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Chen Ge pushed open the bathroom door. The mirror on the wall was covered up by a black cloth, and the cubicle door was sealed up.

The visitors come to visit during the day, but the blood door only appears at midnight.

Normally, these two parties should not interact, unless someone sneaks into the Haunted House at night and accidentally opens the cubicle door, like Zhang Peng.

Chen Ge removed the black cloth and stood before the window.

He had no clue about the blood world behind the mirror. He did not even know why the door appeared, much less the way to destroy it.

My parents once said that the door of the Third Sick Hall has been opened again. This means that it was originally closed. Maybe the Third Sick Hall will have clues to closing the door; perhaps the door in the mirror and the door of the Third Sick Hall are connected. Then this Trial Mission will that much more important to me.

Chen Ge waited until midnight, and as the second hand passed twelve, the blood door in the mirror appeared on time. In just that one minute, various weird noises came from behind the cubicle. Compared to before, it felt like more things had gathered around the door.

Perhaps when I return from the Third Sick Hall, this door will be permanently closed.

Chen Ge returned to the staff breakroom, but he could not sleep. He sat on the chair and wrote down a list of the things he needed to prepare for tomorrow’s livestream. A cleaver that has tasted years of blood, a live cock, salt…

He worked on the list until 1:50 am. Chen Ge still did not feel sleepy. Every few minutes he looked at his watch, and an indescribable anxiety was spreading through him.

It’s still not too safe. The difficulty of the three-star Trial Mission should be multiple times harder than the two-star Mu Yang High School. Furthermore, I’m going in alone; I have to be more prepared. Chen Ge inspected his life and suddenly his phone rang. Who is calling me at 2 am?

Chen Ge glanced at the caller ID and answered it immediately. “Doctor Gao? You’re looking for me?”

“I’m so sorry to disturb you so late at night,” Doctor Gao said politely before cutting straight to the point. “I’ve managed to get Wang Shenglong’s medical history from his father, and when I cross-referenced it with our own patient’s history, I discovered something weird.”

“What is it?” Chen Ge sat up straighter. For Doctor Gao to call him so late at night, it had to be very serious.

“This Wang Shenglong is more dangerous than he appears. In fact, when he was very small, he was involved in a murder.”

“A murder‽” Chen Ge could not believe that the chubby kid could have been involved in something so sinister.

“Listen to me, this case is complicated.” There was the sound of typing from the other end of the phone. “Wang Shenglong received his first treatment when he was six, and the hospital he received the treatment at was called Jiujiang Third Psychological Convalescence Centre. It was a private center. It was far from the city and has been closed five or six years ago.”

“I’ve heard Wang Hailong mention this hospital before. At the time, they were poor, and the place was close to their old home, so they admitted Wang Shenglong there. But how is that related to the murder?” Chen Ge asked.

“When he was first admitted, Wang Shenglong, who was only six at the time, showcased extreme mood swings. Unable to control himself, he would attack the doctors and family members.”

“No matter how unruly the six-year-old was, he couldn’t harm an adult, right?”

“That was what I thought, but the files showed that in one of his crazed moment, he bit off the finger of a fellow patient who shared the same room. I have the picture.” Doctor Gao sent over the picture. The gruesome parts were not even censored. Chen Ge glanced at the file; it was a patient’s file. The diagnosis on Wang Shenglong was he was extremely dangerous, and the suggested treatment was quarantine and isolation.

“But that was only the beginning. To ensure the safety of other patients, the doctors quarantined the six years old Wang Shenglong into the third sealed building, and things only got worse from there.” Doctor Gao clicked on the screen. He selected the few pages that would not violate the patient’s privacy and sent them to Chen Ge. “In the second month after Wang Shenglong was moved into the quarantine hall, there was a harrowing murder. A nurse on duty was murdered, and after the police investigation, they confirmed that the murderer wasn’t a single person. It felt like all of the patients of the third hall had cooperated to commit this murder!”

“The patients collaborated to kill a nurse?” Doctor Gao was revealing information about the Third Sick Hall, and this was all inside information, so Chen Ge paid full attention. “Doctor Gao, can you tell me about this case in more detail?”

“That’s all I have. I’m a doctor not the police.”

“Then, can you find more information on the other patients in the Third Sick Hall?” Chen Ge wanted to know everything about the Third Sick Hall.

“Why would you want to know about that?”

“Just curious. Don’t worry, I will not leak the information to anyone else.” Chen Ge made a few more promises before Doctor Gao finally agreed.

“There were ten sick bays inside the Third Sick Hall, and there were nine patients. All of them were diagnosed to be extremely dangerous, so they were quarantined for specific treatment.

“The patient in room 1 was Wang Shenglong, diagnosed as suffering from Happy Puppet Syndrome or the Angelman Syndrome. The symptoms include constant smiles, spasms, loss of speech, and mental retardation. He was the youngest at the Third Sick Hall and deemed the least dangerous.

“The patient in room 2 was a woman, but the name is blacked out. There is no picture, and there was only an old patient’s list. She suffered from heavy depression caused by Dorian Gray Syndrome. Her symptoms include over-obsession with her personal image and over-reliance on make-up. She had undergone plenty of plastic surgery and was averse to the natural aging process. In fact, many female celebrities suffer from this.

“The third patient’s room was supposedly empty, and I can’t tell whether it housed a patient or not.”

Chen Ge was suddenly reminded of the note left by his parents. It had specifically pointed out the third room in the Third Sick Hall. “Having no records does not mean that it didn’t have a patient!”

“You have a point, but the patient’s room was arranged according to their danger level, so even if the room was occupied, the patient was not that dangerous. Perhaps this was a error by the hospital.” Doctor Gao paused to take a sip of his water before continuing.

“The patient in room 4 suffered from Phantom Limb Syndrome after losing his arm in an accident. After the amputation surgery, he felt the arm was still on his body and could sense pain and temperature through it.”

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