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Although Alma’s expression didn’t change on the outside, she was a bit shocked in her mind as she walked to the edge of the radio tower and looked at the dark flames constantly lighting up around the map.

All the powers the Black Mist Army had were ominous, but for those regular participants in the warzone, who yearned for power, this wasn’t a problem.

The most interesting part was…

“What power did you get?” Alma walked to the first batch of participants who accepted the power of that Hidden Court Master and asked.

“Turning into mist and becoming invincible for three seconds, just like our boss. Nanny, did you not receive a notice?” That participant seemed to think that Alma was also a normal person. He showed her his power to atomize into black mist.

The transformation lasted for three seconds. He even tried to pass through the walls during this time. In the end, he wasn’t the only one who succeeded. Even the other participants cheered and started playing with this power…

The exact rule was to go through the wall back and forth to see who could penetrate more walls at once.

Seeing these new soldiers joking around, the Hidden Court Master couldn’t help pulling out his shotgun to kill them!

This wasn’t how the power of atomization into black mist should be used! Besides… Riper didn’t know how to go through walls! It seemed that the master who taught these new soldiers the skill of atomizing… didn’t have a better ability of atomization?

“Did you offer them the power?” Alma asked a question with a deep meaning. Riper put the shotgun he was about to pull out back in.

Riper could be sure that even though the power originated from him, he definitely didn’t give them the ability. He couldn’t go through walls when he was atomized!

“So, it’s you?” Alma’s gaze turned to the corner of the radio tower again, which was the direction where Qiu Ren was watching them from.

“Of course, I did. I should say I designed it. As the Dream Maker of this Nightmare Dungeon, I have control over it. It’s just that I still need to use a dream consciousness or a Lord of Nightmare as a container, which is the source of power, if I want to give the participants here a special ability.”

Qiu Ren let this Hidden Court Master become the source of the power of this skill design, “atomization to black mist.”

As long as this master was willing to share power with Qiu Ren, he would be able to design more special skills for the participants who followed Riper.

Unfortunately, Riper still didn’t trust Qiu Ren. He had reached his limit by giving out part of his power, allowing the participants in this round… to have the ability of “atomizing into black mist” designed by Qiu Ren.

Riper only wanted to send these new soldiers, who were obsessed with atomizing into black mist, out to fight!

To make this war of command more strategic, he created a map event on the map.

Event: Occupying the Central Buying Stations

Result: The game-ending time will be extended for two hours. After successfully occupying the first time, players can get a free buying chance, and no coins will be required to bring teammates back to life at the Central Buying Stations (with five seconds of cooldown). Normal buying stations won’t be able to resurrect teammates from the dead.

The moment this event was out, A, B, C, D… four Central Buying Stations scattered around the map appeared in the eyes of all participants.

They were originally in the state of stragglers and disbanded soldiers. All kinds of strategic killing weapons they could buy at the Central Buying Station could only be used to kill more enemies.

However, after Riper figured out the location of every team of regular participants on the map and their way of communication, the Central Buying Station now had a strategic meaning.

The problem was, would the casual teams be willing to ignore their differences and work together to obey the commands?

The answer was yes, as long as they had a mutual enemy.

“I thought there was someone from the Black Mist Army in the channel. It turns out we’ve all been persecuted by those assholes who teamed up illegally?”

“Just work together to eliminate everyone from the Black Mist Army on the map first before we fight normally again?”

“But who’s giving commands?”

The voice channel was full of messy discussions. It remained so until Riper started giving commands with his hoarse voice as he observed the locations of the teams scattered around the map.

“Team E, Team F, I need you to move in direction 210. There’s a team under attack by the enemies.”

“Fuck! There’s really a stronghold of the Black Mist Army ahead. Our teams may not be able to deal with them…”

“Team B, move in direction 170. Support Team E and F.”

Riper’s hoarse and deep voice was indeed too symbolic. It had quite the charm of a mature man.

The noisy discussions in the voice channel soon disappeared, leaving only replies like “copy that,” “got it,” “calling for backup,” or “we need airdrop packages.”

After Riper’s black mist gradually covered the entire battlefield, Qiu Ren also sensed two unusual auras.

“A team with two members is being besieged by the Dream Eaters in the hospital. You should send someone there to save them.”

“I don’t need disobedient soldiers.” Riper didn’t want Qiu Ren to interfere with his command.

The two-member team Qiu Ren talked about didn’t accept his power, so they weren’t included in the soldiers he could mobilize.

“There’s a Central Buying Station near the hospital. Mobilizing a team there is for occupying the station. Saving those two casual players is just an extra job.”

Qiu Ren’s words made this Hidden Court Master grunt again. He didn’t issue an order to save those two players; the main point of mobilizing soldiers right now was indeed the hospital.

Whether the team sent to occupy the hospital could save those two innocent passers would depend on their luck.

The Flash knocked out the fan in front of his eyes with a punch. Seeing that he still hadn’t fainted and was pointing at him, trying to say something, he landed another punch.

The Flash looked at the fainted Dream Eater. He felt like the Dream Eater had recognized him. He was wearing a mask when he signed up for the competition.

Falcon Huntress came out from behind the Flash and mercilessly gave this Dream Eater a punch again, tying him up with a rope.

“But Sister Misuri… This is a Nightmare Dungeon.” It was apparent what the Flash meant. If they killed this Dream Eater, he would be severely injured in reality too.

“…Fine. You should keep the personality set for you by the creators, and so should I.”

Falcon Huntress wiped the tactical dagger in her hand, then leaned against the wall and listened to the sounds outside.

She was participating in the Alaina Cup in “Battle Royale: Warzone” with the Flash.

However, the Flash and Falcon Huntress both signed up while hiding their identity. They hadn’t come to win the competition but to contact Qiu Ren and ask him for help!

One of the negative impacts of the Supernova incident was that she and the Flash were corrupted by a lot of negative emotions.

This was a disease for dream consciousnesses, a serious disease.

The Supernova League had started curing these serious diseases by conventional public opinion control in a minimized way. Although it was useful, it wasn’t very efficient.

So, Supernova Pictures put in more resources, gathering all the screenwriters, directors, and Dream Makers in the whole company… to plan for the production of a new superhero movie. They wanted to counterbalance the constant growth of Batman’s influence and reduce the negative impact brought by the Supernova incident.

It was just nobody knew if this new superhero movie was a sequel of a certain hero, a new hero, or something else.

Anyway, the heroes in the entire Supernova League were all worried about their futures. Not only were their lives in the hands of the creators but also their personality and true self.

With such worry, someone recalled the promise Qiu Ren made to them.

“I’m your last trump card.”

Hence, the Flash and Falcon Huntress tried to contact the Dream Maker behind Batman, Qiu Ren.

Unfortunately, Supernova Pictures had also thought about this. They cut off all the channels for communicating to the outside world of their superheroes.

The Flash and Falcon Huntress could only come to this Nightmare Dungeon using their avatars to hide their real identity, finding ways to contact Qiu Ren.

“It seems that we’ll have to leave early again. Haven’t the Dream Eaters gone too far?”

The Flash kept listening to the footsteps outside the door. They had been wandering in the warzone, but they always ended up the same—captured and executed.

“I don’t know, but I don’t want to be shot in my head by my own fans anymore.”

Falcon Huntress held a dagger in one hand and a pistol in another as she listened to the Dream Eaters behind the door. She was about to make a pre-emptive attack to kill them first.

And yet, the wall she was leaning against was blown up.

The Dream Eater was formed by a group of elite Marines. How would they care so much about destruction during an indoor battle?

Falcon Huntress was severely injured by the explosion and fell to the ground. By the time the Flash reacted, he was shot a few times in his head. He also dropped to the ground and started bleeding.

They had used their avatars to join this battle. Avatars didn’t have any superpowers at all, and their physical fitness was comparable to that of normal people.

While the Flash thought this round would end with the elimination of his team, the Dream Eaters who knocked them down got into a firefight with another team.

Intensive gunshots kept resounding in the Flash’s ears. However, even though he had a self-resurrection device, he was already considering going to the next round.

While the Flash was still fuzzy, a syringe with resurrection solution was stuck on his chest. When the adrenaline in the Flash’s body increased, he looked at the group of people who had run into the hospital with confusion in his eyes.

“Truce first! It seems that there’s an impressive dream consciousness connecting us together in this round. We’re planning to take down the Black Mist Army in the game first before battling normally!” The person who saved the Flash stretched his hand out and said, “Are you willing to join us?”

Very impressive dream consciousness?

The black mist that surged out of that man was obviously from a nightmare consciousness, but the Flash felt like this sudden change was arranged by Qiu Ren on purpose.

The Flash only wanted to see Qiu Ren, his father… Bah, Mr. Qiu Ren. It wouldn’t be a problem even if he had to join an army formed by a creepy Lord of Nightmare.

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