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Chen Ge’s hand froze in mid-air. The creepiest thing was that the door in the mirror was open at the exact same angle as in real life. Chen Ge removed the black cloth and walked to the cubicle. He turned to look at the mirror while he reached out to push the door open completely.

There was nothing inside the cubicle in reality, but it was different in the mirror. The narrow cubicle was painted red, like blood was seeping out from the ceiling, walls, and floor; it was a different world.

Chen Ge still did not have the courage to step into the cubicle. Holding the door knob, he wondered if he should just have the cubicle destroyed. About ten seconds later, Chen Ge heard a weird sound that seemed very close but also faraway. It felt like someone wearing wet clothes was crawling on the floor.

Where is that coming from?

The sound became clearer, as if it was getting close to Chen Ge. He walked out of the bathroom to peer down the corridor and then turned to look at the mirror. Finally, he confirmed that the sound was coming from inside the cubicle.

Something is coming? Chen Ge knew that it was not the time to be curious. He yanked the cubicle door shut and used the nearby mop to block it before turning to look at the mirror. The sound of something heavy being dragged entered the cubicle, and soon, a pool of red bled out from underneath the door. The other thing felt like it was looking for something, and the air was heavy with the smell of blood. After several seconds, the sound moved away, and the unique smell dissipated.

With his back against the wall, Chen Ge’s palms were very sweaty. If he had not woken up, the thing that was crawling on the ground would have escaped, just like the mirror monster.

Even with the black cloth over the mirror, the blood red door still appears on time.Chen Ge was clueless about the world behind the cubicle door, so the only thing he could do was forget about it for now.

After splashing his face with cold water, Chen Ge returned to the staff breakroom. When he opened the door, he realized that Xiaoxiao had disappeared again.

Did she come earlier to remind me? Chen Ge sat on the side of his bed. Since he could not sleep, he took out the black phone. After he swiped on the screen, he clicked on the tab for the daily missions.

Easy Mission: A normal Haunted House experience should not create permanent trauma to its visitors; I hope you understand this simple theory. Please improve the Haunted House’s security by inspecting the security threats hidden around the Haunted House.

Normal Mission: A single hand cannot clap. A good Haunted House needs a good management team. Recruit more talents; they will definitely help when the situation demands it.

Nightmare Mission: There has always been a second occupant inside your room, wouldn’t you like to meet said person?

Chen Ge was familiar with the newly updated daily missions; he had seen them before.

The Easy and Normal missions are things that I should be doing at the current stage, more help around the place and improved security. However, in comparison, the reward of the Nightmare Mission is far more alluring.

Without risk, there would be no reward, but the key thing was, after hiring the Pen Spirit, he had a fortune-telling chance every day. The way Chen Ge saw it, using it on the Nightmare Mission was the best use of the Pen Spirit’s power.

Holding the ballpoint pen that was taped together, Chen Ge felt embarrassed.When there’s a chance, I should ask her if she wants to move to a newer pen.

He grabbed a random piece of paper and placed it on the table. After invoking the Pen Spirit, Chen Ge asked the question that was bothering him. “Can I finish the latest Nightmare Mission on the black phone safely?”

After that, Chen Ge looked at the paper for a long time. The pen shook, but there was no answer.

“Is the question that difficult?” Chen Ge realized the Pen Spirit was not as powerful as he had thought; she could not answer anything related to the black phone. Looking at the ballpoint pen that had started to break, Chen Ge quickly changed his question. “That question doesn’t count. I want to know, has there been another person living in this room?”

The ballpoint pen hovered for a long time before writing “Yes.”

“Then, do you know what he looks like?”

This time, the Pen Spirit did not answer; the ballpoint pen in his palm had returned to normal. Chen Ge did not blame the Pen Spirit, since fortune-telling was probably extremely exhausting for the Pen Spirit, which was probably why the limitation of one per day was in place.

So, there is another person living here. How have I not noticed all this time? Based on the mission introduction, the person is another friend from the other side. There were quite a few supernatural tenants living in Chen Ge’s Haunted House. He did not mind any more weird spirits as long as it did not actively harm his business like the mirror ghost.

After some hesitation, Chen Ge chose to accept the Nightmare Mission.

“Are you sure you want to accept the Nightmare Mission? Unforeseeable consequences might occur.”


The screen flickered, and a new message appeared.

“It stays in the same room as you. After you fall asleep, it will appear.

“If it is kind, it will wash away the negative energy and keep the household safe and healthy.

“If it is malicious, when you are asleep, it will stand beside your bed, thinking about how to ruin you.

“The game is called ‘The Invisible Customer’. At midnight, spread soaked uncooked rice around the house, place a pair of worn slippers outside the door, and light a white candle on the bedroom floor. Arrange the bed in such a way that it looks like someone is really asleep in bed. You will lie underneath the bed. For the mission to work, you have to really fall asleep. If you manage to catch a glimpse of its face, then mission will be successful.

“This mission will be your third Nightmare Mission. After completing the mission, you will randomly get a scenario’s Trial Mission.

“Warning: After completing the third Nightmare Mission, the Nightmare Missions given for daily mission will be randomized, so please treat each Nightmare Mission carefully!”

Chen Ge memorized all the mission details quickly.

Why must I fall asleep for the mission? How will I take a look at the person’s face if I’m asleep? In my dreams? Chen Ge did not understand the meaning of this mission, but since he had accepted it, he could only follow the instructions.

After putting on his jacket, Chen Ge once more visited the park canteen late at night to ‘borrow’ half a bowl of white rice.

The Haunted House is so big; it’ll be such a waste if I have to cover every floor. Chen Ge soaked the rice in cold water and spread it around the few rooms on the first floor. Then he placed a pair of slippers at the corridor entrance and lit a white candle beside his bed.

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