heard a gunshot next to his ear before that.

Xiao Zhou couldn’t react in time and was directly knocked out, falling down on the ground.

“Herring from the Black Mist Army shot you with an SSG69.”

The moment this notice appeared, Xiao Zhou was dumbfounded for a while. The IDs with the name of the Black Mist Army before them were all disguised by these invaders from the Dream Eaters and World of Gods!

They were targeted by these invaders even though they jumped to the edge of the map where no resources could be found?

When Willa saw Xiao Zhou fall on the ground, her instinct as a field medic was instantly awakened. She ran to Xiao Zhou and tried to pull him up…

Xiao Zhou heard the engine sound of an all-terrain vehicle. He tried to ask Willa to throw out a smoke grenade and wanted to pull her back, but it was too late.

A lasso appeared on Willa’s body. Then… someone abducted Willa with extremely high efficiency, right in front of Xiao Zhou’s eyes!

Xiao Zhou, who was lying on the ground, could only watch the all-terrain vehicle that took Willa go far away.

Xiao Zhou couldn’t care about so many things. He bought a self-resurrection device from the buying station and stuck a needle into his body. He was injecting something like adrenaline.

Once all the medicine inside had been injected, Xiao Zhou jumped back to his feet from the ground.

After Xiao Zhou resurrected and woke up, he got on the jeep and was ready to go save Willa.

However, when he was about to close the passenger seat door, Alma blocked it with her hand.

“What about a lift?” Alma said as she waved the pink-painted rifle in her hand. “I still haven’t given that kid back her gun.”

This Lord of Nightmare… was also going to save Willa with him? Or did she want to catch them for interrogation?

Xiao Zhou thought it was the latter, because the unknown black mist that appeared behind Alma was questioning her with a deep voice, “What are you doing?”

This voice belonged to the Hidden Court Master, Riper. He had been following her in a state of concealment since she got off the plane.

“These two kids may be the source of intelligence on mother’s whereabouts. If we catch and interrogate them, we’ll be able to get some useful information,” Alma said while winking at Xiao Zhou in the driver’s seat.

Do you really think I’d let you get in the car after you speak so straightforwardly?

However, he had no choice. Xiao Zhou could only let her get in the car. He had no chance of winning at all if he faced those invaders alone. But if he had the combat power from the two Lords of Nightmare with him…

Let alone the odds of winning, it would probably become a one-sided slaughter.