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A rocket rise in popularity was something that Chen Ge did not expect.

I’ve already given Qin Guang the warning, but he refused to listen, so I can’t be blamed. Thankfully, Mu Yang High School isn’t that dangerous, and the ghosts there aren’t evil, so he should be fine. Chen Ge still felt like he was a kind person.Hopefully, he’ll speedily recover and will think twice before plagiarizing other people’s content again.

Chen Ge made use of this opportunity to promote his Haunted House. He believed that many viewers would remember the name of Western Jiujiang’s House of Horrors from this livestream. Popularity was like rising bread; in the foreseeable future, there should be a continuous stream of viewers who would come to pay him a visit.

“Chen Ge, I’ll need to talk to you about drafting a new contract. Also, I have a question to ask.” Liu Dao did not hang up. He was under a lot of pressure as well. “You have arranged this entire livestream, right? The whole setting is controlled and operated by the team at your Haunted House?”

Liu Dao did not know that much about Chen Ge even though they were partners. He knew that Chen Ge owned a Haunted House, so it was not uncommon for the boss to know professional actors and have the ability to design the most authentic scary experience. For someone who did not believe in the occult, he had to explain the situation with logic when he came across supernatural incidents.

“I suppose so.” Chen Ge gave a vague answer. He did have a team back at the Haunted House, but other than Xu Wan, the rest of the cast could not be revealed.

“I knew you are not in there alone.” Liu Dao sighed. “Earlier, the camera on your wrist fell. After you ran out, the camera on the floor suddenly started to move, and after Sister Lee saw it, she thought an actual ghost had arrived.”

“What?” Chen Ge whipped his head to look at his wrist. Indeed, the camera had fallen, probably when he was tussling with the nurse.

“Look, it’s moving again!”

Chen Ge silenced the chatlog and turned to look at the video on the right-hand corner. The video corresponded to the wrist camera. The video was moving forward, and the camera seemed to be hanging on the nurse’s outfit. It was moving toward Chen Ge!

“It’s still alive after the punishment I put her through? Is it due to the unique environment?”

Liu Dao did not know how serious it was and gave Chen Ge some serious advice. “You’d better contact your friend and tell him to not appear before the camera. This will give the viewers a greater sense of anticipation.”

“What anticipation‽” After hanging up, Chen Ge ran up the stairs immediately. The livestream showed two different camera angles, and one was running away from the other.

This was something new for the viewers and for Chen Ge as well. He rushed into the third-floor corridor. After running a few feet, Chen Ge lowered his head to glance at his phone. He saw his back!

“She has caught up to me!”

Without a way to deal with the nurse permanently, Chen Ge ran into the staircase and down back to the second floor. After losing the nurse, he changed his direction and flew down to the first floor.

The nurse was chasing after him on instinct. After losing Chen Ge, she repeated her action of inspecting every room.

The nurse is different from the mirror monster; she has no will. It is as if she has melded herself with the environment.

After the nurse left, Chen Ge climbed out of his hiding spot. This level was where everything started. The stench is now even thicker.

The corridor of the first floor was different from other floors. In the cracks on the ground, there was things that looked like worms wiggling. There were faded red bruises on the walls, and after peeling a section of the wall off, Chen Ge discovered that the red had seeped into the wall. It felt like he was examining the skin of a living person.

“The director’s letters mentioned something similar, but he said that the weird changes were limited to the walls adjacent to Room 3.”

There were ten rooms on the first floor, corresponding to the ten patients. Chen Ge nudged closer to the door nearest to him. The door to Room 10 was made of steel. Instead of a sickroom, it looked more like a prison. Chen Ge tried many ways, but the door did not even budge.

“The quality is good. Even after so many years, there are no signs of it getting loose.”

The patient in Room 10 was known as the Devil. Even though Doctor Gao said that the patient probably would have died from his disease already, there were always exceptions to the rule.

That night, Chen Ge had met quite a few patients from the Third Sick Hall already, perhaps Patient Number 10 was still alive.

Room 8 and 9 were also equipped with steel doors. Chen Ge could not open them without creating a huge commotion. It was no time for sightseeing, so Chen Ge rushed to Room 3.

The wall was peeling off, and something that looked like blood was leaking from inside the walls. The dolls were half exposed from underneath the mattresses. It felt like they would reach out to grab his legs at any moment.

Every corner of the corridor was filled with bruises, and when Chen Ge touched it, lines that looked suspiciously like blood vessels appeared. It was a weird feeling; it felt like it was the building itself that was bleeding.

The stench in the air was so thick that it had gotten uncomfortably pungent. Suppressing the rising nausea, Chen Ge walked toward Room 3. When he was close enough, he finally saw the door.

It was a door that was completely dyed red with blood. It was half-open, and there was a no-entry sign hanging on the door knob.

“This is the ‘door’ that has ruined this hospital.”

It was not until when he saw the door that it dawned on him how dangerous his situation was. Chen Ge moved his legs forcibly forward, the cleaver and hammer in his hands giving him zero security. Every cell in his body was screaming for him to leave, but there was also a voice at the back of his brain calling him to move forward, hurrying him.

With the hair on his body standing up, Chen Ge finally stopped at the door of Room 3. In the dark corridor, a door sat quietly amid the blood-dyed walls. It was like the heart of the Third Sick Hall, and everything revolved around it.

Will this happen to the door in my Haunted House if I leave it be?

Chen Ge looked into Room 3 through the gap. The ceiling, walls, bed… everything Chen Ge could see was red. Even though it was just a door, it was the separation between two drastically different worlds.

He reached out to touch the door, hoping the close it. However, when he moved the door, a familiar noise entered his ears.

He had heard this noise at the Haunted House before. It was the sound of something heavy being dragged.