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“You still enjoy the feeling of being surrounded by people,” the Sharpshooter, Alma, said as she looked at Master Riper, who was standing in front of everyone. He was waiting for the Final Game Time to commence and the poison circle to shrink.

“Shut up,” Riper said coldly.

There weren’t any gunshots on the entire battlefield. Only a group of people were playing with the ability to go through walls after atomizing into the black mist because they were too bored.

Their faces when they raced with atomization down there still made Riper think of pulling out his shotgun and killing them several times.

The sacred atomization wasn’t used like this!

“They like the power a lot, even though it’s based on your ability… You should ask that creator how your powers can be developed further.”

Alma ignored his anger and kept talking in a teasing tone.

“That’s not necessary.” The Hidden Court Master wouldn’t use his power to do such stupid things.

“The others in the army might need it.”

Alma might be thinking about the mother of the army, Alaina, but she also knew that the challenges the Black Mist Army was facing right now might not be as simple as energy depletion. Many members of the army were on the verge of collapsing and becoming Shadow Beasts.

Qiu Ren was one of the rare Dream Makers who dared to sign a contract with Lords of Nightmare, and he also had enough resources. Battle Royale: Warzone was an excellent “hunting ground.”

This Master had collected quite a lot of streams of emotions provided to him as a supplement in this round.

The streams of emotions didn’t only come from the normal participants in the game, but also the audiences in the live broadcast, who were watching the game on the outside.

Qiu Ren’s decision to make him a symbol was gradually coming true.

“His creations are too weak. They can’t contain the violence of those monsters at all.” The Hidden Court Master still hadn’t recognized Qiu Ren up till now.

But suddenly… Strong viciousness, which almost suffocated Riper and Alma, permeated the entire battlefield.

Those normal participants, who were still playing with the atomization ability, might not be able to feel it, but as powerful nightmare consciousnesses, Master Riper and Alma could immediately sense the changes in this Nightmare Dungeon.

The next second, a voice with a destructive aura resounded in the entire battlefield. “Annihilation!”

This made those participants, who were singing, dancing, and celebrating their victory, notice the danger. They stopped what they were doing.

Alma pulled the bolt of her weapon. Her joking and teasing voice just then became much more serious.

“Such viciousness… What exactly did that guy make?”

The moment the Hidden Court Master heard the word “annihilation,” a trace of fear surged in his heart. The anger and viciousness suppressed in his body were almost torn out.

If these streams of negative emotions were really pulled out and went on a rampage, he might lose control and become a Shadow Beast…

This was the form that the army members and the Lords of Nightmare would become after they lost control, a monster that was completely out of its mind and would devour all living creatures and consciousnesses around it.

“I don’t know, but we can go check it out.”

Alma sensed the location where the viciousness just then came from, a building behind the radio tower.

That should be the weakest place of the entire Nightmare Dungeon she was looking for.

Master Riper took a final glance at the participants down there who were at a loss and followed Alma silently.

The building behind the radio tower was a small store. Alma raised the rifle in her hand and pulled the trigger at the corner of the store.

The moment the bullet hit the floor, the “model” of the ground shattered, and the endless dark dimension underneath was exposed.

Just as Alma was about to smash the border of the Nightmare Dungeon further, the sound of bullets loading came behind her.

“Madam Alma, don’t take another step forward.”

Even though Xiao Zhou didn’t know what was happening, these Lords of Nightmare were very likely to be invading the dungeon.

With his power, he wouldn’t be able to stop them, but as a Dream Explorer, he must step up in such a time.

“Don’t… stand in our way.”

Riper also pointed the shotgun in his hand at Xiao Zhou. They were just one step away from meeting their mother again, so he didn’t mind killing Xiao Zhou here.

When the tension between both parties was on the verge of explosion, a wooden door appeared in front of Alma the Sharpshooter. It looked like the owner of this Nightmare Dungeon was inviting them to get in.

“We just want to talk to the Dream Maker of this nightmare,” Alma said as she opened the wooden door and walked inside. Xiao Zhou wanted to chase after them, but the black mist that came out of Riper’s body disturbed his sight.

When he opened his eyes again, those two Lords of Nightmare had already vanished. That wooden door also disappeared with them.

Qiu Ren still felt like he was too careless. The aura of the character he created was discovered by the other party.

Since they wanted to see Qiu Ren and their mother so badly, Qiu Ren decided to give them a chance.

He temporarily changed the location where he talked to the Flash and Falcon Huntress to the core space in Tapir’s Nightmare Dungeon.

The setting was still the manor in Qiu Ren’s core dream, but it was nighttime here.

Qiu Ren’s greeting didn’t receive a friendly reply from the Hidden Court Master. When he saw his consciousness, he got right down to business, “Where is she?”

“You mean her? Don’t worry. She’s fine here.”

Qiu Ren led the consciousness projection of Alaina into Tapir’s core dream. When Riper saw his mother, he instantly wanted to take her back by force.

However, before he took out his weapon, Alaina had already run towards Alma in surprise after seeing her, jumping into the arms of that old woman.

Alaina looked like the old woman’s granddaughter. Alma held the mother of the army in her arms. Even though it was just Alaina’s consciousness projection, she could still sense Alaina’s health by touching the projection.

From the perception of different aspects, Alaina’s body condition was very healthy right now.

“Hand the real her over.”

The Hidden Court Master didn’t just want an avatar. And yet, Riper’s threatening tone didn’t last for long before he felt an uncontrollable weakness bursting out of his body.

The weakness also cleared all the anger and viciousness he had suppressed in his body at the same time.

The huge amount of black mist that came out of Riper’s body started to gather in Qiu Ren’s hands, gradually forming a black crystal.

Qiu Ren certainly didn’t have the ability to extract power from these two Lords of Nightmare. It was granted by Alaina.

“I told you she’s very safe here. It’s just that we’re a bit insufficient in the food supply, but your presence will be of great help.”

After hugging Alma, Alaina ran back to Qiu Ren and started chewing the black crystal Qiu Ren had collected from Riper’s body without restraints.

“The pollution on Alaina’s body has constantly been worsening. Even if you take her away, it won’t be relieved. So, you now have two options. One is to stay here to be with your mother, watching her lose herself after being eroded by the Shadow Beast. The second is to sign a contract with me and become one of the contract heroes in Warzone. I’ll create new powers for you and absorb the streams of emotions from the participants of the Warzone to feed your mother.”

The Hidden Court Master originally wanted to say, “I don’t need your created powers.” However, the strong viciousness that almost suffocated him surged out behind Qiu Ren again. At the same time, a slowly moving giant sword also appeared.

The corruption the members of the Black Mist Army were suffering with was actually the same as that in Falcon Huntress and the Flash. They all needed a channel to vent their emotions. The Hidden Court Master and the Flash were both very interested in what exactly the dark shadow behind Qiu Ren was.

“That character you created… You can’t control it.”

Riper instantly sensed that Qiu Ren wouldn’t be able to control the character he planned to create by himself, perhaps not even with the help from the Flash.

“It can work with the help from your soldiers and the other members of the Black Mist Army. This is an excellent way to absorb energy and control yourselves. Don’t you… want to give it a try?”

Master Riper realized the plan and conspiracy of this Dream Maker. Qiu Ren didn’t only want Master Riper and Alma to work for him. Rather, he wished to make the entire Black Mist Army become the source of power for his character.

“Do you think we’ll accept it so easily?”

Master Riper could feel that Alma was already a bit interested, but the others in the Black Mist Army weren’t so easy to convince.

“That’s why both of you need to set an example first and… bring this energy back to the army. I guess there must be some of you who want to release their killing desire in their bodies through this energy, right?”

As Qiu Ren spoke, a slowly beating heart appeared in his hands. This heart was the source of power or the seed of the character the Flash wanted.

No matter how the Flash asked for playing that character, Qiu Ren dared not let him be the source of the power of this character by himself. If he could add a bunch of members from the Black Mist Army in the mix, the negative impact and corruption brought by the character might be controlled.

“…” Once Riper took the beating heart from Qiu Ren’s hands, countless scenes appeared in his mind the next second.

Those were scenes where an unknown character jumped into the air with a giant sword in his hand and completely annihilated an entire army.

“What’s the name… of this force, this character?”

Riper wasn’t really interested in this bloody, violent character, but he must admit that there would indeed be someone in the army… who would want to play this character.

Rather than being devoured by negative energy and turning into a Shadow Beast without self-consciousness, it seemed a much better choice to become this ancient warrior to vent the viciousness and rage in his body.

“The Darkin Blade, Aatrox.” Qiu Ren told him a name that didn’t suit a superhero.