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There were many similarities between this world and his original world, like the character design of the Flash and Falcon Huntress. Qiu Ren felt a strong sense of déjà vu here.

When Falcon Huntress took off her helmet, Qiu Ren found that… she looked very much like Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot, after he saw her face clearly.

However, the temperament and appearance of the Flash were closer to Spiderman rather than the Flash in the original world.

“So, why did you come to me so secretly? Why don’t you just ask your personal managers… to contact me in reality?”

The personal managers Qiu Ren was referring to were those contractors close to these superheroes.

These close contractors knew a lot of things that Supernova Pictures didn’t.

“After I took Diana to watch that movie, the league… found out about her identity.” Falcon Huntress told Qiu Ren in a tactful way.

Because of the Joker, Supernova Pictures had eliminated all these private lovers of the superheroes!

“With your status, it shouldn’t be difficult to contact me?”

Qiu Ren believed there were many ways for these heroes to get in touch with him. One of the most direct methods was to contact Herring.

So, when Qiu Ren knew Herring could still return to the Dream Eaters, he found it quite ridiculous.

“Status…” Hearing this word, Falcon Huntress remained silent for a while and said, “Our status in Supernova Pictures might not be as high as you think, Mr. Qiu. Most of the time, we’re just… tools that can act.”

Falcon Huntress was quite pessimistic. Especially after knowing what happened to Supernova, her negative attitude became more obvious.

The whole world treated their dream consciousnesses differently. Since the European countries had only a couple Level S Dream Seeds, they treated the consciousness in the Dream Seeds as their real Gods.

The relationship between the Great Sage and the Central Research Institute was like the Monkey King and Tang Seng. Even though the Monkey King annoyed Tang Seng all the time, he would still save Tang Seng every time he was in danger.

The attitude of Supernova Pictures was more like that of a businessman or a capitalist.

They usually spoiled the dream consciousness as well, fulfilling most of their requests. It wasn’t a problem for the dream consciousness to have something like a private human lover. In fact, they could have as many as they wanted!

However, if the dream consciousnesses had a huge problem or rebellious thoughts, they would consider replacing or resetting them without hesitation.

Supernova Pictures didn’t have so many conflicts in the past. Although the heroes had their dissatisfactions, it had never reached a point where they would fall out with the Supernova League.

Supernova Pictures wouldn’t really threaten to reset the personality of these heroes either. After all, so much effort and money had been invested in creating the image and story of the heroes. They would be the ones suffering a loss if they truly started all over again.

And yet, after the Supernova incident, Supernova Pictures might really have to consider either resetting the personality of the heroes or modifying their character and memories in a small range.

These could all be done by Dream Makers, which was why the dream consciousnesses called their Dream Makers, “creators.”

“So, why did you sneak out and come here this time?” Qiu Ren pointed at the Flash, who was eating a snack, and asked, “If you only came for a meal, you wouldn’t have to take such a big risk. Also, that snack isn’t for you.”

Qiu Ren could guess their current situation after hearing the description of Falcon Huntress.

Right now, Supernova Pictures hoped that these heroes could behave and wouldn’t cause any trouble. Their connection with the outside world must have all been cut off, which was why the Flash and Falcon Huntress had to exhaust all efforts to find Qiu Ren.

“Oh! I’m sorry, Mr. Qiu!” the Flash said as he put down the snack in his hands.

“Let him… eat.” Tapir looked at these two uninvited guests a bit speechlessly on the side of the living room.

“We… hope that Mr. Qiu can create some new images for me.”

Falcon Huntress glanced at Tapir with an apologetic look. She was probably saying to Tapir, “I’m sorry. I didn’t teach my brother well.”

“Some new images? I can understand if you want a new identity, but some?’

Hearing this flirty quantifier from Falcon Huntress, Qiu Ren looked like he almost ate her.

“Mr. Qiu, you got me wrong! The new images we want aren’t like Roy’s, which is supported by an entire movie world. In fact… under the watch of Supernova Pictures, we can’t mobilize too many resources to maintain our new images either. We only need characters with their own bodies.”

Falcon Huntress was a little jealous of Dark Side right now. The influence of The Dark Knight continued to spread globally.

Besides, Qiu Ren liked to give his dream consciousnesses freedom and would even make treats for them, unlike the Dream Makers of Supernova Pictures, who were all control freaks.

However, she didn’t expect Qiu Ren to produce a personal film of the same level for her. She only wanted a container that she could use to make a copy of her memories and personality. It would be used as a backup in case Supernova Pictures reset her consciousness.

“It seems that this job… can be done by any Dream Maker, right?”

After hearing the request from Falcon Huntress, Qiu Ren immediately built a square pixel person for her, satisfying her requirements.

“You’re the best Dream Maker we know, other than the Dream Makers of Supernova Pictures. Besides, we’re thinking of participating in the Alaina Cup with our new images and becoming characters or heroes players can choose in Warzone. We’ll provide sources of power for the characters; you just need to design these characters, Mr. Qiu.”

Falcon Huntress gave a win-win suggestion. The hero characters in Warzone would be the sources of power for every participant.

Most sources of power came from Dark Souls and Dead by Daylight at the moment.

After getting the support from so many contractors, the Hidden Court Master could also be regarded as one of the heroes in Warzone, but he was far from enough in terms of ability richness.

“It sounds like a pretty good idea. So, what kind of character do you want me to design for you? Similar heroes?”

Qiu Ren took out his artboard and paintbrushes. Looking at the two superheroes in front of his eyes, Qiu Ren could think of quite a lot of similar characters that were very popular.

“I don’t want to be a superhero again in my next life!” Hearing this, Falcon Huntress immediately shook her head. Qiu Ren felt like he was the King of Hell when they said that.

What he drew would determine what Falcon Huntress would become in her next life.

Qiu Ren was indeed creating the initial bodies, the avatars, for the next life of these two superheroes. It was just that they might not be able to use them. Still, it was better than having no way out.

“Then, what do you want to be?” Qiu Ren started to pray that these two weren’t difficult to deal with.

“Elegant, leisurely, calm, and a bit more mature than my current image. Don’t… be so sentimental. In terms of ability setting, I’ll leave it to you, Mr. Qiu,” Falcon Huntress said.

Qiu Ren marked down these requirements from Falcon Huntress. Perhaps this also proved that Falcon Huntress was very anxious right now. She hoped to use her new image to resolve the anxiety in her mind.

“And you?” Qiu Ren felt like he was a psychiatrist as he put his attention on the Flash.

“I… have accumulated a lot of negative emotions lately.”

The Flash hesitated for a while before deciding to speak his mind to Qiu Ren.

“I’ve been repressing many bad emotions at the bottom of my heart with the encouragement of Mr. Dark Side, but I feel like it’s not good. If they’re drawn out by the Joker again, I’ll truly not be able to control them. So, I want a new image that can help me vent this kind of manic depression and anger, venting… fully.”

“Let me think. Wait here for a while. I’ll draw a few designs first.” Qiu Ren wrote down the requirements from these two heroes and began drawing characters that matched their descriptions.