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When most Level A to Level S Dream Seeds arrived in this world at the beginning, their self-consciousness was like that of babies.

Only a tiny part of them had self-consciousness and memories.

On the contrary, the consciousness in Nightmare Seeds all had extremely high self-awareness and obsession. Some Lords of Nightmare even harmed humans for pleasure.

The personality and character of these baby-like Dream Seeds were all shaped by Dream Makers after they were born. The way of shaping them wasn’t like raising a baby little by little but creating a character image and personality for them.

After the Dream Seed was released as a game or a movie, the given character image and personality could be strengthened through public recognition.

The design of the Flash was a kind, cheerful but a bit shy boy. It hadn’t even been three years since he came to this world.

In these three years, he had adhered to the Flash’s image given by his Dream Maker very well, becoming a good neighbor of the citizens in New York, the most down-to-earth hero.

However, the trauma caused by the Joker was too severe.

The influence of the Supernova incident also made the Flash fall into the whirlpool of negative opinions. Fans of the superheroes reproached them furiously, and all of their dark thoughts turned into negative emotions which surged towards the Flash.

This made the pollution of the Flash become more and more serious.

Without guiding and venting the emotions, the Flash would go to the extreme of becoming a Nightmare Seed.

A conventional way of intervention was to extract the negative part of the dream consciousness to create a new character.

Just like how Qiu Ren had divided Dark Side into Batman and the Joker.

However, Supernova Pictures wouldn’t do so. This would be like weakening the power of the dream consciousness, the Flash himself.

That was why Falcon Huntress and the Flash asked Qiu Ren for help and wanted him to design some characters that could contain, repress, or release their negative emotions for them.

While Qiu Ren was halfway through drawing new character designs for the two… he vaguely felt some unusual aura on Falcon Huntress’ body.

Such a keen perception was something Qiu Ren gradually got after contracting Tapir and Lian.

This was also the benefit of making a contract with high-level Dream Seeds and Lords of Nightmare for Dream Makers.

“Give me your hand and take off your bracer.”

Qiu Ren put down the sketchpad in his hands and suddenly put out a request, confusing Falcon Huntress a bit.

Falcon Huntress didn’t ask anything else and did what Qiu Ren asked obediently. She reached her hand out and put it in front of Qiu Ren. Qiu Ren put his index and middle finger on Falcon Huntress’s wrist where the pulse was located.

Falcon Huntress looked at Qiu Ren’s ghost mask. If it weren’t that she was in a modern living room, she would have felt like she was dominated by some kind of mysterious eastern energy.

“I’m taking your pulse, but it’s just a procedure. Don’t talk.”

Qiu Ren made a gesture to ask Falcon Huntress to keep quiet and began to feel her condition.

Even though Falcon Huntress came to Qiu Ren’s core dream with her avatar, he could still sense the condition of her body.

When Qiu Ren was about to look into it carefully, he felt a freezing sensation on the back of his hand. There was also a strand of hair hanging at the base of Qiu Ren’s ears, making him want to sneeze inexplicably.

However, Qiu Ren dared not sneeze; it was Tapir’s hair. This Lord of Nightmare had come behind Qiu Ren all of a sudden and put her hand on top of Qiu Ren’s…

“Let me… hide your aura for you… You’ll be discovered… if you look into it so rashly like this,” Tapir whispered in Qiu Ren’s ears.

The next moment, Falcon Huntress felt like Tapir’s face under the black gauze was smiling at her.

Both of them were women, and Falcon Huntress sensitively felt a trace of hostility.

In fact, Falcon Huntress wanted to say this to the Lord of Nightmare… ‘I’m not interested in your Dream Maker, at least not in terms of romantic relationships.’

Even though her personality tended to be more feminine, she liked female humans as well.

Tapir couldn’t take care of so many things. Lian wasn’t in Qiu Ren’s core dream today.

But Tapir remembered that when Qiu Ren talked to Mia, he had said something like, “I want two Lords of Dream as well if I can.”

So, although Qiu Ren felt that Tapir was smiling when he looked at her profile under the black gauze, he always felt like she was asking, “Does her Dream Seed look good?”

“Yes! Very good!” If Qiu Ren answered the question like this, he would probably be devoured by the nightmare the next second.

“Um… Okay.” Qiu Ren could only accept Tapir’s help. It was indeed too dangerous for him to look at the situation in Falcon Huntress’s Dream Dungeon by himself.

However, this was the first time Qiu Ren was so close to this Lord of Nightmare. Tapir’s body temperature was quite low, and there was a faint scent of sandalwood on her body.

This wasn’t created by Qiu Ren or any other Dream Makers. It was a characteristic Tapir had.

Qiu Ren didn’t have time to think about the details of Tapir’s body. He should focus on investigating the abnormality in Falcon Huntress’s body first.

Falcon Huntress needed to agree if Qiu Ren wanted to look into her original body. She came to see Qiu Ren like he was a psychiatrist anyway.

It was reasonable for a psychiatrist to check her body.

With Tapir’s help, Qiu Ren hid his aura as much as possible, so he wouldn’t be discovered by the Dream Makers from Supernova Pictures when he looked at the situation in the Dream Dungeon.

“I found something interesting… Your body is sleeping in the manor?” Qiu Ren asked.

“Yes… We’ve never been trained to control two bodies at the same time. When I’m controlling this avatar, I have to put my original body to sleep first.”

“Why?” Falcon Huntress was about to ask. However, Qiu Ren’s other hand swung in the air. He showed Falcon Huntress the sight he was seeing in her bedroom.

Her body was indeed taking a nap. It was just that there was a group of people busy doing some kind of surgery in her room.

“Miss Fion, she’s… treating me?”

Falcon Huntress recognized the person standing at her bed as her Dream Maker, the screenwriter, and director of the Falcon Huntress series, at first glance.

Supernova Pictures had indeed found a way to handle the situation. They were planning to extract the polluted, negative part of Falcon Huntress’ consciousness while she was sleeping.

This operation was quite familiar to Qiu Ren. That was how Qiu Ren had split Dark Side into two and turned the polluted part of the Nightmare Seed into the Joker.

“This is indeed a kind of treatment plan, but what you should care about is how they’re going to deal with it.”

Qiu Ren saw the team at Falcon Huntress’s bed pull out a black crystal from her forehead.

This crystal was a part of Falcon Huntress. It carried a small portion of her memory and her personality.

If Supernova Pictures was going to create a new character in the world of Falcon Huntress with this part, she would accept it. This was also the reason why she came for Qiu Ren.

Unfortunately, they had another plan. They stored that black crystal in a container and were about to take it away from Falcon Huntress’s Dream Dungeon.

“Why… Miss Fion, you can’t do this!” Falcon Huntress immediately became emotional.

Once the crystal was taken out of Falcon Huntress’s Dream Dungeon, that part of her memory might be lost.

Falcon Huntress knew clearly where her anxiety came from. Even though it was mostly because of the Supernova incident and the dark thoughts from the fans, a small part of it was because of her girlfriend.

“Don’t wake up in a hurry.”

Qiu Ren held Falcon Huntress’s hand. If she woke up and exposed everything, Supernova Pictures would probably not stop at simply extracting her bad memories.

“The question right now is… Why are they taking the crystal formed by your negative emotions?”

Qiu Ren could understand why Supernova Pictures was using such a treatment. This crystal could be regarded as a lower-level Nightmare Seed.

Supernova Pictures would probably not form a polluted Nightmare Seed at the cost of weakening the combat power of Falcon Huntress.

“I… don’t know.” Falcon Huntress had no idea… what the use of a Nightmare Seed extended from her was!

To let the Dream Explorers go through all the trouble to purify it into a Dream Seed? Supernova Pictures wasn’t that free.

“Perhaps it has something to do with the Black Mist Army.”

Qiu Ren looked at the container they used to store that crystal. It seemed that they were planning to keep it in a Dream Dungeon for a long time.

“The army? What does it have to do with the army… Wait… That’s actually possible.”

Under Qiu Ren’s reminder, Falcon Huntress suddenly recalled that the most important purpose of Supernova’s previous plan was to provide operation energy for the Black Mist Army.

As Supernova’s “children,” the superheroes of the Supernova League could also be regarded as the “children” of the army.

The nightmare parts extended from them were “energy” with an extremely high usage rate for the army.

If Supernova Pictures had truly made some kind of a deal with the internal members of the army, these negative memories and the polluted parts extracted out of Falcon Huntress could be used as an excellent bargaining chip.

Falcon Huntress told Qiu Ren about the possibility. At the same time, she also calmed down. She eventually said to Qiu Ren with a pleading tone, “I don’t want our memories and personality to become something used for trading, even if it’s the bad parts. So, Mr. Qiu, please create some… characters which can be used to contain and store this part of our energy.”

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