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When he heard this sound, Chen Ge did not hesitate and slammed the door closed. With his hand around the lock, a chill snuck into his palm and spread throughout his body. He froze outside the door and focused his attention on locating the source of the noise.

“It definitely came from inside the door, but I’m unable to ascertain which direction.” The image of a masked monster dragging a body down the corridor appeared in Chen Ge’s mind. The sound drew closer until it suddenly stopped.

Chen Ge’s muscles were tensed. It was a curious feeling. The door before him was like a mirror. The two worlds reflected each other, and the monster was standing where Chen Ge was. There was just a door between them, and neither party dared do anything rash.

Eerie winds blew down the corridor. Four minutes later, there was the sound of a door opening coming from the second floor. The female nurse seemed to have caught up to him. Things were not looking good for Chen Ge. The nurse was coming, but he was caught in a situation where he could not move an inch. The monster on the other side of the door had sensed probably him. If he made any abrupt movements, the monster might come out from the door.

This was a silent competition. The monster inside the door was hesitating. Outside the door, Chen Ge did not have a plan to face the monster yet. His biggest goal then was to find something to temporarily close the door and survive the night at the hospital.

The nurse, who had finished inspecting the third and second floors, finally arrived at the first floor. The nurse seemed to have been a vengeful person when she was alive because when she saw Chen Ge, she started running toward him in her tipsy gait.

In a dark hall within an enclosed sick hall, a madwoman in a tattered nurse outfit was charging at him; this was a scary scene indeed. Chen Ge’s arms were covered in green veins, and he looked at the encroaching nurse out of the corner of his eyes.

“I’ve already given you the notebook, so why are you still chasing me?”

If this was another place and another time, Chen Ge would not have panicked, but the monster inside the door had put him under too much pressure.

He had heard the voice and had never seen the monster behind the door, and the fear of the unknown was always the biggest.

The nurse was relentless. With her claws lashing, she soon arrived within ten meters of Chen Ge. The wounds caused by the cleaver had recovered, and the nurse’s misshapen body had solidified plenty. Chen Ge could even see the camera hanging on the nurse’s lapel.

“Don’t push it.”

When the nurse was five meters from Chen Ge, he made a quick decision. Between the two, he picked the weaker one. He would deal with the nurse first before taking on the thing inside the door.

Chen Ge slowly pulled his hands back from the door, and when the nurse was close enough, Chen Ge rammed into her with a speed that was faster than she was. The hammer swung freely, and Chen Ge assaulted the nurse like he was a crazed person. In reality, other than being a little bit hard to kill, the nurse was not that powerful.

When the cleaver cut into the woman’s body, Chen Ge did not continue his aggression. He knew that the bigger threat came from behind him.

While Chen Ge and the nurse were caught in the altercation, the door to Room 3 started to bleed. Something that looked like blood slid down the door before disappearing when it hit the ground. A powerful force was nudging the door open from the inside. The door creaked as it slowly opened.

“The thing is coming out!” Those few seconds were not enough to fully deal with the nurse, and Chen Ge found himself caught between a rock and a hard place. The nurse seemed to hate him a lot as she curled her twisted body around him, trying to constrict him like a boa.

With a bigger threat behind him, Chen Ge steeled his heart. He struggled loose from the nurse and whacked the nurse heavily on her back. The hammer given by the black phone had a debilitative effect on ghosts, and this was proven when the hammer landed on the nurse’s body. Chen Ge hit the nurse on the same spot, and the nurse got tossed forward, landing between Chen Ge and the blood door.

The door was already half open, and something was coming out.

“This is not where you belong!” Chen Ge carried on his attack. The normal method could not kill the nurse, so he tried the only method available—he planned to force the nurse into the blood door and perhaps that might close the door.

Things went smoother and much scarier than Chen Ge anticipated. When the nurse neared the door, a hairy hand reached out from the half-open door. The hand reached for the location Chen Ge was standing at earlier. During his fight with the nurse, Chen Ge had purposely traded his original position with the nurse.

The palm grabbed the nurse and powerfully yanked backwards. The nurse’s face was twisted, and she barely had the chance to struggle before she was pulled into the door. Seeing this, Chen Ge ran forward and slammed the door shut. He put all his weight against the door to block it from opening.


There was slamming from behind the door. Chen Ge had experienced a similar thing at his Haunted House, but the difference was, the door at the Haunted House only existed for a minute, but the one at the hospital might persist until dawn.


Something slammed into the door heavily. It caused Chen Ge’s back to go numb. “Just what kind of monster is behind the door? Why is it so powerful?”

He did not know the method to close the door, and there was nothing around to help him block the entrance. The worst thing was that the door-slamming might attract more monsters.

“This door has to be closed, even if just temporarily. If not, I might not be able to survive to see the sun rise tomorrow morning.” Chen Ge forced himself to calm down. With his back to the door, he pulled out his phone to call Doctor Gao. “Please pick up!”

It was answered after four rings. Doctor Gao’s voice drifted through the phone. “Chen Ge?”

Probably due to a signal problem, Doctor Gao’s voice came intermittently, and this only made Chen Ge feel more nervous. “Doctor Gao, get me Men Nan! I have an emergency!”

“He is still hospitalized, what do you want from him?”

“It’s a life and death situation! He was born at a mental hospital, and the hidden third persona is the real Men Nan,” Chen Ge said urgently. While Doctor Gao was confused by what he had said, from Chen Ge’s hurried tone, he knew the gravity of the situation.

“I’ll drive to the hospital now. I’ll be there in twenty minutes. Don’t hang up; tell me if you need anything.”

“I might not survive twenty minutes.” Chen Ge’s back was sore, and the few sickrooms next to him had started to make weird noises. “Doctor Gao, you have to help me invoke the youngest persona inside Men Nan!”