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Chen Ge examined the bags on the counter carefully, and his expression turned grim. He used his fingers to rub at the names, and he finally discovered the source of the problem. The writing on some of the bags was still wet; the names had been written recently!

Chen Ge whipped his head up and looked around; there was no hiding spot inside the nurse’s station.

“The person who prescribed the drug should still be close. They probably haven’t wandered far and are still nearby.” Chen Ge could not tell if the other party had discovered him, but he knew he had to be more careful. He jumped out of the station and slunk into the room opposite the nurse’s station. He pushed the door open a sliver, and Chen Ge looked out into the corridor.

“The names on the bags were freshly written, so the pills were probably just prescribed. Who would do something like this at night?” There were several candidates in Chen Ge’s mind, and the foremost was the twisted face. He had once been a doctor at this hospital, and from the way he treated his father, he had a great need for revenge.

“He prescribed the drug to force-feed his victims?” Then again, if this was true, he would not have needed to write the patient’s name down on the bag one by one, so things could not have been that simple. It was midnight, and things were at their most unstable. Chen Ge decided to stay a little bit longer to clear up the mystery about the medicine before moving.

About ten minutes later, there was a fuzzy shadow that appeared at the end of the third-floor corridor. It was so far away that Chen Ge could not tell whether it had appeared from one of the rooms or from the other floors.

“Which patient is it?” Chen Ge could not see the face, but he did not dare turn on the light. The only thing he could do was hide behind the door with the hammer ready. The shadow’s gait was weird; it was staggering like it could trip and fall at any moment.

As it got near, Chen Ge made another weird discovery. The thing made no sound as it walked across the floor!

“Based on the way it limps, it shouldn’t be silent.”

The shadow got closer enough for Chen Ge to catch a rough glimpse of its clothes. The white nurse’s outfit was rather conspicuous in the dark, and it was a contrast from the dirtied mattresses that littered the place.

“It’s not the twisted face but a woman?” Chen Ge could not be sure. He leaned his upper body on the door, and his eyes attached themselves to the slit. He did not blink, afraid that he might lose any details. “It’s coming.”

The shadow with the nurse’s outfit had its head lowered, and it was mumbling something quietly. When it neared the room Chen Ge was hiding in, the man finally got a good look.

The moving shadow was a monster wearing a nurse’s coat. Its waist was broken, and its limbs were twisted at weird angles. It felt as if someone had rearranged the monster’s body, and it had lost the correct shape of a normal human. The monster before him ruined the wonderful image of nurses that Chen Ge had maintained for the past twenty years. Through the door, his hands that gripped the hammer started to sweat.

The tangled black hair fell forward to hide most of her face, and when she passed Chen Ge’s room, she suddenly stopped. At that moment, Chen Ge held his breath as he raised the hammer.

The female nurse seemed to have felt something. She raised her skull slowly, and the hair parted to reveal that familiar face.

It’s her‽ The face could not have been more normal, but Chen Ge had the shock of his life because he recognized this face. He had seen it hanging in black and white in the second sick hall’s activity room!

Isn’t she dead? The large female nurse was the victim who had died inside the Third Sick Hall. According to Doctor Gao, after the police’s investigation, they had concluded that the killer was one of the patients.

She’s still wandering the halls after her death? Chen Ge understood why there were no footsteps. His hand reached for the cleaver in his bag. After a second’s hesitation, the nurse turned her body around with difficulty. As if toppling over, her large body leaned toward the door that Chen Ge was hiding behind.


Her head knocking into the door created a dull thud. Chen Ge jumped back and yanked out the cleaver. The door was not locked, and Chen Ge was prepared to hash it out with this monster.

However, right then, there was another sound of a door opening downstairs. Hearing this noise, the nurse was like a puppet being forced to turn around. She walked to the nurse’s station and entered the small door next to it.

What was that? Chen Ge’s back was drenched. The female nurse was probably the bottom feeder at the Third Sick Hall. She was a just lingering spirit without thought. The person who assigned her what to do was the real culprit

Chen Ge did not dare let his guard down. To not spook the nurse, he did not jump out with the cleaver lashing but hid behind the door to observe her quietly.

After returning to the nurse’s station, the nurse took out a notebook with dirt and blood stains from underneath the counter. She followed the content of the notebook and started arranging the bags that were filled with drugs.

The nurse’s station was opposite Chen Ge’s room, so Chen Ge could see everything clearly. Her movements were quick and masterful. She soon picked up about ten bags and wandered into the staircase to head up to the fourth floor.

After the nurse had wandered off, Chen Ge exited the room. He jumped back into the nurse’s station to examine the notebook that the nurse had been using earlier. The notebook was thick, and it was full of patient records and diagnosis reports.

Chen Ge looked through it randomly, and he realized that all the patients in the book shared a similarity; they were all dead. For all the reports, in the box for diagnosis result, someone had used a red pen to correct everything and write—Confirmed Dead.

Have the killers hiding inside this hospital been following the patients? Or have the patients who once received treatment here returned to this place?

Chen Ge saw Lee Chunyan and Zhang Qisi’s names in the notebook. He glanced at the counter, and the bags with their names had been taken away by the nurse.

There are dolls on the fourth floor with these two names on their backs. All the patients who have passed away seemed to have a corresponding doll in the Third Sick Hall, and there is a ‘person’ who gives them their medication every night, like how it was when they were still alive.

The mental hospital had been abandoned for five years already, but the Third Sick Hall had remained in operation. It was just that the patients had changed from living ones to dead ones, and all these changes could be related to that mysterious door.

Could it be that the ‘door’ had been left open for so long that the world behind the door and the real world have overlapped?

Chen Ge did not read the notebook further before tossing it inside his backpack. Then he walked down the corridor. He wanted to go take a look inside the third-floor bathroom before the nurse returned.

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