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The three Nightmare Missions were like the new player missions given in such games. They had certain risks, but they also helped new players familiarize themselves with the game.

Looks like only after completing the first three Nightmare Missions can one be considered a real player. Chen Ge held the bloodied paper in his hand, and he discovered that his emotions were still raging. Every single mission so far had been a real threat, but until now, he had been in the kiddie pool, so just how difficult would the later missions be?

After putting away the note with the hint, Chen Ge slowly resigned himself to his fate. The most difficult missions so far had been the two Trial Missions. The most dangerous presence at Ping An Apartments was the people. Mu Yang High School was creepy, but the lingering spirits inside it had meant no harm. Therefore, technically speaking, the missions were not that dangerous.

Looks like from three-star scenarios onwards, the situation will be different. I’ll probably encounter malicious specters then. In any case, Chen Ge could only power forward. This paper had probably been left behind by his parents, so no matter what, he had to pay the location a visit.

Chen Ge then pulled out the black phone. When he saw the girl’s face, the Nightmare Mission had been completed.

“Specters’ Favored, congratulations for completing the Nightmare Mission, obtained reward—Elementary Skill, Dollmaker’s Talent.

“Utilizing real humans as your model, carve, cut, join, and shine each bone, paint the skin, sew up the wounds, and pair it with a flawless face. Provide it to a homeless spirit, and you will have created your first living doll.

“That mission was your third Nightmare Mission. After completing the mission, you were rewarded with a randomized scenario’s Trial Mission. Would you like to draw the Trial Mission now?

“Warning: After completing the third Nightmare Mission, the Nightmare Missions given for daily missions will be randomized, so please treat each Nightmare Mission carefully!”

Similar to when he obtained the Mortician’s Make-up skill, some new memories and techniques appeared in Chen Ge’s mind. Other than that, there was no visible change.

Dolls and mannequins are integral parts of a Haunted House. This skill will be incredibly helpful for the management of a Haunted House. It’s just a coincidence that there are twenty-four lingering spirits in Mu Yang High School that need them. I can use them to test out this skill. Chen Ge had skipped over whether the spirits would like to live his dolls or not. After finishing the dolls and pushing the spirits into them, it will most likely complete Mu Yang High School’s Hidden Mission.

There were not enough mannequins in the Night of the Living Dead scenario, and his Haunted House did not possess the facilities to mass produce a bunch of mannequins.

Tomorrow morning, I should go around to look for a workshop that can help me produce mannequins. Hopefully, the price won’t be too exorbitant. Chen Ge continued to look through the black phone. He was hesitating over whether he should draw the Trial Mission or not. In the end, he did not think that he was ready to take on a three-star Trial Mission.

After dealing with all that, Chen Ge reached for his phone, ended the video, and cut the part where the slippers entered the room on their own and stopped beside his bed.

‘Whenever I fell asleep, the slippers walk to the bed on their own.’ After giving it a random name, Chen Ge uploaded this video that was only eleven seconds long to the app. Despite its length, the effect was much better than the bathtub video. In less than several minutes, it had over more than a hundred views and fifty shares. The comments section, which had been quiet for so long, started to get rambunctious again.

“Small and weak! Your video is similar to your… Wait, can someone tell me why the slippers can move on their own?”

“Have you photoshopped yourself out of the video?”

“Am I mistaken? Or is there someone hiding under the bed?”

“I see it, too! But there appears to be two of them! F*ck, what in heaven’s name is this‽”

Whenever Chen Ge released a video, his number of followers would increase. After reading the comments for another two minutes, he logged out of his account and went back to sleep. When Chen Ge woke up the next morning, he cleared the white rice away and cleaned the Haunted House before waiting for the park to open.

The lack of employees is a problem. If only the Pen Spirit could help me sell tickets…

Chen Ge started to plan internally. The Minghun scenario allowed a maximum capacity of three visitors at a time, but Murder by Midnight and Mu Yang High School were different. For Murder by Midnight, the more the visitors, the more exciting it would be. Mu Yang High School covered a large space, and even if eight people entered it at the same time, as long as he handled the rhythm well, scaring them dumb was still possible.

After completing Mu Yang High School’s Hidden Mission, I should have Xu Wan manage the Murder by Midnight scenario, and I’ll enter the Mu Yang High School scenario. That way, two scenarios can operate at the same time.

After making the plan, Chen Ge went online to look for a mannequin workshop near western Jiujiang, and he was pleased to discover that there was one close to New Century Park. In fact, the place’s main customer had once been New Century Park. This meant that the deterioration of the park had brought about the place’s demise as well. It seemed that the owner was about to let the place go.

The park opened punctually at 9 am. The number of overall visitors was dwindling, but the line before the Haunted House was increasing. Before, it was Chen Ge holding the stack of flyers in his hands, watching on with envy as the visitors walk past his Haunted House. Even the line for the Merry-go-Round used to be longer than the line for his Haunted House, but now the situation had flipped.

“Please stay patiently in line. Every scenario costs 20. For those of you who want to experience a different scenario after the first one, please return to the back to the line.”

Chen Ge had Xu Wan enter the Haunted House to prepare while he stayed outside to maintain order. When he was selling tickets, the black phone suddenly vibrated.

The day has just started, and there’s already a message? Chen Ge stood where he was and pulled out the phone.

“The Midnight Ticket Counter’s effect has been triggered. A special visitor has appeared! Please make use of this opportunity; the results will be different based on your choices!”

Another trigger? Chen Ge was dazed for a moment before his eyes swept over the line of visitors. Who could this special visitor be?

Chen Ge’s eyes widened when his gaze reached the end of the line. The person saw him as well because he waved at Chen Ge.

“Doctor Gao?”

Chen Ge sent two visitors into the Minghun scenario before he walked over to Doctor Gao and studied the man closely. “Why are you here?”

“To find you of course.” Doctor Gao was in a suit, so he did not look like a typical park visitor. “I knew that you are no longer a student, but I’m surprised you own a Haunted House.”

“It’s a family business.” Chen Ge pocketed his black phone and said, “Then, how can I help you?”

“It’s like this, I have stumbled across a unique patient. His situation is similar to the boy you once told me about, so I wish to ask you some questions.”

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