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Xiao Zhou let Alma get on the passenger seat just like that and followed the all-terrain vehicle all the way to the city center.

Once the jeep drove into the city center, they were immediately under attack. The enemies blasted the tires very precisely, making the jeep slide and crash into the wall of a building on the side!

Xiao Zhou was already used to such a situation. Luckily, the jeep in the warzone was strong enough to take a beating.

When Xiao Zhou jumped off the car and took cover, the bullets shot by his enemies flew above his head.

“Damn it… They seem to be everywhere in the entire city center,” Xiao Zhou said to Alma, who took cover with him together.

“I can hear that. Even though I’m old, my hearing is still good.”

Alma wasn’t in a hurry to fight back. Instead, she said to the Hidden Court Master, who was hiding. “Seems like that girl was taken into the building in the front. With your ability, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to sneak inside.”

“Why should I save her?” Riper asked with a hoarse voice.

“There are only two sources of intelligence. If you think it doesn’t matter at all to lose one of them, you can continue to stay here.”

What Alma said sounded provoking to Riper, yet he still grunted unpleasantly. He turned into the black mist to sneak into the radio tower in the city center.

Multiple ambushes had already been set up by the invasion organizations in the radio tower.

When Riper entered the building, an intruder lurking in the shadows ran out and slashed at his neck with a knife.

The moment the blade was about to touch the neck of the Hidden Court Master, Riper, it slid over, as if it didn’t slash anything.

That intruder with a knife froze for a second. He then used the gun in his hand to shoot Riper, but the bullets all went through and hit the wall behind.

“You missed,” Master Riper said with a pitiful voice. He then took out his shotgun and pointed it at the intruder’s chest. “It’s my turn.”

He squeezed the trigger, spraying lead bullets at the invader’s chest. The invader was knocked against the wall and dropped to the ground with severe injuries.

The other invaders guarding this place had also noticed the activity here and rushed over one after another. However, none of their shots hit Riper after a round of gunfire.

The bullets all penetrated his body and disappeared. This was the unique ability of the Hidden Court Master. He could turn his body into the black mist to erode the enemies and would also be immune to all attacks that were defined as physical in Dream Dungeons.

Riper turned into creepy black mist and spread around the entire hall in the radio tower.

The invaders wanted to use their powers to fight back, but they were one step behind.

The devil that came out of the black mist used the large-diameter shotgun in his hand to knock these invaders down on the ground one by one, then ending their lives.

The invaders guarding this place were all eliminated by Riper. He then went to the lower level of the radio tower, where the invaders had grouped those normal participants.

There was already a large number of participants abducted by those invaders from all over the map. A while later, they would become the tools for earning points for these invaders.

Master Riper didn’t care about these irrelevant people, but he couldn’t identify which one was his target for a second.

So, he cut off the ropes tying these people with a sharp blade formed by black mist and threw some weapons at them.

Riper was originally thinking about giving some combat strength to these losers, then asking them to get out of this place quickly.

However, these participants didn’t attack him after they got the weapons, nor did they leave. Instead, they looked at him with some kind of a weird gaze.

The emotions that burst out of these participants were all surging towards Master Riper. He could clearly taste the emotions of these contestants.

Anger, grievance, humiliation… Some participants even cried because they felt wronged for being kidnapped several times and becoming tools for earning points.

At this moment, the Hidden Court Master, Riper, looked into the eyes, which were full of hope, one by one.

He remained silent for a while and asked with a dull tone, saying something these regular participants wanted to hear the most at this moment.

“Do you… want to take revenge?”

However, this master immediately regretted it after saying this.

Because he knew this was meaningless. Besides, he had come to this Nightmare Dungeon on a mission.

But it was too late to take back his words.

“You make some pretty nice suggestions sometimes. What about bringing me with you?”

The voice of the Sharpshooter, Alma, came from behind him.

The Hidden Court Master felt like he was fooled, but he couldn’t refuse now.

Master Riper’s words allowed them to find their backbone.

Many of them here had been abducted and thrown into this “pigpen” by the Dream Eaters or the elites from the World of Gods for two to three rounds consecutively.

Every time they died, they suffered from different injuries in reality, but they still came back with pent-up anger to take revenge.

And yet, they were facing groups of Dream Eaters and elites from the World of Gods. Those who came in teams of three were like lambs waiting to be slaughtered.

Master Riper felt that these people were waiting for his order, but he also felt some other things.

Riper suddenly looked up and said while gazing at this corner of the room, “You’re watching us, right?”

“…You found me. Should I say that you’re indeed the consciousness of a Lord of Nightmare?”

Qiu Ren’s voice sounded in Riper’s ears.

He was indeed watching them from the Central Research Institute. He had also arranged for Willa to be abducted on purpose.

Meanwhile, the development of the current script was still in Qiu Ren’s arrangement.

This master didn’t have time to chat with Qiu Ren. Had he encountered Qiu Ren in reality, he might have already rushed ahead and fought with him.

“Your mother is doing well here with me. However, she’s starving at the moment. How full she can get depends on your performance in this league.”

Qiu Ren put the current leaderboard of the Alaina Cup in front of the master.

“I’ve already given you the way to take her back. It depends on whether you are willing to implement it to the end. Supernova Pictures and the League of the Gods have occupied most spots on the leaderboard, but you might be able to stop them.”

Riper looked at the top 150 of the Alaina Cup. He was confident in his own strength. If he could make it through the final, he could definitely smash the Dream Eaters from Supernova Pictures and the elites of the World of Gods to smithereens.

But the problem was that he couldn’t make it to the final. With the invaders’ current speed of earning points, it was of no avail, no matter how strong he was.

“You? You mean these humans?”

Riper knew that the “you” Qiu Ren talked about wasn’t referring to him and Alma, but these fully-armed normal participants who were already gathered here.

His thoughts still hadn’t changed. There were only a dozen participants standing at the door right now. Even if Riper truly took revenge for them, he couldn’t stop the invaders from kidnapping these casual participants in the other games.

“They might not be able to do anything by themselves, but perhaps with you… they can change the game,” Qiu Ren said.

With me? Riper almost wanted to say that it would still be useless with his help unless he led the entire Black Mist Army into this Nightmare Dungeon. However, the Black Mist Army didn’t have the responsibility to help Qiu Ren maintain… the fairness of this league in which their own mother was used as the reward for the champion.

However, Qiu Ren didn’t seek fairness. Qiu Ren wanted…

“You can become a symbol.”

When Riper said this, the windows of the radio tower all opened under Qiu Ren’s control.

This Hidden Court Master finally realized… this was the center of the entire map. He could easily watch the situation around the whole city center when he stood here.

“I’ve lifted part of the restrictions on your abilities. You can now give them what they want, and they can also give you things that you yearn for in return.”

Qiu Ren’s voice was like the whispers of a devil sounding in the ears of this Hidden Court Master.

The black mist around Riper suddenly became denser. The reason he could only use one-tenth of his power in this Nightmare Dungeon was that it was restricted by Tapir.

But now, Qiu Ren had released some of his abilities. It wasn’t for fighting, but…

When the black mist rose, the participants at the door, who followed Riper here, felt a hint of fear.

Especially when the black mist gradually spread towards them, they all took a step back in fear. And yet, the fear didn’t last for too long before it was dispelled by the words that appeared in front of their eyes.

“Detected a special ability—atomization to black mist: The pledged skill of the Hidden Court Master, Riper. After activation, you can get an invincible time that lasts for three seconds. During this period, you can’t attack but can go through walls. Do you want to accept it?”

Special abilities were scarce in the warzone. If players wanted one, they had to spend a lot of time in the two Nightmare Dungeons, Dark Souls and Dead by Daylight. That would be an ultimate disaster, which was harmful to their body and liver.

So, they accepted the contract of this Hidden Court Master.

“Just these few shouldn’t be able to satisfy you, right?” Qiu Ren’s voice sounded in his ears again.

He grunted. Even though Riper didn’t like the feeling of being tempted by Qiu Ren, black mist still surged out of his body and spread around the map with the entire radio tower as the center!

The black mist, which was so thin that eyes couldn’t see it, kept spreading to every corner of this map. Meanwhile, all the casual participants fighting in the warzone heard the hoarse, deep voice of this Hidden Court Master.

“Those… who are eager for revenge, accept… my power!”

Once he made the invitation to the whole map, he felt… a bit perturbed. But soon, in the perception of this Hidden Court Master, more and more flames started burning.

The voices Riper could hear also became noisier.

“The ability to atomize into the black mist is quite useful. Did we get the welfare from a Level S Lord of Dream in this round?”

“Why can I hear the voices of the other teams? But this ability is more like one of a Lord of Nightmare! Fuck! Who’s touching me?”

“Brother, help me. Those guys are kidnapping me again.”

As Master Riper listened to these noisy voices, he came to the edge of the radio tower and looked at the war zone below with fire burning everywhere.

The army had already been assembled… Next, it was time to start the long-awaited war.

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