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Chen Ge kept evading, but he was eventually cornered by the monster.

“Wait! I agree to play the game with you!”

Facing certain death, Chen Ge ‘surrendered’. He pocketed his phone. Looking at the monster, he said, “We’ll do it your way.”

The change in Chen Ge’s attitude made the twisted face suspicious, but the monster was just excited.

“Before the starting the game, you need to drop the cleaver.” This was the first time Chen Ge had heard the man speak. He had a special voice, like his vocal cords had been operated on before, and it sounded sharp and shrill.

“If I win the game, you need to guarantee that I can leave this place safely.” Chen Ge’s eyes were filled with distrust. Seeing this, the twisted face felt more confident. “Move away from the door, drop the knife, and after you win the game, I will tell you the exit.”

The game was a losing battle. If Chen Ge really agreed to it, his future would be a life of torture inside a dark mental hospital.

“Fine, I agree. What shall I do next?” Chen Ge tossed the cleaver aside, but he made sure that the handle was facing him. He shoved both his hands into his pockets.

“Just stand where you are.” The twisted face walked forward until he was two meters away from Chen Ge. “From this moment on, no matter what you see or hear, you cannot make a sound or else you lose.”

He stared at Chen Ge while the monster on his back continued to extend until the very common face was hanging upside down before Chen Ge.

“Still not speaking? Then how about something more exciting.” Chen Ge sat down and bent over. The monster completely extricated itself from his back. The monster as three meters tall. Its legs were less than one meter long, and his limbs were the size of normal people. However, its body was long, like it was attached together from the bodies of many different people.

What in the world is this? The monster was so tall that it had a hard time maintaining its balance as it wiggled its way toward Chen Ge. There were only two meters between them. The monster’s upper body hung above Chen Ge while its lower body slowly climbed toward him.

As if afraid that Chen Ge might regret his decision, its spindly hands gripped Chen Ge’s shoulders to prevent him from running. Chen Ge was rather nervous as the creature walked toward him. He repeated the plan in his mind multiple times as he kept his eyes on the monster’s legs.

When the legs were next to the cleaver, Chen Ge’s hand inside his pocket suddenly pulled out. There was something he had that would definitely cause damage on the monster!

The sharp tip of the pen stuck into the monster’s eye. The force caused the pen that was taped together to shatter immediately.

The pen was stuck inside the monster’s eye socket, and its body wiggled like a snake. Obviously, it was damaged. In Hai Ming Apartments, Chen Ge had accidentally thrown Xiaoxiao at the mirror monster, and the doll had taken a bite out of the monster’s body. It was then that Chen Ge realized other ghosts were the most effective method to harm ghosts.

Using the Pen Spirit’s ballpoint pen was part of his plan. When the monster was screaming from pain, Chen Ge yanked out the pen and rushed forward. He acted very fast. When the twisted face realized what was happening, Chen Ge already held the cleaver in his hand.

When he tossed the knife, he had already planned everything. He knew that even if he placed the handle toward himself, the twisted face would not have noticed it considering how dark the corridor was.

Feeling the weight of the cleaver in his hands, Chen Ge aimed it at the monster’s weakness: its legs. He had suffered a lot that night, and that cut contained all the negative emotions that Chen Ge wanted to vent. With every cut, the monster’s body dwindled.

The effect of the cleaver is still too weak to completely demolish this monster. When it recovers, the situation will still be unfavorable for me. Chen Ge soon calmed down from his battle rage. The cleaver cannot hurt the monster, but it can definitely incapacitate the person who it relies on.

With the cleaver in his hands, Chen Ge whipped his head around to glare at the twisted face.

“What is the meaning of this?” The twisted face broke out in cold sweat. For some reason, he felt like history was about to repeat itself.

You’re dead meat! Chen Ge ran at him with the cleaver raised. The twisted face turned around and dashed toward the stairs. The twisted face ran for his life, and Chen Ge chased after him with the cleaver glinting dangerously in the dark. Behind them, the monster who was poked blind slithered like a snake on the floor as it tried to catch up to its prey. The three formed a curious sort of balance as they ran from the first floor to the fourth.

After entering the fourth-floor corridor, Chen Ge slowed down. He realized that the twisted face seemed to be purposely leading him this way. When they ran up the other floor, the twisted face did not even hesitate. He just shot up the stairs to the fourth floor.

He wants to escape to the other sick halls? Impossible, he can only control the monster when he is inside the third sick hall. Chen Ge knew very well how unique the third sick hall was for these mental patients. They would not leave this place willingly for various reasons.

Just as the twisted face was about to leave the third sick hall, he finally stopped. He screamed loudly until his face twisted even more. Hearing the man’s screams, two other men climbed out of the rooms from the sides. They were both injured, and they were Xu Tong and the patient with the Phantom Limb Syndrome.

If it was just the three of them, Chen Ge would not have been so afraid, but he could see the monsters slowly extending out from the two other men’s backs.

All the patients at Third Sick Hall are possessed by monsters? Their relationship should be more peaceful compared to Zhang Peng and the mirror monster. This is not a good sign for me.

There were nine patients at Third Sick Hall, and after taking out Wang Shenglong, Chen Ge might need to face eight similar monsters that night. There might even be monsters that were scarier than these.

The thin bodies snuck out from the patient’s backs, and Chen Ge was surrounded by the three monsters.

“Don’t be afraid, you’ll soon be one of us.” Twisted face had the two patients block Chen Ge’s way as he moved to lock the steel door that connected the second and third sick hall.

Standing there, Chen Ge felt that all hope was lost. The three monsters had blocked all the exits, and they slowly inched closer to him. Chen Ge doubted that they would even give him the chance to commit suicide.

A three-star scenario is still too tough for me. Chen Ge leaned against the wall and took out a candy with a crying face from his pocket. This is my last trump card. After using this, no matter what, I’ll need to leave this place.

Chen Ge popped the candy into his mouth, and instantly, he could feel endless resentment and coldness spread through his body.

Long black hairs knocked into the walls like waves. An intensely wicked presence was awakening. Zhang Ya walked out of Chen Ge’s shadow in red!

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