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Dark clouds hung low in the sky, and the rain drenched Chen Ge’s jacket. He squatted before the cat, his mind a mess. Earlier, he had seen fear on the man’s face. Normally, shouldn’t the party with the weapon have resisted instead of surrendering so easily?

There was such a change to the boss’ attitude, and this made Chen Ge wonder, what had he seen?

When I gripped him earlier, there was a chill radiating from the eye; that should be the Yin Yang Vision in effect.

The description the black phone provided on the Yin Yang Vision was very vague, and Zhang Ya had even blown half of the mirror monster’s body into his eyes. Yin Yang Vision seemed to have evolved, but what was the effect of the evolution? Chen Ge could not really tell for sure.

I acted almost instinctually earlier. It’s probably caused by the pent-up stress from all the things that have happened recently.

Ever since obtaining the black phone, Chen Ge had not had a good rest. He spent his days either completing daily missions or the more dangerous Trial Missions. However, they came with rewards. At least, number of visitors and reviews for the Haunted House had increased.

After staying for a while longer in the alley, Chen Ge realized the white cat still refused to let him get near. He did not force it. He found a nearby spot to hide from the rain and planned to leave after the rain receded. He waited for ten minutes, but the rain still showed no sign of slowing down.

Chen Ge used the flashlight in his phone to shine at the corner. In the darkened alley, the ground had started to get flooded. The paper box was soaked, and a huge hole was forming at the bottom. Chen Ge walked forward to take a look. The injured white cat could not hold on any longer; it was already lying down alongside the four kittens whose bodies had already gone cold.

I can’t just leave it to die, can I? Chen Ge removed his jacket to wrap it around the cats and ran to catch a cab to rush to the nearest pet store. Ten minutes later, Chen Ge arrived at his destination, and a girl in uniform was locking up the place.

“Wait a minute!” Chen Ge did not even open his umbrella and rushed directly toward the girl.

“I’m sorry, but we’re closed. Come back tomorrow.” The woman saw Chen Ge, and she took an involuntary step back to maintain a safe distance.

“This cat won’t be able to wait until tomorrow. Money is not a problem, please save it.” The rain had soaked Chen Ge’s clothes, and he looked rather worse for wear.

The woman looked at Chen Ge’s arms. The white cat was covered with mud, and a long wound ran down its face. “A stray cat?”


“Stray cats are naturally wild and will often lash out at humans. It seems like these injuries were human made, probably because it had hurt someone. Are you sure you want to save it?”

“Yes,” Chen Ge confirmed. “A few boys probably killed the kittens, and the cat kept its vigil beside the kittens despite the barrage of broken bottles and bricks. It was horrible.”

“If you insist on saving it, come in.” The woman unlocked the door and accepted the jacket from Chen Ge. “The four kittens cannot be saved, but if you want to keep this cat, I suggest you bury the kittens beside your house.”

“Okay.” Chen Ge glanced at the woman’s nametag. She was the owner of the pet store; her name was Zhao Wen. She started nursing the white cat’s wound after they entered the store. Chen Ge sat in the store, staring at the cats and dogs in the cages.

Weirdly enough, after Chen Ge entered the pet store, all the animals became curiously quiet.

Is it something on me? Or is it because of Zhang Ya? Chen Ge wandered to a nearby cage. The cat inside it was huddled in the corner, curled up in a ball. With this comparison, Chen Ge was even more impressed by the white cat.

When he first approached the white cat, it did not show fear but gnashed its teeth, looking like it was trying to fight to the death with Chen Ge.

This stray cat might bring me some surprises. The young man in Hai Ming Apartments’ Room 302 had told Chen Ge that the weakness of the mirror monster was cats, so this was one of the reasons Chen Ge had decided to keep the white cat.

Zhao Wen came out hugging the white cat when it was around 11 pm. She also held a small basket in her hands—inside it lay the four kittens. “I’m quite surprised at how pretty the cat is. Unfortunately, the gash on its face cannot be removed or it would be prettier.”

Chen Ge could not even recognize the snow-white cat Zhao Wen was holding. Its fur was soft and luscious. However, the key feature of the cat was its eyes, red and blue.

“Why would the original owner abandon such a pretty cat?” Chen Ge thought the cat was pretty as well.

“I’m not trying to scare you, but it is not a good practice to adopt stray cats, especially one like this who looks like it came from a good line and background. The original owner abandoned it probably because of some taboo or something bad that happened.” Zhao Wen passed the cat to Chen Ge. “In any case, now that you’re its owner, you have to be responsible. There are plenty of small wounds on its body. Remember to check them daily for infections.”

After paying, Chen Ge returned to New Century Park with the cat and kittens.

“This will be your home in the future.” Chen Ge only opened the gate when the originally sedated suddenly perked its ears up.

Such a reaction before even entering the Haunted House; this cat might really be useful to me. Chen Ge placed the white cat at the door and walked into the Haunted House with the basket of kittens. The cat howled for a long time before following unwillingly. Chen Ge wanted to give this cat a try, so he led it around several scenarios.

The white cat acted normally inside the Minghun, Murder by Midnight, and Night of the Living Dead scenarios. However, when Chen Ge pulled the wooden boards back to enter the Mu Yang High School scenario. The fur on the white cat stood on end as it jumped on the steps leading downwards to block Chen Ge.

Mu Yang High School’s mission hasn’t been completed yet. It might still hide more secrets. Chen Ge had no idea what the white cat had sensed, but the fact that it had blocked him meant that Chen Ge was not wrong to have saved it.

Closing the board, Chen Ge went over to hug the cat, but the cat jumped away. It seemed to despise human contact.

Carrying the basket, Chen Ge returned to the staff breakroom, and the white cat followed. It was not until Chen Ge closed the door that it calmed down. The white cat jumped onto the chair and spotted Xiaoxiao, who was hiding underneath the table.

“Such a mischievous thing, you.” Chen Ge pulled Xiaoxiao out from underneath the table. He waved Xiaoxiao before the cat, saying, “This is our friend, so don’t hurt her.”

The white cat did not react in any way. Perhaps it was because the enemy was too weak, so it was not even interested.

At the very least Xiaoxiao is a baleful specter… but she was ignored so completely by the cat. Chen Ge rubbed Xiaoxiao’s head, feeling weirdly sorry for her.

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