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Several seconds later, after Brother Feng caught his breath, he raised his finger and pointed toward the toilet weakly. “Mirror…”

The word, which could not have been more common, caused Chen Ge’s expression to shift. After placing Brother Feng on the bed, he walked into the toilet. The mirror on the wall had been shattered, and the glass pieces littered the floor.

Earlier, after He San’s fainting incident, Chen Ge had used black cloth to cover up all the mirrors in the Haunted House. There had been no accident since then, and with the unlocking of a new scenario, he should have been more alert, but he had not been. He was partly responsible for this accident.

For any entertainment establishment, once it was labelled with the rumor of being a safety hazard, business would definitely be difficult, and Chen Ge was acutely aware of that scary fact. He picked up one of the pieces of the floor, and looking at his reflection inside it, he promised, “I need to deal with this thing as soon as possible!”

Like human beings, ghosts also had the separation of good and evil. The monster in the mirror was definitely evil; Chen Ge was sure of that. It was naturally aggressive and was probably hiding some horrible secret. He San’s fainting spell and Brother Feng’s incident raised the alarm within Chen Ge, making him feel pressured.

Covering the mirrors with black cloth was not a permanent solution. The thing inside the mirror was fast becoming a blockage for the Haunted House’s expansion. Other than the broken mirror, there was nothing else out of place inside the toilet. Chen Ge took a cursory look of the room before leaving.

With the hammer in his grip, he sat down beside Brother Feng. “Do you mind telling what happened earlier?”

After a few minutes of rest, Brother Feng’s breathing finally stabilized; however, his face was still startlingly pale. “I don’t think I’ll be to explain it.”

“No worries, just tell me whatever you remember.” Chen Ge studied Brother Feng quietly. This young man was different from He San, who fainted directly; his mental tolerance was obviously higher than He San’s, an observation supported by the fact that at least he showed resistance.

Brother Feng tried to sit up in bed, the fear still circling in his eyes. “At the time, I was chased by one of your workers, so I ran into this room to hide. Initially, everything was fine, but later, I started to hear someone calling my name.”

“Someone was calling your actual name?”

“It’s not that; it’s more like I felt like I was being summoned.” Brother Feng scratched his head. “The source of the sound was inside this room, and it took me a long time before I was able to find the source.”

At this point, the fear in his eyes deepened. “The voice came from the mirror inside the toilet. It was saying something, but I couldn’t really understand it. All I know is it had something to do with me.”

“And then?” Chen Ge memorized every word that came out of Brother Feng’s lips; this would be valuable information when he dealt with the mirror monster.

“And then I stood in front of the mirror, trying to understand what was really happening. I tried to remove the mirror from the wall, but when my hands touched it, the voice beside my ears suddenly picked up. My consciousness started to waver, and for some reason, the reflection of myself in the mirror started to shift.” Brother Feng’s eyes kept glancing at the toilet, afraid that some monster might jump out of it at any moment. “I stood in front of the mirror, but the reflection in the mirror wasn’t me. Normally, I would be afraid, but what happened next still sends shivers down my spine when I think of it.”

“What happened?”

Brother Feng said seriously, “At the time, I didn’t feel any fear or apprehension. It was like everything couldn’t have been more normal. I started to lean toward the mirror, and when my face was close to the surface, I could see the face of the other me also leaning close. The face that stared at me was mine, but for some reason, it felt very unfamiliar. If you want me to point out why, I can’t really tell you, but it’s just a feeling that the face that stared back at me wasn’t mine. Out of the corner of my eyes, I could see my hands rising even though my brain didn’t register such a command. My hands pressed against the surface of the mirror like I was trying to crawl into it or… that’s not right, it felt more like I was trapped inside the mirror, and I was trying to crawl out of it.”

During the Nightmare Mission, Chen Ge had gone through the same thing. Looking through the recording on his video, his body was indeed slowly leaning against the mirror. “Then, how did you remove yourself from this situation?”

“It’s also thanks to the mirror.” This answer surprised Chen Ge. “At the time, it really felt like my body was no longer under my control until I saw a ragdoll lying behind me through the reflection inside the mirror.”

“A ragdoll?”

“Yes, similar to the dolls I saw lying around the other rooms. It’s the size of an open palm and had a sewn beard on its face.” Brother Feng used his hands to measure out the size for Chen Ge. “The sudden appearance of the doll caused my brain to scream with alarm, and fear spread through my body like wildfire. There was only one thought on my mind then—escape. However, the body refused to listen to my command; the mind and the body started fighting.”

Brother Feng described it in a placid tone, but Chen Ge could imagine how dangerous it was.

“After that, I heard He San’s scream coming up from the second floor. That seemed to do the trick and break the spell.” The fear in Brother Feng’s eyes had dissipated slightly. “I was so scared that my first instinct was to grab the nearest wooden chair to swing at the mirror. Your Haunted House is so scary and atmospheric that I completely forgot I was inside a park attraction.”

At this point, Brother Feng suddenly remembered something and smiled apologetically at Chen Ge. “Everything I told you is the truth; there’s no exaggeration or anything. I will pay the replacement fee for the mirror in full.”

“That won’t be necessary; I’m just glad that you’re safe.” Chen Ge stood up, and his eyes wandered about the room. “By the way, where is the doll that you saw now?”

Brother Feng hesitated before answering. “I seem to remember kicking it under the bed. That’s also part of your props, right? I’m sorry.”

Chen Ge squatted down and pulled out the doll with a dusty footprint on it out from under the bed. He patted the dust off its body and said, “You should thank this doll; it was he who saved you.”

“The doll saved me? If you say so… Thank you, so can I go now?” Brother Feng inched subconsciously backward, and his face paled considerably. He could feel the odd presence surrounding this Haunted House’s proprietor, but since Chen Ge did come to save him, he forced out a polite thank you.

“If I told you that everything that you experienced earlier wasn’t part of the Haunted House’s props or special effects and was all real, would you believe me?”

Wearing the blood-soaked outfit, cradling the tattered doll, Chen Ge tilted his head to the side as he posed this question to the young man.

The poor Brother Feng, who was about 190 centimeters tall, was curled up like a little girl at the corner of the bed and answered with a tone laced with helplessness, “I don’t know, you tell me, should I believe it or not?”