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“The youngest persona? Men Nan’s third person is very well secluded and rarely appears. I cannot promise that I’ll be able to do anything, you’d better be mentally prepared for a failure.” There was the sound of a door opening from Doctor Gao’s side; he was rushing out of his home.

“Only the youngest persona will have the answer to what I need to know. Doctor Gao, no matter what, you have to wake him up!” The slamming of the door came from behind him, and through the phone, Doctor Gao could hear it clearly.

“I’ll try my best!” He knew Chen Ge through Gao Ru Xue. Initially, he had treated Chen Ge as someone who liked psychology, but when Chen Ge volunteered to cure Wang Xin and Men Nan, his impression of the young man improved greatly, and at the same time, he gained many new questions about the man.

Especially that night, he saw something questionable at Hai Ming Apartments, but he had not told anyone. He kept it inside his heart, attempting to find the answer himself. The phone stayed connected, and as Doctor Gao drove toward the hospital Men Nan was at, Chen Ge tried to hold the door behind him shut.

About three minutes later, the door slamming did not end, and to make matters worse, the sound of gears unlocking came from Room 8, which was not far away from Chen Ge. The room had a reinforced door, and it slowly opened to a slit.

A face that was uneven on both sides looked out. He extended his neck and came out of the room wearing a doctor’s garb.

“The man was hiding inside the sickroom.” Chen Ge had tried opening the door earlier, but he had failed. Now that he thought about it, it was probably the twisted face who did something to the door. The Doctor Skull-cracker’s hammer leaned against Room 3’s door, and he only had access to the cleaver.

Chen Ge looked at the twisted face and was considering pushing him into the door as well.

“I wonder what will happen to living person if trapped behind the door. If he dares to attack me, he’ll be the perfect candidate to experiment on.” The more dangerous it was, the calmer Chen Ge became. He held the cleaver and adjusted the position of the hammer. He formed a barricade using the hammer so that even if he left the door, the door would not be opened instantly.

After midnight, there were some chances to the man’s twisted face. His expression was more insane, and he slowly strode toward Chen Ge empty-handed.

“Something’s not right.” Chen Ge noticed the problem instantly. When the man was at the second sick hall, he had run without a second thought even though he had the axe, but after entering the third sick hall, he dared approach Chen Ge, who had both a cleaver and a hammer, empty-handed.

The white cat hissed dangerously. When Chen Ge was fighting with the nurse, it had jumped down from Chen Ge’s shoulder, and now it was gnashing its teeth at the twisted face. Facing the cat and the man, the twisted face’s expression was completely different from before. His face that seemed to have undergone surgery revealed an ugly smile.

He walked slower and slower with each step like there was something heavy on his shoulders, and every step was a painful ordeal for the man.

“His pose is similar to Wang Shenglong’s…”

With the cleaver before his chest, the thing that Chen Ge did not wish to see the most appeared. The twisted face’s lips cracked open even more, and a second head appeared behind his shoulders.

It was just a normal head, but like a person standing up, a thin monster that was about 2.5 meters long extended out from the twisted face’s back. The monster’s lower body was connected to the twisted face’s back, and the monster touched the ceiling easily. It then curved forward, like a human-headed cobra heading toward Chen Ge.

“What is this?” Even though he was prepared, when Chen Ge saw the monster, he was still quite shocked. The monster was thin and long, wearing a large white cloth that was sewn together. Through the open patches, Chen Ge could see several human faces that were silent and drawn.

At the beginning, the monster was probably not that tall, but after jumping onto people’s shoulders and consuming them, it finally grew to this height. Chen Ge realized something. Wang Shenglong had once used a painting to describe his relationship with a monster. In the painting, he had been at the bottom, and the monster was stepping on his shoulders.

The twisted face and the monster before Chen Ge shared a different relationship. The monster came directly out of the man’s back.

Is the twisted face the monster itself, or have they achieved some kind of mutually-beneficial relationship?

There was no time to think because even though the twisted face stopped at two meters away from Chen Ge, the long monster on his back had already reached the top of Chen Ge’s skull. The monster’s face was extremely common—it was the kind that would be forgotten easily, but who would have thought that such a common face hid a gruesome monster?

“Let’s play a game. If you win, I’ll let you go, but if you lose, you’ll give me your body.” The monster and the twisted face’s lips moved at the same time, and the voice appeared in Chen Ge’s mind. “The game’s name is called ‘Who Speaks First’.”

This was a game that the player was destined to lose because there was no time limit; Wang Shenglong was the perfect example. After agreeing to the game, the monster would climb onto the player’s back and start the torment.

If the player lost their conviction and spoke, the monster would win, but even if they did not, the monster would continue to squat on their shoulders, and the game would never end. The human faces that Chen Ge saw through the patches were probably the monster’s victims.

“If you want to play a game, sure, but you’ll need to edit the rules,” Chen Ge said in a calm tone. Doctor Gao was rushing to the hospital, so he was buying time for himself.

The monster stopped above Chen Ge’s head. It was about half a meter away, and it took in a slight breath because it had not experienced this situation before. After a moment’s pause, it turned to look at the twisted face, as if asking for his opinion. Shouldn’t a normal person be screaming by now?

The smile froze on the twisted face. He assumed that Chen Ge was toying with them, so he pointed his finger at Chen Ge’s head. The monster understood his meaning; it leaned downward, and a pair of shriveled hands reached out for Chen Ge’s face, its body still extending.

Chen Ge saw the monster approaching, but he did not lose his cool; if anything, his mind was working clearer than before.

This is the monster’s weakness! When he tried to attack me, it only moved its upper body, and its lower body was still stuck to the twisted face. This means that it probably cannot move its lower body easily.

No wonder it wants to play this game with people. If it could just jump on people’s shoulders to take over their body, it wouldn’t need to draw people in with the pretext of playing a game.

Chen Ge took a step back, but his eyes were glowing. When it moves from one body to the next, that is probably when it is the weakest.

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