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Chen Ge placed Xiaoxiao on the table. This naughty ragdoll who always tried to sneak out was surprisingly well-behaved. Chen Ge could sense fear from her. Xiaoxiao had not shown that emotion when facing the mirror monster. Is the cat too special or Xiaoxiao too weak?

Curled up on the chair, the white car looked at the four kittens in the basket; it did not seem to be concerned about anything else.

Since I’ve decided to adopt it, I should give it a name—I can’t call it white cat forever.

This was the first time in his life that Chen Ge had adopted a pet. He sat down on the floor and studied the white cat. “We met at night in the middle of a rain, so how about I call you Night Rain?”

The cat did not move, but Chen Ge could sense its displeasure.

“Well, if you don’t like such a pretentious name, how about ‘Fortune’? You know, for good luck.” The white cat turned its head away like it did not want to have Chen Ge in its view.

“Still don’t like it? Hmm… You’re completely white, so how about Snow? Milky? Rice…” Perhaps because Chen Ge was physically to close, giving off a threatening aura to the cat, it gnashed it teeth. Its whiskers flickered, and the wound on its face started to bleed again.

“Christ, you sure are wild.” Other people’s cats were all cute and cuddly, but this one was as wild as a tiger. Chen Ge looked at the scary wound on the cat’s face, and he moved cautiously backwards.

“You’re not one bit like a cat, more like a tiger. How about I just call you white tiger?” Chen Ge then realized how weird it was to call a cat the name of a different animal. He was about to change it when the white cat on the chair suddenly stood up. With its ears perked up, it jumped down from the chair and clawed at the breakroom’s door madly.

What’s going on? The cat was acting strangely; it seemed desperate to leave. Chen Ge noticed this and quickly opened the door. It didn’t even act like this when we were in Mu Yang High School. It must have sensed something!

After the cat exited the room, it headed right for the first-floor bathroom. Its claw leaving a deep scar on the wooden door.

First floor bathroom? Chen Ge’s heart skipped a beat. He glanced at the time—it was midnight!

The mirror! He rushed in behind the cat and pulled the black cloth off. Inside the mirror, the red door had appeared punctually, but this time, there was some notable difference. Blood red liquid seeped out from the sides, and the door in the mirror shook every few seconds like someone was pushing it from the other side!

Chen Ge did not dare act too rashly. He turned back to look at the door in the real world. The door in the real world and the mirror shook at the same time. At midnight every night, this normal-looking door seemed to become the link between the two worlds.

There’s someone behind the door! Chen Ge grabbed the nearby mop nervously as his eyes focused on the dancing lock. He was relieved that he had remembered to lock the door last time or else the thing would have entered the Haunted House already.

The force of the shaking grew. The only thing Chen Ge could do then was wait, wait for one minute to be over. He did not want to provoke the monster behind the door, and he had no interest in knowing what it was. He just wanted to manage his Haunted House in peace.

The door lock wiggled violently. It felt like it would not hold on for long. Chen Ge gripped the mop tightly, preparing for war. The white cat lowered its head and arced its back, ready to pounce.

Nothing scary happened. One minute later, the bloody door in the mirror disappeared, and the door in real life returned to normal.

Everything’s fine now. Both Chen Ge and the white cat sighed in relief. Interestingly enough, the white cat seemed to glare unsatisfactorily at Chen Ge as if it was saying, ‘I’ve been here less than an hour, and you have given me two scares already. Is this any place for a cat to live?’

“You dare to glare at me?” Chen Ge was about to hug the cat when it jumped out from his arms and rushed back to the staff breakroom.

Didn’t even allow me to touch. Such a cold-hearted cat. Chen Ge stood in the bathroom alone. He found the key and opened the cubicle door to peer in. The door on the other side showed signs of being rammed into, and the lock had become loose.

Looks like I’ll need to find a sturdier door. Chen Ge considered breaking the door directly, but he was afraid that even after he broke down everything, the door would still remain.

When the door appeared for the first time, there was nothing wrong; when it appeared for the second time, there were weird noises coming from behind the door like a body being dragged; this is the third time, and someone was trying to burst through the door. Chen Ge placed the black cloth over the mirror. He looked at the covered mirror and commented internally, My parents once said that the door of the Third Sick Hall has been opened again. Could the door they mention be similar to the door in this bathroom? Has the Third Sick Hall become a lair for these monsters?

No one could answer Chen Ge’s question, and he could only rely on himself. Chen Ge went to the props room to grab some wooden boards to increase the door’s stability. When he was done, it was already 1 am.

I need to go to sleep because I need to go get the mannequins early tomorrow morning. He grabbed a quilt to place beside the white cat while he climbed into bed to sleep.

Chen Ge was woken up by the alarm at 7 am. The white cat woke up alongside him. The white cat was on high alert; the smallest commotion would cause it to tense up.

“It’s time to work.” Chen Ge called Uncle Xu to borrow the park’s lorry to haul the mannequin’s body from the workshop. The white cat guarded the basket. Chen Ge could not get near the four dead kittens, so he left them be for now.

After two trips, Chen Ge finally brought all the mannequin bodies back to the Haunted House. The corridor was filled with headless bodies. Uncle Xu only took a glance at it before escaping with a random excuse.

Are they that scary? Chen Ge pulled open the wooden boards. He marked the heads and the bodies before screwing them together. Then he moved them into Mu Yang High School scenario.

After placing them in the sealed classroom, Chen Ge put the clothes on the mannequins one by one. When he put the clothes on the last mannequin, he felt the black phone vibrate.

“Completed Two-Star Scenario Mu Yang High School’s Hidden Missions—finished building the bodies for the twenty-four spirits in the sealed classroom!

“Congratulations for obtaining the mission rewards—The Returners’ Goodwill. You can now give them simple instructions through the phone!

“Warning! Once the lingering spirit leaves the scenario, they will go berserk! Please be careful!”

All the hidden missions in Mu Yang High School had been completed; the two-star scenario could be officially opened.

Should I call He San to give him a free go? The child might say he doesn’t like it, but I think that he’s enjoyed himself every time.

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