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There was nothing else in the dresser. After closing the door, Chen Ge snapped a few pictures of the dresser.

“There are four blood red nails on the four corners of the dresser, and every gap was sealed with clear cellophane. The fact that the cupboard could be preserved in the Third Sick Hall for so long has got to do with this unique setting.”

Chen Ge tried to yank the nail out, but he failed after giving it a try. The four nails were stuck deep into the corners—it was as if they were already joined to the dresser.

“There is something unique about these four nails. I should return in the morning to pull them out.”

Chen Ge had stayed for far too long inside the director’s office, so he had no idea what was happening outside.

When he stepped out from the resting area, the white cat jumped onto his shoulder and refused to get down no matter what. Chen Ge nudged himself carefully toward the office door. He did not dare to go out directly, afraid that the nurse or the twisted face was hiding at the corner to ambush him.

With the hammer raised, Chen Ge leaned against the door to listen for weird noises coming from outside. Ten seconds passed, and he did hear something weird. The sound of doors opening and closing reverberated down the corridor, like someone was inspecting the rooms one by one.

Chen Ge pushed the office door slightly, and in the corridor that seemed to reach into the endless dark, there was something swaying in the inky darkness. The shadow gradually gathered its shape as it flitted in and out of the rooms.

“That’s a white nurse’s outfit. Is she looking for her notebook?” Chen Ge gripped the hammer. He was considering whether to face the nurse head on or temporarily retreat. The nurse’s body was very twisted, and this caused her to have a staggering gait since she could barely maintain her balance. Even so, she was moving at a quick speed. Viewed from afar, it was quite scary.

“She appeared to have discovered me on the third floor. If not for the opportune sound of a door opening, we would have been involved in an altercation. Keeping her around means another dangerous element for me to worry about. In that case, I should use the notebook as bait and take care of her while I still have the element of surprise.”

Chen Ge was as calm as he could be. He was coming up with the solution that was the most beneficial to him.

“The director’s office is large. Even if I fail to kill her with one hit, there’s enough space for me to continue the aggression. It’s also the perfect opportunity to see whether the cleaver is useful against these things.”

Chen Ge placed the notebook before the dresser, put away the letters, and climbed into the dresser to hide with the cat. He adjusted himself until he found a comfortable position. After several minutes, the door to the office was opened.

The nurse saw the notebook easily. However, she did not rush in to take it immediately. She seemed to be cautious of the dresser. She hesitated for quite some time before staggering into the room.

Chen Ge’s eyes caught the nurse’s every movement. When she bent down to take the notebook, Chen Ge saw his opportunity, blasted the door open and swung the hammer right at the nurse. The hammer fell on the nurse, and her already misshapen body became even more distorted.

Not giving her a chance to recover, Chen Ge grabbed the cleaver from his backpack. The red cloth fell to the ground as Chen Ge stuck the blade into the nurse’s outfit. There was a sharp sound beside his ears. The nurse’s clothes were split open, and even though there was no blood, it was clear that a part of the nurse’s body had gone missing.

“This cleaver is useable!”

The nurse’s dead face changed. It was filled with pain and anger. She opened her jaws wide to bite at Chen Ge’s face, shrieking.

Chen Ge raised the cleaver to defend himself, but he had underestimated the nurse’s aggression level. This thing was different from a normal human being. Even though the cleaver struck her body, her movement did not slow; if anything, she moved faster.

The cleaver dealt some damage to the nurse, but the nurse also got close to her target. Her ugly face was inches away.

Chen Ge was seconds away from certain death. At that moment, the white cat on his shoulder suddenly jumped onto the nurse’s face. The stray cat was vicious. The nurse’s attack was halted, and she changed target to bite at Chen Ge’s arm.

The nurse was very aggressive. Chen Ge weaved left and right to evade her attacks. There was a cling on his wrist like something had fallen off. He did not pay the sound any attention. He focused fully on doing damage to the nurse’s body using the cleaver.

Even though there was no blood, the nurse’s size was visibly shrinking, and her form started to waver. After who knew how many cuts, the nurse completely disappeared, and the torn up nurse’s outfit fell to the floor.

“It’s over?”

Before he could celebrate, there was commotion coming from the corridor. Something seemed to be heading his way, and the number of new pursuers sounded to be quite high.

“Can’t stay here any longer. I’ll be dead if I’m surrounded here.” Chen Ge grabbed his backpack, and holding the cleaver and hammer on each hand, he made a hasty retreat. He ran until he reached the staircase. He was about to catch his breath when the phone in his pocket vibrated.

Mission success alert? Chen Ge saw the message, and he felt cheated. The vibration was a call from Liu Dao. I’ll need to remind them not to call me during my livestream. This might be the cause of my death if I’m not careful.

Chen Ge answered the call with a whisper. “I’m hanging up if there’s nothing important.”

“Quick look at your livestream room!” Liu Dao sounded quite excited.

“Huh?” Chen Ge clicked his page open, and he got quite a shock when he saw the number. His viewer count had shot up to 300,000! And the number was still climbing. It would pass 400,000 in just a few minutes.

“What’s going on? Is something wrong with the platform?” Seeing the rising number, Chen Ge decided to change the livestream’s name to the address of his Haunted House and added an explanation in the information box.

“Nothing’s wrong with the platform, but something’s definitely wrong with Qin Guang! After entering a classroom in Mu Yang High School, his visual suddenly turned black. No one knows what happened. I initially thought this was some kind of special effect, but the screen stayed black for as long as twenty-five minutes. For a professional livestream, even five minutes without an image is a tragedy. This can only mean one thing; some kind of accident must have happened to his team!”

The more he said, the more excited he got. “This is a gift from the heavens! The entire platform planned to promote a supernatural livestream because of him, but most of the viewers only got a black screen. They went to search for similar content, and since only the two of you are doing this, and the key point being that your livestream content and quality are much higher than his, most of the viewers came and never left!”

After hearing the cause and effect from Liu Dao, based on the trajectory of the viewership so far, getting to 500,000 was not impossible, and that was a dream for a newbie host like Chen Ge.

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