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“Are you serious? That sounds like a threat.” Liu Dao did not think that Chen Ge was kidding. He did not know Chen Ge that well, but he did know that the man was… a bit different from normal.

“No, it’s sincere advice. Just tell him what I said.” Chen Ge’s voice was calm. He was already praising himself for how kind-hearted he was. “At the end of the day, we are merely competitors. Even though he is rather shameless, I do not want to see him walk toward his death. Furthermore, his livestream involves such a large crew; they are innocent lives, so he should think about them.”

Competitor? Death? Innocent lives? Are we talking about the same topic? Liu Dao felt like one of them was drunk. To tell Qin Guang that if he continued to copy Chen Ge, he would die… how was he going to say that?

“Chen Ge, I know you are angry, but please calm down. We can use our content to surpass him; there is no need to rely on threats. If anything, this might make them sue us.” Liu Dao tried to advise him. After all, the contract had been signed, and their first official cooperation began tomorrow, so he did not want Chen Ge to do anything stupid at such a crucial moment.

“You will not understand even if I explain it to you.” Chen Ge walked to his Haunted House. “If there’s nothing else, I’ll see you tomorrow afternoon.”

“Remember to come early. There are many details we wish to discuss with you.”

“You got it.” After hanging up, Chen Ge was feeling low. He did not think that the livestream was that important; be it Qin Guang or the popularity, those were added bonuses. He only cared about one thing, which was to survive and find the clues left behind by his parents. Chen Ge glanced toward the canopy of the tree next to the Haunted House, but the white cat was nowhere to be seen.

Eventually, it has left. Chen Ge had grown quite attached to that cat. Multi-colored eyes are not common for a stray, but it is still a life; things can’t be forced.

Chen Ge was rather saddened upon realizing that the white cat had left. He entered the Haunted House and found himself alone in the long corridor. The Haunted House was rather lifeless at night. He switched on the corridor lights, and his lonely shadow extended down the corridor. It looked quite lonely, but he had gotten used to this already.

He went into the bathroom to wash his face before turning toward the staff breakroom. Before entering, he noticed something weird. Why is the breakroom door open?

There were two sets of keys to the breakroom; he carried one on himself, and the other was hidden above the door frame. It was to make it convenient for other Haunted House workers. This hiding place was only known to those who had worked at the Haunted House before.

If it was Xu Wan, she would have locked the door before she left. Looks like an outsider has snuck into the breakroom. Chen Ge took a detour to the props room to grab Doctor Skull-cracker’s iron hammer.

He pushed the breakroom door open. The room was dim, and there was no one in sight.

The key wasn’t on the door frame. Has the thief has taken away the key? Chen Ge glanced around the room, and he realized the only difference was there was an unwashed jacket lying on the table.

I remember hanging this beside the bed when I changed out of it this morning. Why is it on the table? He turned the light on and used the hammer to peel the jacket back.

Underneath the dirtied jacket lay a pure white cat. It moved its head with impatience, its pair of different-colored eyes shining with resentment. Chen Ge looked behind it, and a dirty ragdoll was lying on its tail. The small ragdoll appeared like she was trying to grab onto the white cat’s tail, but she did not expect that Chen Ge would come in so suddenly. Her body froze from the scare, and very instinctively, she pretended to be dead.

“Xiaoxiao?” This scene surprised him. Couldn’t these two not stand each other?

White cat, jacket… Chen Ge glanced at the jacket, and it dawned on him. When he took the cat to the doctor that night, he used his own jacket to wrap the cat and the kittens.

The smell of the four kittens probably lingered on the jacket. The jacket and the basket that carried the kittens were all in the breakroom, but the room was locked.

The key hidden above the doorframe was a secret to most, but for Xiaoxiao, who wandered about the Haunted House daily, she must have been privy to it. If anything, Xiaoxiao probably knew more about the Haunted House than Chen Ge by then.

Chen Ge pulled Xiaoxiao up by her leg and shook her twice in the air. A copper key then fell from her pocket.

“Are you trying to be the Haunted House’s manager?” Chen Ge did not know to laugh or cry. He placed Xiaoxiao beside the white cat and returned the key to on the door frame. Standing in the cold corridor, Chen Ge felt the breakroom was weirdly bright and warm.

Xiaoxiao lay beside the white cat on the table. The cat gave her a cold shoulder, but it did not push Xiaoxiao aside. It lay lazily on the table and did not seem like anything was going to affect it.

Looking at this, Chen Ge’s lips curved upwards. I used to stay here alone, but it has gotten quite rowdy now.

After closing the door, Chen Ge sat on the chair. He took out the black phone and started to inspect his daily missions. The three missions were respectively to hire more workers, perform safety inspection, and install a sturdy door for the Mu Yang High School scenario.

All the missions are imminent problems that the Haunted House needs to solve.Chen Ge updated the Haunted House’s information on the internet by introducing the new scenario and adding in the information of the reward money. After that, Chen Ge posted a recruitment post online. There was only one demand–the person had to be brave.

I must be picky with the recruitment. If Uncle Xu continues to help me sell ticket, we can still barely manage to get by, so this can be delayed for now. But as the Haunted House grows bigger, the issue of security cannot be ignored; I should pick the security option as my daily mission.

Chen Ge stood up again. He checked all the safety hazards in the Haunted House and came up with new rules, but the black phone did not say that he was done.

What’s the problem? I’ve checked all the scenarios, why isn’t the mission completed yet? Chen Ge stood there with the black phone. He might need to conduct a three-star Trial Mission tomorrow, so he needed time to prepare. He had no time to waste on a daily mission.

Wait, could it be the mirror in the bathroom?