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Phew, scared myself for no reason. Gao Ru Xue’s chest rose unevenly as her heart beat at an impossible speed. It had been such a long time since she had acted such a fool.

The creepy music continued to play. Using the weak light, she could see the pupils of her reflection in the mirror start to shrink. In the mirror, the mosquito net behind her was opening on its own! The face of a paper mannequin showed itself, and from the reflection in the mirror, she could clearly see that it was smiling at her.

“Who’s there‽” A human being’s normal go-to reaction during extreme fear was anger and aggression. Gao Ru Xue turned around, but there was nothing there. She ran toward the mosquito net to yank it open to take a look at what was really behind it. However, the design of the net was more complicated than she expected; it had many different layers, and the netting was connected to the bed itself. Instead of untangling the net, Gao Ru Xue got herself stuck in the netting instead.

Right then, she could hear footsteps coming from inside the room.

I’m not moving, so whose footsteps are those? The disappearance of her junior combined with the effect of Black Friday had completely shattered Gao Ru Xue’s psychology defense. The sound of the unknown footsteps was the last straw that ultimately broke the camel’s back.

Her legs turned to jelly, and she found herself unable to move. Fear was like an uncaged animal, tearing at her sense of rationality. Gao Ru Xue yanked on the netting, trying her best to untangle herself from it, but it was to no avail. The sound of footsteps became suspiciously close.

Impossible! The room is only so big, if someone was coming near, I’d definitely be able to see it! Her heart was a chaotic mess, to the extent that even the simple decorations inside the room were sending chills down her spine.

The white lantern outside the window swayed in the wind, causing the light in the room to dim. Her reflection in the bronze mirror started to blur. Gao Ru Xue’s pupils shook because she realized the reflection in the mirror was no longer herself but a strange woman in a wedding dress!

In more ways than one, the woman’s appearance seemed like she was dressed to kill. Her beauty had an ethereal quality to it; it was frighteningly captivating, like looking at a recently unearthed piece of art.

Staring at the woman in the mirror, Gao Ru Xue’s lips quivered, and fear appeared on her face for the first time.

From her experience dealing with so many autopsies, she was familiar with the feeling the woman in the mirror was giving her; this was the face of a dead person!

The Haunted House is hiding a real dead body! Just as this thought entered her mind, fear swallowed her like a giant wave. She tried her best to run away from the bronze mirror, and as she staggered back, she knocked into something.

At the same time, the sound of footsteps stopped, and Gao Ru Xue’s mind went completely blank in that moment. Having lost the ability to think, she turned instinctively to look behind her.

Meeting her gaze was a woman in dead man’s make-up and wedding dress. She smiled at her.

” Ahh! ” The piercing scream shattered the quietness of the Haunted House; it could heard even outside the building itself. With her arms still entangled in the netting, Gao Ru Xue’s legs finally gave, and she collapsed to the ground.

The suppressed fear manifested as tears, which fell uncontrollably. Her eyes were screwed shut, and her mouth was slightly open. The woman started to dry heave.

“Xiao Wan, quickly bring her out!”

“Okay.” The female ghost standing before Gao Ru Xue removed her Bluetooth earpieces that were hidden under her hair and squatted down to say, “The experience ends here. Please catch your breath, I’ll lead you out now.”

Ten seconds later, the exit to the Minghun scenario was pushed open. Chen Ge rushed over in a hurry and asked, “There’s only one? Where’s the other one?”

He rushed over in a hurry because he could not locate He San on the surveillance cameras.

“That coward fainted when he ran into the room and saw the two mirrors. I was afraid that he might influence the experience of the next visitor, so I dragged him to hide him under the bed…”

“Fainted?” Chen Ge also did not know how to respond. “Safety’s first, if this happens again in the future, inform me immediately!”

“Yes, Boss.” After leaving Xu Wan to look after Gao Ru Xue, Chen Ge went into the room to pull He San out from behind the bed. The young man was completely unconscious like he was greatly traumatized.

Sh*t, I have to bring him to somewhere open-air first! Chen Ge carried He San and ran toward the entrance of the Haunted House. He peeled back the heavy drapes and kicked the gate open. “Clear some space please!”

Chen Ge placed He San at the entrance of the Haunted House, and he started to massage the young man and place ice packs over his forehead, trying to rouse him. This development had stunned the visitors that still had not left the park.

“Jesus Christ, what happened in there?”

“Visit the Haunted House until he fainted, this is first time I’ve seen something like this.”

“He was scared until he fainted, right? So why would the online reviews say this place is not scary?”

“F*ck, I’m starting to have chills…”

Not long after that, Xu Wan came out carrying Gao Ru Xue. The woman was a complete contrast from the person who walked in. The new Gao Ru Xue’s hair was a mess, her face was blanched, and her gait was weak. There were still tears drying on her face.

“This is a completely different person!”

“What did she experience in there?”

“But why should they be afraid? Aren’t they forensic students?”

Xu Wan placed Gao Ru Xue on the steps and passed her a bottle of water. The woman was still recovering from the experience, as evidenced by her hands that were shaking as she held the bottle.

“Don’t crowd around them, they need air!” Chen Ge also felt a headache coming. It was normal for Gao Ru Xue to be shedding frightened tears, but what about this young man? Why would he suddenly faint? Why didn’t he admit that he was easily scared‽ What was with men and their pride?

The commotion caused more and more visitors to gather at the Haunted House. This attracted the attention of the park manager, who rushed over on his electronic bike.

“Xiao Chen! What is going on here? Why is there a fainted visitor on the ground‽” asked Uncle Xu as he jumped down from his bike and pushed through the crowd.

“I have no idea; maybe it’s the heat…” Even Chen Ge did not feel convinced by his answer.

“A hot flash in this kind of weather?” Uncle Xu rushed over to pick up He San and place him on his bike. “Regardless, we have to send him to the medical room first!”

Several minutes later, perhaps it was the massage or the noise from the crowds, He San started to rouse. His eyelashes fluttered and sat up from the bike. His eyes were bloodshot, and his mouth kept on mumbling, “Mirror, Mirror…”

“Son, keep calm!”

“Look, doesn’t he look possessed?”

After a few more minutes in the sun, He San finally became more like himself. He scratched the back of his head and blushed with shame when he realized the whole crowd was staring at him.

“Are you feeling better? Why did you faint inside the Haunted House?” Uncle Xu in the park uniform passed a bottle of water to He San.

“I actually cannot recall for sure what had happened. I was so scared and ran into the first door that I saw. There was a bronze mirror on the wall, and I remembered someone calling my name, but I can’t remember what happened after that,” He San said with a face filled with confusion. “Perhaps it’s something set up by the Haunted House?”

“There’s a scenario related to a mirror inside the Haunted House?” Uncle Xu turned toward Chen Ge, who was not looking so good.

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