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“Wenlong? Pei Hu?” Xia Meili called out twice at the door, but there was not even an echo inside the Haunted House; it felt like the sound was swallowed by some monster hiding in the dark.

What happened to the two of them? She did not want to return to the lovey-dovey Wang Hailong and Dou Menglu, but she wanted to explore the place alone even less. Don’t tell me something happened to them? But that scream from Wenlong does not sound like he was in danger.

Xia Meili stood at the doors for some time before finally pushing the door closest to her open.

304? Why is there a number on the door? What is the meaning? Xia Meili peered inside. It was different from she expected; the room was very clean.

Why do I feel so worried even though the place is so clean? She stood at the door and called her friends’ names twice. The more she called, the more worried she became. Where could these two large men have wandered off to?

She took out her phone to shine some light around, but the light only made her surroundings look darker, and there appeared to be something moving in the corridor behind her.

It’s too dangerous standing outside. I’d better go in first. Xia Meili entered room 304 and closed the door behind her. This room looks very normal, like a typical rental room, but the more normal it seems, the higher the chance there’s something scary. The Haunted House’s boss would not build a set like this just for decoration.

She was cautious and braver than most girls. With her body against the wall, she looked around the room before taking the first small step. Xia Meili finished examining the room after a few minutes and found nothing weird.

There’s nothing scary in the living room, so the danger is probably in the other two rooms! Wenlong and Pei Hu probably let their guard down and fell for the trap that was placed in the other rooms. Xia Meili gripped the phone tightly as she moved to the bedroom.

The bedroom does not have a door, so there will not be an actor hiding behind it. However, there are still blind spots behind the door frame. I need to be careful. She moved slowly, but her heart beat ever faster. When she reached the bedroom room, Xia Meili activated the video recorder on her phone and reached the phone into the room and turned it around.

After taking a full video, she examined it on the phone. The video was dark, but it was enough to confirm that there was no one hiding in the bedroom.

There’s no one in the bedroom? Ah, I almost forgot! I haven’t checked the area under the bed. She retreated back to the living room, selected a specific angle, squatted down, and aimed the flashlight on her phone at the space underneath the bed.

There’s really nothing. Looks like I’ve watched a few too many scary movies. Xia Meili relaxed slightly. If I was the designer, of course, I would not waste this precious spot that is under the bed. I would put some trap on it to make a mannequin jump out when someone sits on the bed.

Then Xia Meili wandered into the bedroom. There really were no traps or tricks. There was, however, a light scent of detergent.

Even the table cloth has the scent of detergent to it; looks like the tenant has a strong obsession with cleanliness. After exiting the bedroom, Xia Meili turned to look at the last available room. The toilet is also a prime location, but this toilet is small and has no cubicle. There’s not even a place for a person to hide.

Xia Meili treated the visit to the Haunted House as some sort of survival game. She was very careful and took deliberate steps. This type of visitor was horrid for Haunted House proprietors because they would come up with all kinds of solutions to undo the traps set up by the Haunted House. When the traps were exposed beforehand, the scary effect would greatly dwindle.

The layout of Hai Ming Apartments’ toilets was interesting to say the least. The mirror was facing the toilet door, so whether the resident was passing the toilet or entering it, their attention would be pulled to the mirror. It was the same for Xia Meili. Looking at her reflection in the mirror, she felt uneasy. Is this the environment or a trick of the eyes? How come I feel like the person inside the mirror is not me?

She stood at the door and shone her phone on the mirror. It reflects light, so it is an actual mirror, not an actor standing behind it to scare people.

She held the wall as she entered the toilet. The space inside was small, and soon, she found herself standing before the mirror.

Either there is no a trap to this room or the people hiding inside this place left after they scared Wenlong and Pei Hu. Xia Meili reached out to touch the mirror, and her tensed feelings relaxed. It’s just a fake scare. This is all Pei Hu’s fault; I’ve been infected by his cowardice.

She looked at herself in the mirror, and upon closer inspection, it looked much more normal. This is just a regular Haunted House; we have been scaring ourselves for naught. Since Wenlong and Pei Hu aren’t in this room, they should be in one of the other two rooms.

Xia Meili tried calling Wang Wenlong again. The sound seems to be coming from next door.

She leaned to her side to listen, and right then, a drop of water fell from the ceiling and landed on the edge of the sink. Xia Meili’s focus was fully zeroed in on determining the source of the ringtone, so she did not wonder why water was leaking from the ceiling.

It’s definitely coming from next door—Room 303.

Another droplet of water fell from the ceiling. This time, it fell on the tip of Xia Meili’s shoes. Before she could react, the third drop fell on her nose, and it slid down her face. Finally, Xia Meili noticed it. This Haunted House is leaking?

She frowned and turned her head up. In the partition above her head lay a woman who was completely drenched. Her face that was twisted from pain looked at Xia Meili quietly. A head of black hair fell down her face, and it would soon reach Xia Meili’s eyes!

No wonder I could not find anything… it was hiding up there.

Something more viscous than water fell on Xia Meili’s face. She wiped at it and realized it was as red as blood. Her body weakened, and Xia Meili collapsed to the floor with a thud.

Chen Ge exited the sealed classroom. Where is the mannequin that I left out here?

The girl mannequin had disappeared, and Chen Ge rushed toward the entrance. He remembered the warning on the black phone. Once the spirits left the Haunted House, they might go berserk.

Chen Ge examined the wooden boards at the entrance, and they were unmoved. He sighed in relief. It’s almost time to get them out already.

He did not even grab the iron mallet and entered the scenario with just a bloodied shirt. He was halfway down the corridor when he heard an ear-splitting female scream coming from the direction of the female dormitory!

That sounds like it came from the Pen Spirit’s room, but the Pen Spirit doesn’t seem aggressive enough to have caused something like this.

Chen Ge increased his pace and soon saw a woman in hot pants who had lost her heels running his way at full speed.