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Her hair was a frazzled mess, and her delicate features were twisted from fear. Her face was blanched, and one of her heels was missing. The sexiness and softness that she had displayed before entering the Haunted House had completely disappeared.

“Dou Menglu?” When Chen Ge saw Dou Menglu, this racing woman also saw Chen Ge. However, unlike Chen Ge’s calm attitude, she started to scream shrilly like she had seen a ghost and turned back to run away.

Standing where he was, Chen Ge touched his own face. Is it because of the mask?

The two consecutive scares had exploded the latent potential within Dou Menglu. Her slender legs carried her away like the wind, and she disappeared from Chen Ge’s view in the blink of an eye.

What has gotten into her? Chen Ge pulled off the mask and walked deeper into the scenario. But why is she alone? Were the others separated?

When he reached the first junction, Chen Ge still had not found Dou Menglu. So be it, I’ll go to the Pen Spirit’s room first or else I’ll have another vomit case on my hands.

He was about to move when the phone in his pocket rang, and the ringtone travelled far down the corridor.

Inside the fourth cubicle of the bathroom, Dou Menglu had given up on maintaining her image. She was lying on the floor, her eyes looking out through the bottom opening of the door.

He didn’t chase after me. Good, good.

Her chest rose and fell unevenly. Dou Menglu leaned against the wall, and there were still tears in her eyes. The images from the Pen Spirit game appeared in her mind. The game had begun smoothly, but when she asked who would be Wang Hailong’s future wife, a scene like it had come out of a nightmare appeared.

What was with that hanging girl? That couldn’t have been an actual person, but it did not look like 3D imaging either. The more she thought about it, the more afraid she became. She hid alone in the cramped toilet cubicle and fear gripped at her heart like a pair of invisible hands.

I have to contact the others; we’ll need to group up to save Brother Long. Rubbing tears dry, Dou Menglu called Wang Wenlong’s number. It rang for a long time, but there was no answer. What happened? Did something happen to him and Pei Hu as well?

After hanging up, Dou Menglu called Xia Meili. There was still no answer, and this made Dou Menglu feel even more helpless. She retreated deeper into the corner. Have they all fallen victim to the Haunted House? But there are five of us!

With shaking fingers, Dou Menglu did not give up, and with the last bit of hope, she called Pei Hu.

Pick up, fatty! Didn’t you say you like me? Why are you leaving me to die on my own? Due to extreme anxiety, green veins bulged on Dou Menglu’s snow white skin, and she looked quite harrowing at that moment.

Three seconds passed, and Dou Menglu’s heart sank. What happened to all of you?

Five seconds passed, and she gripped her fists tightly as if holding the last bit of hope in her palms.

Ten seconds passed, and Dou Menglu felt like crying.

However, at the thirteenth second, the phone was suddenly answered!

“F*ck! Fatty, why did you wait for so long before answering my call‽” Dou Menglu was on the verge of tears. Like a drowning victim finding an emergency raft, she had seen that bit of hope just as despair was about to swallow her whole.

“Why aren’t you talking? Brother Long fainted from the scare, and I’m currently hiding in the fourth cubicle in the bathroom, quickly come save me!” After thinking a moment, Dou Menglu warned, “I saw a bloody monster wandering the corridors earlier, so you have to be careful when you come here!”

In her urgency, she blurted out everything. However, she waited for a long time, and there was still no response.

“Pei Hu? Are you there?” Dou Menglu gripped the phone with both her hands and placed it beside her ear. “You are scaring me. If you can hear me, please say something.”

After several seconds, there was finally a response from the other end, but it was not Pei Hu’s voice. It was a completely unfamiliar, gravelly voice that said, “Okay, I will find you now…”

The phone slid from her fingers. When she heard the voice, Dou Menglu was stunned, and her heart skipped a beat.

Who did I call?

Who answered the phone?

Who is coming?

She looked at the phone on the floor, but she did not dare touch it, treating it like it was some kind of cursed object.

I’d better leave before he arrives! Dou Menglu burst through the door and rushed out of the cubicle, abandoning her phone. As she staggered toward the bathroom room, Chen Ge entered the bathroom in the bloodied outfit.

Dou Menglu screamed and tripped onto the floor. She crawled back into the bathroom. “Go away! Go away!”

“Don’t be afraid, I’m just…” Before Chen Ge could say anything, Dou Menglu had climbed up from the floor, rushed into the nearest cubicle, and used her body to block the door.

Chen Ge did not have the time to stop her, but when he saw that Dou Menglu had entered the fifth cubicle, he immediately rushed toward her. “Hey, that cubicle is off-limits!”

Dou Menglu, who was on the verge of mental breakdown, did not even have time to recover when she opened her eyes to see the pairs of eyes looking at her. The impactful sight caused goose bumps to rise all over her skin, and she lost the ability to talk.

It wasn’t like this earlier…

Dou Menglu fell backwards. Chen Ge quickly rushed forward to grab her by the shoulders and slammed the door of the fifth cubicle shut. “Are you alright? Didn’t I warn you not to use cell phone inside the Haunted House?”

Chen Ge slid the phone on the floor into Dou Menglu’s pocket, but Dou Menglu used her last bit of strength to toss the phone out. “Take it away from me. I’ll never use that phone again.”

“Don’t be crazy. Go rest by the door. I’ll go find your friends.” Chen Ge dragged Dou Menglu to the bathroom entrance. “By the way, you people sure are courageous to split up and wander off on your own.”

After consoling Dou Menglu, Chen Ge ran to the female dormitory. Wang Hailong was collapsed on the chair with tears in his eyes. He looked like he was going to faint at any given moment.

The main power of the Pen Spirit is fortune-telling. She’s weak when it comes to other aspects, so it looks like this big bloke is another paper tiger.

Chen Ge picked up the ball pen, and when he saw that the pen wasn’t injured, he placed the pen back and dragged Wang Hailong away.

This is exactly the shock I want to see on the first day the new scenario is open for visitation.

Chen Ge reunited Wang Hailong and Dou Menglu. Then Chen Ge entered the other corridor and looked in every room.

After rescuing the unconscious Xia Meili from the toilet of Room 304, Chen Ge pushed the female mannequin back into the ceiling partition. Then, Chen Ge dragged Pei Hu out from underneath the bed in Room 303.

To his surprise, this cowardly fatty had the best mental state of the group of them. When Chen Ge arrived, he was in the middle of a staring contest with the mannequin head by the door. According to the man, before Chen Ge arrived, he had been exchanging gazes with the head for about ten minutes already.

With Pei Hu leading the way, Chen Ge arrived at the last scary stop. He stood beside Pei Hu at the edge of the well and peered into it.

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