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This was the personality his Dream Maker created for him, which wasn’t like the bottom line that Batman must adhere to.

So, after he was attacked mentally by the Joker, this personality the Flash had almost collapsed.

Luckily, Batman helped him back on the right track in the end.

However, the Joker’s impact on him didn’t vanish. Together with the recent instability of the Supernova League, the Flash started to have the thought of finding some new ways out.

He was confident that the Dream Maker who built Batman could give him answers.

All he could do now… was be a medic on the battlefield.

“Let me help you up! Hang in there!”

The Flash pulled out a shot of adrenaline and injected it into the body of the participant on the ground in front of his eyes.

The hospital area had turned into a battlefield surrounded by gunfire.

All kinds of barricades and fortifications had already been set up at the road junctions in the area around the hospital.

The Flash and Falcon Huntress both felt that they weren’t playing the chicken-eating mode of the Warzone but were in a realistic battlefield of modern war!

But the Flash must say… he thought that saving those severely injured people on the ground as a medic was quite fulfilling, especially when he absorbed the emotion of gratitude from them…

Such emotional energy was a bit different—no, very different—from the one he absorbed when he was a superhero in the past…

“Thank you, brother. This is the fourth time you saved me. It’s fucking embarrassing. I’ll send you a friend request after this round ends?”

“I’m used to playing alone. Also, do you know who the commander of this battle is?”

After the Flash accepted the baptism of the black mist, he was also added to the public voice channel.

People in the radio channel were all extremely disciplined. The Flash could only hear the Hidden Court Master taking control of the battle with his hoarse voice.

Under his command, the attacks of the Dream Eaters were gradually suppressed.

Driven by the event of occupying the Central Buying Stations, the troops of the Dream Eaters could only take control of one of the three Central Buying Stations on the map if they wanted to replenish their supplies.

However, the Central Buying Stations in the city center and the transportation hub were already in the hands of the participants under the command of the Hidden Court Master. Strong fortifications had been set up.

Meanwhile, if the Dream Eaters wanted to get supplies, they could only rely on the Central Buying Station around the hospital.

The Black Mist Army disguised by the Dream Eaters and the elites chosen by the Gods… and these casual participants treated as tools for earning points by these Dream Eaters, gathered around the hospital and began a cruel and long tug of war!

The situation was in a deadlock. The buildings near the hospital had turned into ruins by the gunfire.

“I want to know too. I’ve watched quite a lot of Dream Movies, but I don’t know any commander character called Riper! However, he’s really good at commanding. Damn it! Do you have any bullets?”

The man saved by the Flash checked the gun in his hands and found that he had used up all his ammunition in the fierce battle.

The other teams in the hospital were encountering the same situation.

The Dream Eaters were indeed professional soldiers. Even though these normal participants had the power to atomize into black mist, several times more forces were needed to resist these Dream Eaters.

If it weren’t for that master leading the entire battle, the casual participants, who were like a plate of loose sand, would have been defeated with one blow by the Dream Eaters.

“Team M1, airdrops have landed near you. I repeat. Supplies have been delivered.”

When the ammunition of the team was about to finish, airdrops fell from the sky and landed next to them the next second.

“Take the supplies. I need you to move in direction 115. Occupy a high position in that area and give me a usable directing target. Confirm if the troops of the enemies are staying inside the hospital.”

The Captain of Team M1 patted the Flash’s shoulder and asked, “Are you coming with us?”

“I’ll stay here. There are other people on the battlefront I need to save.”

The Flash shook his head… The battle in front of the hospital was the most intense. Team M1 was apparently going on a follow-up reconnaissance mission.

The Flash watched this team leave. He then turned his gaze in the direction of the city center. The vision of dream consciousnesses and normal people were slightly different.

The Flash could see that the flow of emotions on the entire battlefield was moving towards the city center. However, this little stream wasn’t worth mentioning in the eyes of a famous superhero.

Nonetheless, this made the Flash see a possibility. Qiu Ren had the ability to make a nameless Lord of Nightmare fat.

This was only the first round that the unknown Lord of Nightmare commanded. When this battle ended, he might have to take off this obscure title.

The Hidden Court Master wasn’t in a mood to think about whether he was famous or not.

He just wanted to win this battle.

The Dream Eaters were tough nuts to crack. Fortunately, not all the participants he could mobilize were noobs. Most of them had pretty strong combat attainments, or they wouldn’t have survived until now under the torture of the Dream Eaters.

What they lacked was a backbone that could take control of the situation, and Riper perfectly filled that role.

All kinds of tactical support could be purchased in the Central Buying Stations. The supply boxes for airdropped ammunition were the most basic, and there were also three huge weapons, including the V2 missile, JL-3 missile, and gunboats.

And yet, all of them required a large number of coins. After Riper dropped supplies onto the battlefields, there weren’t many coins left.

All the coins around the map had basically been taken by the logistics team.

The remaining US$102,000 he had was the last military fund for this battle. Once he spent it all,

the supplies for the frontline would be cut off. Then, he could only go out to tear through the enemy lines himself as the Commander.

However, Riper’s goal had been achieved. The Dream Eaters in this game were all herded in the hospital area under his operation. Even if they tried to break through, it would be in vain.

“Team M1 has arrived. The main force of the enemies isn’t in the hospital. They’re moving towards the subway track at the back.”

“Copy that. Team M1, retreat immediately. There will be strategic bombings over the area very soon.”

After commanding Team M1 to retreat, what he got was the silence from the captain. The silence lasted for a while before the captain said…

“It’s impossible to retreat. Our way of escape has been cut off by the enemies. Just… blow it up directly.”

When the Master heard his reply, he lifted his head and looked far away through the radio tower.

“We’ve never experienced the feeling of being blown up by a JL-3 missile after so many rounds.”

“Bullshit! We were killed by those guys from the army every time, let alone being blown up by a missile. And now, we’re dragging those guys with us!”

The complaints of these casual players in the radio channel made him clench his fists slightly, but he released them again very soon.

Riper made a decision as a Commander very quickly. The huge sum of US$100,000 went away in a blink.

“The JL-3 missile is on the way. Prepare for the impact…”

“We have to die again! But before dying, I have to say that it’s been an honor to fight with you this time.”

“Don’t be so dramatic! By the way, can I add you as a friend before I die, boss?”

The Hidden Court Master didn’t answer them. His eyes under the black robe gazed at the flames of the explosion in the direction of the hospital far away.

The formation of the Dream Eaters broke after being blown up by this ultimate weapon. Under Riper’s command, the last Central Buying Station in the hospital was also occupied when the reinforcements arrived.

This meant that the Dream Eaters had lost their chance of turning the tide. The Alaina Cup had been going on for so many days. After a few hundred rounds of battles, this was the only time the normal participants beat the Dream Eaters.

And yet, this Hidden Court Master wasn’t in the mood to celebrate.

He listened to the words of celebration that constantly sounded in the radio channel. “We’ve finally dealt with those guys in the army!”

However, his mood didn’t change at all.

“Boss, are you… going to say something?”

“What should I say? They’re… enemies now.”

Master Riper was terrifyingly sane. He didn’t forget the rules of the final game of Warzone. Everyone within the rage of his sight was his enemy!

They could only get the final victory after killing all of the enemies.

The final game mode had already begun. The poison circle appeared around the border of the map and started shrinking.

The moving battle was over. And now, every comrade who had helped you and saved you would become enemies who must kill you and enemies whom you must kill.

“That’s right, but…” Riper’s two teammates felt like they still couldn’t do it.

Riper ignored his two loser teammates and came to the bottom floor of the radio tower with the elevator.

There seemed to be a group of people gathering outside the radio tower.

When he walked out of the radio tower, he didn’t hear any gunshots from the city center. Even though that group of people was holding weapons and their faces were covered with gunpowder from the previous battle, their gazes made it difficult for him to look away.

“The final game mode has already started. You… shouldn’t appear in front of me.”

Riper raised the shotgun in his hand and told these participants standing at the door. They were enemies now!

“It turns out the Commander looks like this. He isn’t handsome at all, even though he has a bit of the Black Mist Army’s style…”

“You’ve led us to victory! It’s enough.”

Riper could vaguely hear the low voices that were calling his name down there…

“They think that the final victory of this game should belong to you. You can do whatever you want to celebrate, like putting your fist on your chest or something?”

Qiu Ren’s voice sounded in his ears again, but the Hidden Court Master grunted with displeasure. He didn’t answer Qiu Ren. However, he was quite happy when he absorbed the flows of emotions from these people.

While Riper was distracted and thinking about how he should deal with this situation, Qiu Ren caught the avatars of Falcon Huntress and the Flash from the hospital area far away. He then pulled their consciousness projections into his Dream Dungeon!

The Flash lost his balance and fell on the flagstone road in front of the villa, looking flustered. It seemed he was very worried that Supernova Pictures would find out he had sneaked out to play Warzone.

But when he looked up, he saw… Qiu Ren, who was wearing the ghost mask, standing in front of him.

“Mr. Flash, and Miss Falcon Huntress, you—” Before Qiu Ren could finish greeting them, an expression of admiration and respect, which every fan should have, appeared on the Flash’s face. “It’s the living Mr. Qiu!”

It looked like these two truly put in a lot of effort to find him. Qiu Ren didn’t think they would defect to Batman’s side so easily. So, why did they come to see him this time?

To seek asylum? Or just for a meal? No matter what, Qiu Ren thought he should be able to satisfy them. He looked at Falcon Huntress, who had just crawled up from the ground.