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“A mental hospital and normal hospital offer different kinds of treatment, and there is a bigger stigma toward the former. Normally, people unconsciously skirt around them,” Chen Ge said to the camera. “No one can refute that. After all, no matter the argument, the people who are treated here are different from us, but sometimes, it is hard to tell whether they are wrong or whether it is us who are not that normal.”

Chen Ge’s started to focus when his feet landed on the ground. “This hospital before me is the place where many horrific rumors took place. When the day went quiet, weird screams could be heard coming from the hospital. Words written in blood would appear on the walls of the corridors where no live people still tread. The director has disappeared without a trace, and some suspected he is still hiding in a dark corner of this hospital.”

Chen Ge glanced at the chat log, and most of the viewers did not buy what he said; some even made a direct comparison of his livestream to Qin Guang’s.

“Supernatural livestream, yet another actor trying to lie to us.”

“Even through the screen, I can already tell your future. Some hosts are only mention such stories to survive in our memory.”

“I can understand what you’ve said, but do you mind telling me why there is a chicken in your hand? Are you trying to combine a supernatural show with a cooking show? Is this some new direction?”

“Visiting a mental hospital at night? Based on that, you got my like!”

The viewers were chatting and joking; there was a noticeable lack of fear.

“A live cock will be able to defend against negative energy. Tonight, I’ll let you experience the real sensation of fear. In fact, we took a two-hour drive before we managed to locate this hospital, aren’t any of you afraid?” Chen Ge explained patiently, but the viewers still did not buy it.

“What is there to be afraid of? The last host who said that is now fixing his car.”

“Wow! That is such a cute cat…”

This helped Chen Ge calm down. After chatting for a while longer with the viewers, he finally started exploring Jiujiang Third Psychological Convalescence Centre. The mental hospital spanned a large area, and the whole hospital was surrounded by a cement wall. There was a large courtyard probably for the patients to move around in, but after years of neglect, other than the few patches of cement, the other places were overgrown with weeds that reached up to the knees.

Chen Ge moved forward some more, and he finally saw the three buildings that were connected to each other. The buildings were arranged into the form of the character ‘品’. The second building was the one that protruded to the north, and all the buildings were connected with hallways.

“The first and second sick halls face the sun, and the one facing away from it should be the third sick hall. This is a weird design. Are there some patients that couldn’t see the light in the third sick hall?”

From the layout of the place alone, this place gave him the creeps. There has to be a reason for this kind of design. Be it for the Trial Mission or to get the clues left behind by my parents, I’ll need to enter the Third Sick Hall tonight.

Chen Ge walked forward, and the white cat followed behind him. The moon was full that night, and it colored the cement ground a milky white. Chen Ge took the steps that led him to the first sick hall. The entrance was made from steel. He tried to push it once, and it swung open easily.

“The lock is broken.” The previous Trial Missions had given Chen Ge plenty of experience. He shone the light on the lock. “The spring has snapped; it was a forced entry.”

Chen Ge looked down the dark corridor, and a question cropped up his mind. “Who busted the lock?”

Someone had returned after the hospital closed. Was it the patients or his own parents?

Director Luo had overheard his parents mention the Third Sick Hall before they disappeared, and the note left in the park did also point to this place, but how was this place special? Chen Ge had no idea.

Director Luo had heard them mention this place before they disappeared while the bloody note only appeared after his parents’ disappearance. What happened to them at the Third Sick Hall?

Chen Ge pushed open the steel door wide. The corridor was filled with trash and abandoned beds. It gave one a glimpse into the past. The place had been crowded when it was still in operation, and many patients could only rest in the corridors.

Unlike certified hospitals, mental hospitals did not have that many specialized rooms. Along the crowded corridor were rooms of unknown usage. Chen Ge sniffed the air and could smell a stench in the air. This stench was familiar because he had once smelled it in Hai Ming Apartments; it was similar to the stench that stuck to Wang Shenglong.

“The negative feeling is already so strong even before I enter the place.” This was also Chen Ge’s first visit to a mental hospital. The rough map drawn by the patient was his only guidance.

“The design of the three sick halls should be similar. The danger level of the first sick hall should be the lowest. I should familiarize myself with the surroundings first before moving forward.” He only took one step when the white cat jumped onto his shoulder. It seemed to want to communicate something to Chen Ge, but Chen Ge could not understand what.

“This is the first time the cat has willing been so physically close to me. What has it sensed? Is this a sign of fear or something else entirely?”

As he walked down the hall, Chen Ge kept feeling like something was crunching underneath his footsteps. He lowered his head to look, and inside the cracked tiles were plenty of carcasses of unknown bugs. The hospital had not been used for year, so it could not be the effect of bug spray, so what killed these bugs?

All the doors to the room in the first sick hall were open, and the interior design in each room was almost identical. Other than some single beds in a cramped room, there was nothing else.

“Just how many patients did this hospital admit when it was still operating?” Chen Ge walked into one of the random rooms to feel it out. Four wooden beds filled up the already small room, and there was only a standing place left for Chen Ge to even turn around.

“Living in such a claustrophobic space day in and day out, even those who were normal would turn insane.” Chen Ge exited the room and soon reached the first junction. There was a place that looked like the nurse’s station. On top of the wooden counter, there were several empty pill bottles and cards with patients’ names on.

“Looks like the patients would need to come here to get their medicine daily.” Chen Ge looked into the station and found two things that should not have been there.

There were two iron-welded cages inside the station. They were not big, just large enough to fit a medium-sized dog.

“What are these two cages for?” Chen Ge jumped into the station, and when he shone the flashlight at the cages, he made a startling discovery. One of the cages had a half-cooked and half-feathered duck inside it.

“There’s no sign of decay, which means that the duck was recently put inside the cage.” Chen Ge gripped the mallet and leaned against the wall. “There are people inside this hospital other than myself.”