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When Wang Hailong mentioned the name of the location, Chen Ge was stunned. “Are the Hai Ming Apartments that you mentioned situated in the deepest part of a residential area? With rubbish piling up outside and a very old looking building?”

This time, it was Wang Hailong and Wenlong who were shocked. “You’ve been there?”

“I just came back from the place the night before yesterday.” Chen Ge also did not think things could be so coincidental.

“Nice, this means that you know the way there. We’re going there tonight. My father has a stubborn disposition, so it will be better for us to meet up downstairs first before going up together.”

After drafting the plan, the brothers left.

Wang Shenglong’s old home is next to the Third Sick Hall. Could the monster he saw that night have escaped from the hospital? After he was admitted into the Third Sick Hall, his problem deteriorated; everything seems to lead back to the mental hospital.

Chen Ge watched as the pair of brothers walked away.

There’s a monster that came out of The Third Sick Hall residing in Wang Haiming, and there appears to be another monster in Wang Shenglong, and they both chose to live at Hai Ming Apartments…

Suddenly, Chen Ge was reminded of the words mentioned by the young man in Room 302. He had once overhead the two voices in Wang Haiming argue, and one of them said that if he was not afraid of being captured by the Red Specter, he would have killed the other entity already.

Could the thing that the monster in Wang Hailing was afraid of be the monster within Wang Shenglong? If that is true, doesn’t it mean the monster in Wang Shenglong is on the same level as Zhang Ya? Wang Shenglong is the scariest entity at Hai Ming Apartments?

This question was too complicated. Chen Ge skipped lunch and sat on the steps before the Haunted House to think. The monster on Wang Haiming had been afraid of tearing away from Wang Haiming because it had felt something. It had forced the young man in Room 302 to capture living creatures it, starting from the initial sparrows, stray dogs, and finally a living human. It slowly broadened its appetite as if feeling out the bottom line of a certain presence.

It was similar to the mirror monster, but the one at Chen Ge’s Haunted House had acted so brashly. In comparison, the monster at Hai Ming Apartment was cautious. Obviously, the monster was afraid, so from this hypothesis, even if the monster on Wang Shenglong was not a Red Specter, it was much stronger than normal ghosts.

Just how scary is this Third Sick Hall? There’s a presence much stronger than the mirror monster, and from the looks of things, these were the two that escaped; there are probably more monsters sealed in that place!

Chen Ge rubbed his temples. A three-star scenario is already like this. Just how scary will the four-star School of the Afterlife be?

Standing up, Chen Ge gave Doctor Gao a call. He was unsure whether Doctor Gao was free or not, but if the doctor was too busy, he decided that he would go alone. The call was picked up after two rings, and Doctor Gao said, “Chen Ge? How can I help you?”

“It’s nothing really. I’m just calling to ask about Men Nan? How is he doing?”

“After a day of rest, he is getting better, but his condition is not that optimistic. In fact, I fear his situation is worse than I expected.” Doctor Gao sounded severe on the phone.

“That shouldn’t be.” Chen Ge was confused, he had already helped Men Nan solve the issue in his heart. He had completed the mission given by the black phone, so his condition should have improved.

“Listen to me, after Men Nan woke up, I reinitiated another psychological diagnosis, and I happened upon a startling discovery.”

Doctor Gao paused, and it sounded like he was walking over to a more private area before continuing. “There are three personas hiding in Men Nan’s body. One is a growing persona, which is the normal Men Nan we see daily. Another persona he has adopted is his dead mother. This persona sees herself as Men Nan’s mother. I suspect the appearance of this persona is a method of self-defense created by Men Nan’s consciousness after witnessing his mother’s murder at a young age.”

“What about the third?”

“The period of appearance for this third persona is very short, so we still don’t have much information on him. The only thing that I can confirm is that he does exist. This persona is unique; he will not grow, staying stasis at the age when Men Nan was still a child. I cannot communicate with him, and he shows up only for a short period of time. However, whenever this persona takes control of the body, Men Nan’s acumen for psychology doubles!”

“Meaning Men Nan’s talent is related to this third persona?”

“Yes, I’ve not come across a more talented person.” Doctor Gao had high praise for Men Nan. “However the need to preserve his talent means that the process of recovery will be very difficult. Normal medication will strengthen his normal persona and weaken the others. I’m afraid this will ruin his talent, so I’m discussing his case with other experts. Hopefully, we’ll be able to come up with a treatment specifically designed for Men Nan.”

When he was cured, his talent would also disappear. It was unknown whether this was a good or bad thing for Men Nan. Since Doctor Gao sounded so busy on the phone, Chen Ge did not bring up Wang Shenglong. He did not want to bother the good doctor anymore. “Alright, hopefully Men Nan will have a speedy recovery. Goodbye.”

When he was about to hang up, Doctor Gao said, “Wait, you must have called me for a reason. Men Nan is currently too weak to undergo any psychological treatment, so I am not that busy at the moment. If you have a problem, feel free to ask me.”

Since Doctor Gao had said so, Chen Ge did not hold back and told him everything he knew about Wang Shenglong. Doctor Gao was silent before saying, “Okay, I will come with you tonight. After all, Men Nan’s daily effects are still in Hai Ming Apartments; I have been meaning to find time to go fetch him for him.”

“Thank you, Doctor Gao.”

“There’s no need for thanks. I’ve heard all about you from Ru Xue. As a psychology aficionado, you are more than willing to put your knowledge into practice to help others. To be honest, you make me feel ashamed of myself.”

“Psychology aficionado? That’s what Gao Ru Xue said about me?” Chen Ge did not know whether to laugh or cry. He had a feeling that the other party had misunderstood him somewhat.

“Your Haunted House makes use of many psychological tricks, and it shows you have been reading up on psychology.” Doctor Gao laughed. “If there’s a chance, I shall pay it a visit.”

“You flatter me.” Chen Ge wiped the sweat off his forehead. The thought of placing the suit-wearing Doctor Gao in his Haunted House to scare for half an hour spooked Chen Ge. His whole characterization would collapse after something like that.

Doctor Gao’s voice soon returned to normal. “There are plenty who self-study psychology, but there aren’t many who are willing to do something for the patients. You have helped Wang Xin with her problem, and to be honest, when you called me to ask for help, I was touched. Only those who have experienced psychological trauma will understand the pain involved. Actually, I’ve been trying to thank you on behalf of Wang Xin and Men Nan. It is because of you that they were able to break free from their psychological shackles and breathe a breath of fresh air.”

Chen Ge was praised so much by Doctor Gao that he did not even remember ending the call. After all, this was the first time someone had praised him thusly. Chen Ge realized then that he was quite a noble person.

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