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The girl’s face was even more ethereal, heightened by the red in her outfit. Her black hair fluttered in the wind. Zhang Ya stood before Chen Ge, with less than thirty centimeters between their faces. The chill seeped through his skin, and Chen Ge’s lips turned purple from the cold.

The man who was not afraid of anything felt fear curl around his heart. Instinctually, he wanted to lean backwards, but he found himself unable to move. The crying candle seemed to have melted into a flowing icy river, freezing every blood vessel in his body.

There was a spirit crying for help surging through his body. The negative energy gathered around his heart like a pair of hands had clamped over it. The candy was hard to swallow, and Chen Ge felt like he was going to faint from a lack of air.

Zhang Ya moved toward him slowly, radiating icy presence. She finally stopped before Chen Ge. That face without temperature, its beauty was enough to stop the breath in Chen Ge’s throat.

His throat could not make any sound, and the candy had melted. Chen Ge could feel a spirit surging within his body. Looking at Zhang Ya, who was just six centimeters away from him, his calves started to quiver involuntarily.

This is not what I had in mind! Someone stop her!

Perhaps the title of Specter’s Favored did kick in because the monster that was blinded by Pen Spirit crawled toward him at full speed. The thin body slithered like a giant snake. Its bony hands gripped Chen Ge’s shoulders, and its lower body arced like it was preparing to jump on Chen Ge’s shoulder.

The pain from his shoulders woke Chen Ge up from his fear-induced trance. He turned around to look at the monster and gave him an appreciative look.


This seemed to have offended the monster, and the head that hung high went mad. It had no intention of fighting Zhang Ya and chose a spot on Chen Ge’s neck to bite. The twisted human head opened its jaw but stopped when it was half a meter away from Chen Ge.

It was not that it wanted to stop, but it was forced to. In the dark, strings of bloody hair bound its body. The monster screamed and glared resentfully at Zhang Ya. It did not attack Zhang Ya earlier, but that did not mean that it was afraid of Zhang Ya.

The three monsters communicated with each other, and they switched their target to Zhang Ya. Chen Ge did not know what Zhang Ya was about to do, but he saw the girl’s face drop. The black hair drilled into the monster’s body. Her slender arms gripped the monster’s head and slammed it heavily against the wall.

The monster wailed for the second time. The first time was when Chen Ge used the Pen Spirit to poke into its eye.

This is so cruel.

When Zhang Ya started battling the monster, the chilliness on Chen Ge decreased enough that he could move. He quickly moved backwards. The screaming of the spirit in his body weakened as the candy continued to dissolve. His eyes felt surrounded by coldness and his power of sight increased once more. He could see clearer in the dark.

The three monsters tussled with Zhang Ya. Her red outfit blazed in the dark, signaling her burning anger and resentment. It appeared like she was going to tear the monsters apart and consume them.

Ten minutes later, it was a slaughter inside the corridor. The monsters were increasingly wounded. When they were joined to humans, these thin monsters were the strongest, but when they were detached from their hosts, their power greatly weakened. Even though they had the advantage of numbers, they could not do anything to Zhang Ya.

The difference in power is so huge?

The thin monster was the scariest ghost Chen Ge had ever met. Initially, he had though this monster would be as powerful as Zhang Ya, but it looked like he had underestimated Zhang Ya.

She is definitely unique to be able to have a personal page inside the black phone.

Chen Ge gripped the cleaver; he did not dare let his guard down.

At most, Western Jiujiang Private Academy was a three-star scenario, but Chen Ge believed it was only a two-star scenario. As the ghost from Western Jiujiang Private Academy, Zhang Ya could deal with the monsters from the three-star Third Sick Hall easily. This could only mean one thing. There should be something scarier than the thin monster hiding inside the Third Sick Hall.

There has to be a reason why the black phone evaluates the Third Sick Hall as a three-star scenario. There should also be a Red Specter inside the hospital and perhaps even more than one.

The more Chen Ge thought about it, the more confused he became. The door had been left open for so many years already, so theoretically speaking, the whole hospital should have been a monster’s den by now. Did all the ghosts leave, or did something happen to them after they left the world behind the door?

Chen Ge looked around, and he realized the blood vessels that he saw on the first floor corridor had appeared on the fourth floor as well, and they were moving silently toward Zhang Ya.

This is bad. Chen Ge had regained full control of his body. The candy given by Zhang Ya was made from a human soul, and the effect of the candy froze his body. When the candy fully melted, the candy was absorbed by the Yin Yang Vision. Zhang Ya did not mean to use this method to harm Chen Ge.

There is something else hiding at the Third Sick Hall! Maybe the real monster is the hall itself! Chen Ge ran forward, but he only took several steps before Doctor Gao’s voice came from the phone in his pocket.

“Chen Ge! I’ve found Men Nan!” The call had not been disconnected, so Doctor Gao knew things were urgent from what he heard.

“Okay, give him the phone.” Chen Ge stopped moving. Men Nan was the key to this whole issue; he was the one who had seen the door and closed it before!

“This is Men Nan, thank you for helping me last time…”

“Skip the formalities. I know there’s a child persona hiding inside your mind—you should know how to wake him up!” Chen Ge’s situation was critical. The extremely scary thing inside the Third Sick Hall was awakening due to Zhang Ya’s appearance.

“You must be mistaken? What is this different persona you’re talking about?”

“He is inside you!” Chen Ge raised his voice. “You were raised inside a mental hospital. I don’t how that influenced your growth, perhaps you are trying to avoid it, but some things cannot be avoided even if you pretend that they can!”

“What are you talking about?” Men Nan did not sound like he was lying. “Perhaps I did grow up at a mental hospital, but who can remember things when they were a baby?”

“A baby’s synapses grow rapidly, and it might cause the instability in recorded memory. Therefore, many people cannot remember things when they were a baby,” Doctor Gao explained from an objective perspective. “But this doesn’t mean that they’ve forgotten all about it. They were hidden deep inside one’s mind. By evoking these memories, perhaps that childhood persona can be awakened.”

“Evoking the memory?” Chen Ge rummaged through his pocket and took out the picture he had found in the director’s office. He snapped a picture of it and sent it to Doctor Gao. “Men Nan, take a good look at this picture; this is the sickroom your mother once stayed in! It is Room 3 in the Third Sick Hall. Focus on the door that sat between yourself and your mother!”