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Chen Ge stood up after finishing the cigarettes. Does anyone even listen to cassette tapes these day? Where am I going to find a player?

After much difficulty, Chen Ge finally had reached a stable relationship with Zhang Ya, but now he had another one to deal with. Chen Ge really did not expect that he would one day be troubled by being too popular.

The Haunted House is big enough for the brother inside the tape as long as he doesn’t create trouble. Chen Ge noticed a detail provided by the black phone. The chance of drawing the crying tape was three percent while the chance of drawing the cursed love letter had been 0.3 percent. According to that probability, the specter inside the tape should not be more powerful than Zhang Ya. His strength was probably between a normal Baleful Specter and a Red Specter.

Weaker is not so bad—easier for me to come to a negotiation with him.

After all, Chen Ge was rather alarmed by Baleful Specter that had their own personal page like Zhang Ya. Pushing the bicycle back to New Century Park, some visitors had already arrived. Uncle Xu and Xu Wan were already standing in front of the Haunted House.

“Chen Ge, where have you been so early in the morning? And why are there chicken feathers stuck to your clothes?”

The number of visitors was not that high, and Uncle Xu was considered half a Haunted House worker now. When he was free, he would stand outside the Haunted House to sell tickets.

“A morning joke.” Chen Ge dusted the chicken feather off naturally and opened the gate to prepare for business. That morning, Chen Ge kept spacing out, the messages from before crowing his mind. He was walking in the mist, and he could see an opening before him, but he was unable to tell whether it led to the exit or to the maw of a monster. At 4:30 pm, Chen Ge gave Xu Wan an early leave. He closed the gate and entered the staff breakroom.

It’s time to start the preparation. He placed his backpack on the table and shoved the mallet, the cleaver wrapped in red cloth, packets of salt, a lighter, and a flashlight into it. Six packs of salt should be enough.

Chen Ge then took out another large bag. He planned to bring the white cat and Xiaoxiao with him.

Let me see what else I’m missing.

Opening the drawer, Chen Ge saw the cassette tape sitting inside. It did not have any markings other than an irregular bloody handprint like someone had gripped it with a bloody hand.

Such an item that has already been lost in time has appeared in the Haunted House’s drawer.

Naturally this was the black phone’s doing. Chen Ge did not know much about the tape, and since he was afraid that the thing inside might ruin the Haunted House when he was not around, he dropped the tape inside his bag as well.

That’s all, I suppose. Chen Ge found Xiaoxiao and the jacket with the kittens’ odor and placed them inside the bag. He negotiated with the cat for a long time before it jumped unwillingly into the bag.

Stay here for a moment, I’ll be right back. Chen Ge walked into the props room and saw Doctor Skull-cracker’s hammer lying in the corner. This thing has a certain presence to it, maybe I’ll be able to use it.

To fit the hammer inside his backpack, Chen Ge had to remove the mallet and three packs of salt.

The salt might not be useful, so there’s no reason for me to bring so many. The multi-purpose mallet, though, has helped me a lot, so I have to bring this with me.

However, there was indeed no space, so Chen Ge tied to the mallet to the outside of the backpack.

Including the black suitcase with various livestream equipment, the table before Chen Ge was full. It still feels like I’m missing something.

Chen Ge thought about it, exited the staff breakroom, and entered the Mu Yang High School scenario. For this three-star Trial Mission, he could not be too prepared. He entered the female dormitory and picked up the broken ballpoint pen. “Pen Spirit, I want to use today’s fortune-telling chance, please help me answer a question.”

Chen Ge started playing the Pen Spirit game. “Will you tell me what kind of danger I will run into at the Third Sick Hall?”

The pen quivered lightly, and after a long time, the pen started writing. “A certain death!”

As if to stress, the Pen Spirit used extra emphasis, and the pen almost tore through the paper.

“A certain death?” Looking at Pen Spirit’s answer, Chen Ge’s face fell. “Pen Spirit, I asked about the type of danger, why are you giving me this answer?”

Ahead of his departure, his confidence was already wavering. The Pen Spirit did not answer. Chen Ge’s brows creased heavily. “Hopefully you’re wrong, or it’s over for all of us.”

Then, he planned to shove the pen inside his pocket. After all, as a part of the Haunted House, how could the Pen Spirit sit this one out?

The Pen Spirit did not expect things would develop like this. Just as Chen Ge’s arm was leaving the paper, it quickly scribbled the earlier answer out.

There’s still a fighting chance?

Chen Ge was full of anticipation, but the Pen Spirit wrote another line down. “Don’t bring me with you!”

“Don’t bring you?” Chen Ge pocketed the pen and waltzed out of Mu Yang High School.

Everything is ready; it’s time to go! Chen Ge took out the black phone. After completing three Nightmare Missions, he had the chance to unlock a Trial Mission.

“Congratulations, Specter’s Favored, you have unlocked the Trial Mission for the Third Sick Hall!

“The Third Sick Hall (Three Stars Scream Factor): This abandoned hospital makes strange noises at night, and you’ll need to find out why.

“Mission Venue: The quarantine sector of Jiujiang Third Psychological Convalescence Centre.

“Mission Requirement: Arrive at the Third Sick Hall before midnight and survive until dawn.

“Mission Hint: The antonym of good is evil, and the antonym of right is wrong, so what is the antonym of human?

“Do you wish to accept this mission? Warning: Trial Missions are only available for twenty-four hours. If they are not accepted within these twenty-four hours, the scenario will never be unlocked.”

Chen Ge had made all the necessary preparations for this moment. He clicked on accept, and the interface changed. A clock appeared in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. If Chen Ge did not enter the Third Sick Hall before midnight, the Trial Mission would be considered a fail.

The Third Sick Hall… after I finish this mission, I should be able to find more clues about my parents. Chen Ge left the park with all the bags and called Liu Dao. Liu Dao told Chen Ge to wait for him at the park, and he would personally fetch him.

When Liu Dao saw Chen Ge, he also received quite a shock. However, the man very cleverly did not ask for more details. He started the car and drove Chen Ge to Jiujiang Third Psychological Convalescence Centre.

“Qin Guang’s livestream starts at 10 pm. The response to his previous livestream was positive, so the platform gave him its full support again. We have tried our best and have sacrificed the posts of two hosts to gain a not-so-bad channel and recommendation for you. Please do your best tonight.”