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The single-armed man landed on his butt, and his arm lay weakly by his side.

“One on one is much fairer.”

Chen Ge turned to the twisted face with the iron hammer. This person was wearing the doctor’s coat, and there were signs of skin grafting on his face, causing it to look twisted. Without preamble, Chen Ge’s first reaction after seeing the twisted face was to hold the hammer and swing it at the man’s shoulder.

The climax that night was the Third Sick Hall. Before entering that place, Chen Ge wanted to eliminate as many dangerous threats as he could. Technically, this was the first time that they had met, and the twisted face did not expect Chen Ge to be so cruel and enraged.

Such aggression scared even the real crazies. Twisted face took a step back and turned to run down the corridor. The single-armed man moved even faster. He had gotten used to life with just one arm, so his lower body was extremely powerful. He stood up with just a simple roll. Without turning back, he ran even faster than the twisted face.

The two did not even to resist and chose to escape with their lives. This came as quite a surprise to Chen Ge. However, he recovered quickly and made chase with the Doctor Skull-cracker’s hammer.

The rushed footsteps shattered the quietness of the night. The ‘victim’ trapped inside the mental hospital was chasing after the two ‘culprits’ wielding a hammer. The chase was so intense that they barely had time to talk.

Chen Ge followed them from the third floor to the first floor. The two patients were familiar with the layout of the hospital, and they jumped into a secluded staircase. Chen Ge made to follow, and the three ran up from the first floor to the fourth floor. After some back and forth, when they passed the third-floor corridor, the two patients separated.

“They’re splitting up‽” Chen Ge did not expect the two to strategize against him, but he made the decision easily. “I have incapacitated the single-armed man’s only arm, so he is much less dangerous than the twisted face. He should be my target. If I can incapacitate him, it’ll be much safer for me to enter the Third Sick Hall.”

Chen Ge’s mind was clear, but when he gave chase after the twisted face, the single-armed man stopped running and turned back around to block Chen Ge. Twisted face made use of this opening to run back to the fourth floor. He headed for the hallway that connected the buildings.

“The hallway connecting the second and third sick halls are equipped with security doors. The second floor’s was disabled from rust, and I haven’t checked the third floor’s. Does this mean the fourth floor’s can be used normally?”

Facing the single-armed man who was rushing at him, Chen Ge’s reaction was straightforward. He aimed the hammer at the man’s legs. With just a few seconds, he managed to shake the man loose and turned to run toward the fourth floor.

The twisted face’s eyes were twitching as he raced down the corridor. This was the first time he had come across such aggressive prey. Twisted face shoved open the steel door that connected the second and third sick hall, and he escaped into the third sick hall.

Looking at the twisted face that disappeared into the darkness, Chen Ge did not continue to chase. The dark corridor was like the maw of a monster; it gave him a very uncomfortable feeling, and the stench in the air thickened.

“The Third Sick Hall…” Chen Ge stopped at the corridor. He inspected the steel door that separated the corridor. The lock had been sawed off. “If these people have a saw with them, things will be horrendous if I’m captured.”

Chen Ge was feeling rather tired after the chase that lasted for more than ten minutes. He dropped a line of salt near the steel door as a mark. After returning to the second sick hall, Chen Ge dragged the totally incapacitated man to the laundry room.

The appearance of the man caused a change in the three people inside the cages. The one with the strongest reaction was still the woman in the middle. Her body knocked into the edges of the cage like she was trying to get away from this place.

“What have you done that shocked a normal person until she lost her mind?” Chen Ge had no sympathy for the twisted face and the single-armed man. This was one of the main reasons. These two were involved in some sick activities.

The single-armed man was lying on the floor unconscious, and Chen Ge realized something. When he whacked the man’s arm and legs, he had not made a sound.

“Can this man not feel pain?” Chen Ge was not crazy enough to test that theory. He grabbed some dirty laundry and tied the man to the hose that ran down the corner of the room. After doing that, Chen Ge picked up the camera that had fallen to the floor and reattached it to his wrist. “Now that I have the upper hand, it’s time to enter the Third Sick Hall.”

Chen Ge glanced at the livestream. He was shocked to see the viewership had reached over 80,000, and it was still climbing. It was probably due to the action-packed scenes earlier. The popularity of Chen Ge’s livestream had easily surpassed others.

“My livestream should be more interesting than Qin Guang’s. If this continues, I’ll be able to grab some viewers from him.” Chen Ge glanced at the chatlog. The popularity was high, but the chatlog was slowly going out of control.

He had people hiding under dirty laundry, smashing a single-armed man’s chest, and running crazily in a mental hospital with a large hammer for ten minutes. This was unheard of in the livestreaming world, and his livestream was close to exploding!

Some praised Chen Ge for his hardworking nature and attention to detail; others mocked him for the exaggeration; there was also a small group of morally upright viewers who wanted to call the police when they saw the people trapped inside the steel cages. Chen Ge did not expect the viewers’ reactions to be so exciting. He was thankful that he did not give a detailed livestream address, and he only mentioned that he was at a mental hospital shrouded in mystery.

80,000 people was a high viewer count, but compared to the number of national citizens, it was like a drop of water in the ocean. Even if there were a handful of Jiujiang locals, they might not have heard of Jiujiang Third Psychological Convalescence Centre. After all, this place had been abandoned for years.

Without an address, it was difficult to get a police response. Even if the viewers managed to locate Chen Ge through the clues on his livestream, it would be after midnight already. Hiding the scary-looking hammer behind him, Chen Ge chatted for a little while with the camera to calm the viewers down. He tried to move the conversation toward good acting and a well-written script.

In all honesty, it was hard for Chen Ge. All other hosts were afraid that their script might be exposed, so they paid good money to design original scripts and hire actors to create shocks and scares.

But for Chen Ge, the development was so real that even he himself was scared. The ‘scary surprises’ had not stopped, and each one was bigger than the one preceding it!