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The sound coming from the laptop was not loud, but everyone could hear him clearly. Everyone turned to look at Fei Youliang, who was collapsed on the floor with foam on his lips, and their expressions were mixed. The middle-aged man sensed the crowd opinion shifting, so he quickly fast-forwarded.

One or two minutes later, an image finally appeared on screen. Zhu Jianing and Fei Youliang had officially entered the Haunted House. The visitors outside were curious about the interior design; some even pushed forward, attempting to see the hidden traps and layout.

The Mu Yang High School scenario was built underground, so it was very quiet. The recorder picked up the pair’s conversation clearly, including how they discussed posting the guide online and hiring a 50-cent army to swamp the Haunted House with bad reviews.

“So, these people are here to purposely create trouble?”

“We almost believed them earlier.”

The crowd started to mumble, and the middle-aged man had no choice but to fast-forward some more.

Due to the lack of lighting, the images were not clear. All they could see was a dim corridor and empty classrooms on both sides, but that was already scary enough.

The people from Qin Guang’s studio did not shoot this video to help Chen Ge promote his Haunted House; they were looking for evidence of Chen Ge ordering his employees to assault his visitors, but after six minutes of footage, all they could see was Fei Youliang and Zhu Jianing being scared on camera. There was not even the shadow of a worker.

The people from Qin Guang’s studio started to get worried, but the visitors were increasingly curious. Such a large Haunted House, but they did not have even one employee playing the ghost? Then, how did they plan to scare their visitors?

Very soon, the video reached the point where the two were playing the Pen Spirit game. When Chen Ge heard the familiar question asked by Fei Youliang, he almost bit his tongue. He finally understood what the pair did that angered the Pen Spirit so.

The video after that was even weirder. Zhu Jianing suddenly dropped his hand and escaped from the room while Fei Youliang started writing madly on the white paper.


Looking at the words that appeared on the paper, the surrounding visitors were confused.

“What is he doing?”

“Mental breakdown? There’s no need to trouble the park’s doctor; we should call the mental hospital directly.”

“In other words, two of them entered the Haunted House, and one of them was scared dumb by his friend?”

Watching this video, Chen Ge sighed greatly in relief. Other than two victims, only he knew what really happened. The Pen Spirit must have appeared then, but it was unknown whether it could not be captured on camera or the camera angle was wrong. Regardless, the Pen Spirit did not show on the video; however, what was recorded was this eerie situation.

The video continued to play, and Chen Ge leaned in closer; he was most interested in what happened next. After Zhu Jianing escaped, Fei Youliang was left alone in the room. The man who was scrawling madly on the paper suddenly stopped.

The camera was pinned to his chest, and the video stood still for several seconds. Then the image tipped backwards—Fei Youliang seemed to have fainted.

“No one touched him, right?”

“Yeah, so why did he faint?”

Ten seconds later, something even weirder happened. The camera angle suddenly moved; Fei Youliang was standing up again!

He walked unevenly out of the bedroom. The camera was shaking violently; it felt like the man had forgotten how to walk as he tipped left and right. A fainted person who suddenly stood up and walked on his own… that had never happened before in Chen Ge’s years of experience dealing with fainted visitors.

This man had probably been taken over by the Pen Spirit!

Chen Ge did not say anything, but his eyes narrowed. Fei Youliang soon familiarized himself with his body. A few seconds later, he picked up his speed, and his gait was no different from a normal person’s. When he reached the junction, Chen Ge and Zhu Jianing had just entered the toilet; they had brushed past each other just like that.

The Pen Spirit was trying to escape the Haunted House? Chen Ge was spooked by the thought. If not for the incident that happened after this, the Pen Spirit might have successfully escaped.

In the video, Fei Youliang seemed to realize that there were people inside the toilet, so he snuck past the toilet before running toward the sealed classroom. His target was clear; he walked toward the last row and hugged one of the uniforms to his chest. When he was about to leave, he saw the paper box with the twenty-four name tags Chen Ge left on the lectern.

As if remembering something horrible, Fei Youliang deposited the tags on the table hurriedly. After pulling one out and placing it in his pocket, he ran toward the exit. However, before that could happen, the broken door of the classroom closed on its own.

Then, the weirdest part of the video occurred. Fei Youliang turned around to yell at the empty classroom.

“I also treat this classroom as our home, but I have my reason to leave; I have to explain this to Wang Xin!

“Please let me go!

“I promise to come back after I’m done!

“Get away from me! I have to leave today! No one is going to stop me!”

Fei Youliang maddened screams came from the computer. He yelled angrily at the empty classroom.

“Let me go! Let me go!”

The camera kept shaking before falling to the ground like it had been knocked off in a struggle. From that angle, the camera perfectly focused on Fei Youliang’s expression, which was changing madly like there were more than ten different personalities inside his body at the same time.

Several seconds later, the expression on Fei Youliang’s face returned to normal, and the classroom door opened. Without a word, he picked up the camera and replaced it on his chest. Then, like a puppet, he walked toward the deepest part of the Mu Yang High School scenario.

At that time, Chen Ge’s black phone vibrated. He pulled his phone out silently before taking several steps back, but he kept his gaze on the laptop.

While all this had been happening, he had been inside the corner toilet. There was only a wall between them, but he had not heard any commotion from the classroom next door. It felt like, after the classroom door was closed, the space within shifted to another dimension.

The video continued to play. Fei Youliang, who was moving in an awkward way, took deliberate steps toward the well. He stepped on the edge of the well and started to talk to himself.

“Are we going to jump?”

“I can understand Chen Yalin’s pain; she has her own reason.”

“If I were in her position, I believe I would do the same thing. After all, Wang Xin was her best friend.”

“Then, shall we give her another chance?”

Fei Youliang stepped back down from the well. His expression slowly returned to a blank face, and with a tilt of his head, he collapsed to the floor. Around four minutes later, Chen Ge arrived.

The camera had recorded everything. The first thing Chen Ge did was perform first aid, and everyone watching the video could bear witness to that.

“The boss didn’t do anything wrong. If anything, he was trying to save your friend.”

“We almost blamed an innocent person!”

The people from Qin Guang’s studio were made speechless. By that time, Chen Ge had retreated to the outer ring of the crowd, and he glanced at the black phone.

“Dear Specter’s Favored! Congratulations on triggering the Hidden Mission at 2-Star Scenario, Mu Yang High School—The Pen Spirit’s Wish!”