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The people from Liu Dao’s studio were speechless because this was a question they had not faced in their life before. In the end, it was Liu Dao who walked over to say, “You have to be careful tonight. Safety first. We took a look around the mental hospital when the sun was still up.”

“You’ve been inside the place? What did you find?” The way Chen Ge focused on Liu Dao made him feel uncomfortable.

“We just took a stroll outside and didn’t dare go in. But I’ve downloaded a map of the mental hospital for you. According to the rumors, it was drawn by one of its patients.” Liu Dao opened a file on his laptop, and it showed a very rough map. “There are three buildings inside the hospital, and they are interconnected.

“The first and second sick halls housed normal patients, and the entrance and windows faced the sun. The third sick hall is a bit more mysterious; it was the quarantine hall. It housed the more dangerous patients, and its door and windows faced away from the sun.

“You have to be exceptionally careful when you are inside this third hall. According to the description of the artist who drew the map, the third hall was forbidden for normal patients, and whenever a normal patient was discovered to be near the place, they would be given a horrible punishment.

“Therefore, I suggest you skip the third hall tonight. If you take it slow, the first two halls should provide us with enough content already.”

Liu Dao pushed the screen toward Chen Ge to make him memorize the map.

“Is this Third Sick Hall that special? Did you manage to find more details about it online?” Chen Ge’s expression was serious.

“Not much, and some sounded made-up. Some said that the patients in there had killed a doctor, and the incident was exposed only after a few days. Some even said that the place did not house normal humans but strange creatures.” Liu Dao laughed. “It has to be made-up, right?”

Closing the laptop, everyone there noticed the change in Chen Ge’s presence. He seemed to be greatly worried about something.

“Check the camera, we do not have much time left.” Chen Ge carried his backpack and equipped the chest camera, wrist camera, and audio recorder. After testing all of them, he headed out of the tent.

“If it becomes too dangerous, just turn back and run. Remember to mark your way as you head toward the place and set my phone number as your emergency call,” Liu Dao shouted from behind Chen Ge. “I will call you one minute before the start of the livestream. You’ll be able to see the situation inside your livestream room. Lastly, no one has been to that place in a long time, so I cannot guarantee what you’ll find inside. Be careful!”

Chen Ge did not expect that the man would be so worried about him. He stopped at the entrance to the tent and set Liu Dao’s phone as his emergency call before everyone. He waved and said, “Remember to stay inside the tent. Do not wander off, and don’t come to find me no matter what you see or hear. Understand?”

“But if…”

“Take care of the equipment and leave the content to me.” The man and the cat disappeared into the darkness.

Watching Chen Ge walk away, Sister Lee, who was dubious of him, had her arms crossed before her chest. She said under her breath, “This kid, at least his back is kinda handsome.”

Chen Ge was more nervous than anyone before entering an actual three-star scenario. He understood how dangerous this place was and knew how real those stories that Liu Dao thought were made-up were. The patient did not make up those things; perhaps it was because he could see things that normal people could not, and that was why he was treated as a patient.

Following the memorized map, Chen Ge reached the end of the brush, and an old building appeared before his eyes.

“This mental hospital occupies a large area.” Initially, when Chen Ge heard it was a private hospital, he had thought that the environment would be horrid and would not be big enough to fit many patients, but when he was there in person, he realized how wrong he was.

The hospital was surrounded by thick brush, and there was only one entrance. It was sealed, and thanks to the tall cement walls, Chen Ge temporarily could not see anything more than that. When he got close, Chen Ge noticed something that unsettled him.

The hospital’s cement walls were filled with many senseless sentences, but they shared a similarity—they all mentioned someone’s name. When Chen Ge saw this for the first time, he tried to memorize the names, but there were simply too many sentences and too many names. Some even repeated, so in the end, he gave up.

Are these names of the patients at the hospital?

He could not understand the meaning of those sentences, but he did think that they are very weird.

These sentences definitely weren’t written by a normal person. What is it that they are trying to communicate?

Looking at the walls, Chen Ge felt weirdly anxious, like the sentences were curses directed at him. “White Tiger, don’t stray too far from me.”

Now that they were alone, Chen Ge did not feel that shameless about referring to the cat by that name. When they got close to the hospital, the white cat showed obvious hostility. This cat, which was sensitive to those things, had felt something.

“Don’t worry, we also have our trump cards.” Chen Ge raised the chicken, which was tied by the claws, and took out the mallet. He did not rush in but waited patiently for Liu Dao’s call.

“The equipment is working well; the picture is clear and stable. We’ve started the livestream. You can check it out on your own phone.”

“Okay.” Chen Ge logged into the platform, and the first thing he saw was the ad for Qin Guang’s livestream. He clicked on it. Qin Guang and his team had a little accident outside of Mu Yang High School. It sounded like the equipment car had driven into a ditch. Qin Guang was making a personal apology on the livestream. He said that the driver saw something collapse on top of the windscreen, and he lost his focus.

This bunch of people really did go to Mu Yang High School. Looks like he didn’t heed my advice. Then again, even this apology video has about 400,000 views. He cannot be underestimated.

Chen Ge then entered his own livestream room. Thanks to the platform’s recommendation, the number of viewers had climbed up to 250,000 people in a short amount of time.

The video was split into different screens. The largest one was the footage from his chest camera. It had the highest definition. There was a smaller video in the bottom left corner, which corresponded to the camera on his wrist. Like a watch, the angle could be monitored freely, and by raising his arm, he could see his own body on the video.

It’s 10 pm. Time to start.

He pointed the camera on his wrist at himself and looked at the chatlog that continued to roll. “I didn’t expect that I’d be doing something so crazy tonight.”

After patting his backpack and helping the cat onto the wall, Chen Ge climbed over the wall into Jiujiang Third Psychological Convalescence Centre.

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