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“Why would you ask that?” Xu Tong immediately regretted asking that question. He looked at the hammer in Chen Ge’s hands, and his mouth turned slippery again. “Wang Haiming was once a patient here. He was locked inside the Third Sick Hall multiple times due to repeated offenses. That man is very interesting.”

“Be more specific.”

“He was a low risk patient. He stayed on the second floor of the second sick hall, but the man had something wrong with his mind. He kept saying that he was not crazy.” A disgusting smile appeared on Xu Tong’s lips. “Actually, we all know that we are perfectly fine, but only an idiot like him would announce it out loud.”

To be called an idiot by a diagnosed mental patient, if Wang Haiming was still alive, Chen Ge wondered how he would have felt. A flash of wickedness entered Xu Tong’s smile. His perspective was different from normal people. Perhaps until now, he still believed he was not ill.

“And then?” Chen Ge realized how dangerous it was to communicate with mental patients, especially one like Xu Tong. He was wary of being unconsciously sucked into their world, influenced by their twisted worldview.

“Wang Haiming not only refused the treatment by the hospital, but when the doctors tried to administer the treatment, he started fighting with the nurses and doctors.

“Injuring the workers was the biggest mistake at this hospital. The day it happened, Wang Haiming was punished by the hospital.

“Initially he was just sent to the quarantine room, but it only made him worse. After he was released from the place, he got into a physical altercation with the nurse because he refused to take his medicine. He announced that he was a millionaire who could buy half of the hospital if he wanted to. He promised that he would make these doctors and nurses pay.

“After ten minutes, the idiot paid for what he said. The hospital workers came with a straightjacket and moved him into the third sick hall’s quarantine room.

“That was his first visit to the Third Sick Hall. We were happy to welcome a new friend, but he was very unfriendly. He even spat at me. He looked energetic, and as he was escorted, his mouth never stopped cursing. This poor newbie did not know what being sent to the Third Sick Hall meant, but he would know soon enough.

“The Third Sick Hall’s quarantine room has an alternative name—Electroshock Therapy Room. It is a common method to treat mental illness. The doctors who had used it all said it was incredibly effective.

“Of course, as a registered private hospital, to ensure patient’s safety and comfort, they would cooperate with aestheticians before beginning the treatment. The quarantine room has good sound insulation. When Wang Haiming exited the room, he was much more pliable. All of us thought the treatment had been highly effective.

“After a few days of peace, Wang Haiming got into argument with the workers for hiding medicine. This man had a natural instinct for adventure. Perhaps he was indeed a millionaire before being admitted into the hospital.

“When he exited the quarantine room for the second time, we all thought that he would finally admit to his fate, but the man planned a midnight escape, and to everyone’s surprise, he succeeded. Even though he was captured the next day, he made use of that one night of freedom to contact his ex-wife. We have no idea what he told her, but in less than a month, she arrived to arrange for him to leave the hospital.”

From Xu Tong’s lips, Chen Ge gained a deeper understanding of Wang Haiming. “How do you know so much about the man?”

“After he was captured, he was detained. The hospital had him situated in the Third Sick Hall’s Room 3, but he almost died in that room. Since there was no other option, the hospital workers arranged for him to temporarily stay with me.” The twisted expression on Xu Tong’s face slowly returned to normal.

“Then, do you know what happened to him in Room 3?”

“He saw many people; there were many people inside the room.”

“He told you all that himself?” Chen Ge did not think things would be so complicated. Wang Haiming once stayed inside the third room.

“Why would I talk to an idiot?” Xu Tong scoffed with condescension. “That idiot would mumble to himself every night, and I overheard his conversation.”

Chen Ge nodded. He needed to enter the Third Sick Hall personally to know more about its mystery.

“The second question, why would patients from the Third Sick Hall like yourself return to this place after the hospital was closed down?”

“Of course, we have our reasons. I cannot answer on other people’s behalf, but for me…” Xu Tong looked at Chen Ge. “Only by staying here can I escape from your surveillance. Only by staying here will you not disturb me.”

“It’s time for you to take your medicine.” Chen Ge stood up. He believed that Xu Tong did not lie to him.

The old man and young woman were shaking in fear when they saw the single-armed man, but they did not show any response when they were in Xu Tong’s proximity. The old man even dared to bite his hand. This went to show, unlike the twisted face and single-armed man, Xu Tong had not done those crazy things.

The iron cage was broken due to Chen Ge’s assault. He placed the hammer beside him and asked, “I heard a female nurse was killed inside the Third Sick Hall, do you know about this?”

“Yes. The hospital even organized a mourning ceremony in the second sick hall for her, hoping it would be a lesson for the patients, the patients’ families, and the workers.” Xu Tong seemed to expect what Chen Ge would ask next. He shrugged and said, “I really had nothing to do with the nurse’s death. The police asked me, and I stayed in my room that night. I didn’t say a word to her; I didn’t even see her that night.”

After nodding, Chen Ge asked Xu Tong questions about the hospital director. Unfortunately, Xu Tong’s knowledge of this was limited.

Xu Tong was an honest patient. His sickness prevented him from communication with living people, and the greater the number of people around him, the more unsettled he would be. He felt like everyone was same, and they were one person toying with him. However, if he was kept in a small room with a limited amount of people, he would be just like a normal person.

“Hopefully, everything you’ve said is the truth.” Chen Ge reequipped the two cameras and took out his phone to glance at it.

After such a long period of a black screen, his popularity did not drop. In fact, it had shot over 150,000 viewers.

“What’s going on?” Looking at the chatlog, Chen Ge realized that even though he had blocked the cameras, the audio recorder was still stuck to his lapel!

Xu Tong’s scream, the information about the nurse’s death, Wang Haiming’s history, and the mystery of the Third Sick Hall had all been broadcasted!

Due to this coincidence, Chen Ge’s livestream had continued to climb the popularity ladder. The chatlog kept refreshing.

“This is all too real!”

There were viewers who gave him likes and virtual presents.

Chen Ge did not even know what to say. Since things had reached this stage, Chen Ge decided to throw caution to the wind.

“Thank you everyone for the presents and likes. Thank you for tuning in to my livestream!” Chen Ge aimed the camera at himself. “What you’ve seen and heard might not be fake! Tonight, I’ll bring you a livestream that can never be replicated!”